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A Complete Overview of Top Email Lookup Tools In 2022

Top Email lookup tools, often known as an email finder tools, is a tool that allows you to discover a lead’s email address based on personal information.


An email lookup tool is an automated software that helps a business or individual search emails on the internet via various platforms by using a domain name. Most of the tools are powerful and effective, making the task easier. Using an email lookup tool is the simplest way to find an email address. The software allows you to enter a person's name or an URL, and then the program looks for the correct address.

Benefits of Email Lookup Tools

Benefits of Email Lookup

Manual email search methods can rarely yield better findings. In fact, manually acquiring relevant information on a limited number of prospects is time-consuming. In these cases, email lookup tools help narrow the search by domain, industry, demographics, geographic location, and other variables.

1. Time-efficient

Time is a finite resource that we cannot replenish. Email lookup tools allow you to save time and make finding emails faster.

2. New Leads

These tools assist in the generation of new leads. Furthermore, they help contact marketing leads who could become consumers in the future.

3. Business Growth

Email lookup tools promote corporate growth. You can use email finders to locate and contact potential investors or influencers who can help you promote your business to a specific audience.

4. Easy Recruitment

It benefits the recruitment process. You may search the email addresses of professionals in the field, contact them, and schedule a job interview.

Top Email Lookup Tools

Top 10 Email Lookup Tools

Listed below are the top 10 Email Lookup Tools you can use to avail all the benefits for your business: is an email lookup tool that has a competitive advantage over all other lookup tools, as it provides accurate email addresses. It can create and check the validity of anyone's email address because it has over 430 million email addresses in its database. It lets you import and validate email addresses from third-party apps like Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox. It also operates with almost all domains, including Yahoo, Gmail, and others. It adds a chrome extension that allows you to find email addresses and other information in less time.

Hunter is a popular email lookup tool since it is simple to use and provides legitimate email address verification. Hunter is one of the best email lookup tools for bulk email marketing projects because it allows you to exchange mailing lists with many users. This email-finding program searches public sources for email addresses and keeps refreshing the existing list. Hunter's database currently contains around 100 million email addresses.


This email lookup tool can help you identify leads, develop a mailing list, and interact with prospects of similar interests. VoilaNorbert helps reach out to business individuals, bloggers, and authors while also building links. It provides social media data of potential prospects while confirming the legitimacy of email addresses.


SalesBlink guides you through the outreach and closing process with ease. It assists with email outreach, phone outreach, and LinkedIn outreach. It also has a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) feature and allows you to create a supply chain. It lets you look up a lead's email address using their first, last, and company domain. You can do an unlimited number of searches on a single email or in bulk. is an email lookup tool that helps find leads, validate email addresses, check the progress of an email, and start cold outreach. With this tool, you can learn more about a prospect's identity, company, and social status by simply entering their email address. It supports CSV, XLS, and Google Sheets export. provides email-verifier, email-tracker, and email drip campaign features.


RocketReach promotes itself as a professional's first-degree relationship. This email lookup uses advanced technology to extract data seamlessly. It also enables you to boost your marketing, recruitment, and sales activities. It offers domain search, corporate profile search, and bulk email messaging capabilities. is an extension for Chrome. The extension provides a set of available email addresses for the user once you enter a company's domain. When used in combination with its email verification tool, it can quickly cut down the choices to the correct ones. Email scheduling, automated reminders, and CRM connectivity are among the program's other features. It does not currently enable mass searches but specializes in personalized ones.

Anymail Finder

Anymail Finder provides a solid Application programming interface (API) that allows you to look for anyone's email address by simply typing their name or domain into the search box. This email search tool is available as a web or API service and can integrate with Gmail, LinkedIn, Salesforce, and API calls.


The sales automation software includes an email finding feature. It allows you to get email addresses from publicly released leads in seconds. The app lets you use a prospect's name and the company's domain to find individual and bulk emails. This chrome plugin tool can extract single or several email addresses from LinkedIn profiles and company websites, including prospects' names, job titles, and businesses. is an email lookup tool that also includes multichannel sales automation solutions. It supports the creation of high-quality mailing lists that incorporate personal information, social media interactions, and follow-up calls into a multichannel approach. It allows you to connect with individuals and form long-term relationships.

Summing It Up

Finding information on candidates on the internet appears to be difficult. The procedure is time-consuming and requires commitment. That is why email lookup tools are helpful. They provide a variety of options for how a business might use them. Email lookup services enable an organization to enrich the data and create more focused ads.

Email finder software - is one of the best email lookup tools that help you extract emails efficiently and negate new potential leads to help grow your business. integrates the top 25 CRMs, including AgileCRM and Salesforce. Get reliable email addresses for your B2B leads, validate potential clients' emails, and increase sales with today.

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