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The World's Top 5 Lead Generation Source

Quickly find, verify, and obtain leads from an up-to-date database of over half a billion B2B emails, updated monthly.

Let Bots Bolster Your Bottom Line

Generate custom leads with smart bots designed to scrape through Google and LinkedIn based on your search criteria.

Integrate With Top CRMs

Connect to over 25 popular CRM solutions, such as, Salesforce, AgileCRM, and more.

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Hunt, Find, and Verify B2B Emails with Email Finder

Power up your lead generation and email list building capabilities with Use bulk email verifiier and checker to validate thousands of emails faster.

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Email Finder

Email Finder

Find Anyone's Email Address

Effortlessly search for target emails with our powerful email finder tool and discover work emails from a database of more than half a billion email addresses. Build strong networks and increase sales.

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LinkedIn Mining

LinkedIn Mining

Get Leads from Google and LinkedIn

Gather real-time, updated information about any organization from LinkedIn. Use bots to get information about top profiles of your target companies.

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Email Verifier

Email Verifier

Verify Emails to Reduce Bounce Rates

Easily validate thousands of email addresses at one time in seconds. Get source information when verifying email addresses and rest assured that your emails are going to the right inboxes.

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Manage Lists

Manage Lists

Create and Manage Email Lists

Build out comprehensive email lists of your target customers. Effectively manage them for precisely targeted email campaigns to increase outreach and impact.

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Domain Search

Domain Search

Extract Emails from Any Domain

Find and validate email addresses associated with any domain. Identify common patterns for targeted companies and guess accurate emails with ease.

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Bot Automation

Bot Automation

Get Insights with Advanced Lead Mining

Utilize Finder's smart bots to scrap through the pages of Google and LinkedIn. Gather insightful data about your prospects using bots.

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Company Search

Company Search

Find and Connect with B2B Prospects

Extract real-time and accurate information about any company. Use advanced filters to get prospects and generate leads like never before.

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Find Leads

Find Leads

Power Your Search Using Our Bots to Increase Your Leads

Stay productive and efficient with Bulk Domain lookup.

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Chrome Extension

Chrome Extension

Email Finder - Chrome Extension

Find email addresses on the go and ensure their validity instantly. Use the email finder chrome extension to collect emails from any website on the internet.

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4 stars rating
1000+ reviews - TrustScore 4.9 out of 5
Great Platform for a proper organised B2B and B2C experience with ease.

Jonathan Pimento

5 stars rating
When you learn to navigate through it, it's a pretty good software.

Giovanna Pergher

5 stars rating
I had a question about how to make the most of a campaign, and was helped in a very kind and gracious way. I learned something new.

DNP Inc.

5 stars rating
Love this Responsive and very helpful support team. Great price and brilliant features

Nic Jude

5 stars rating

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Best Online Email Extractor Tools in 2022

An online email extractor is one of the best tools businesses can apply to identify leads in their target market. But what exactly is this tool, and what is it capable of?

13 Cold Email Templates to Experiment with in 2021

Cold emailing is more delicate than utmost methods of communication for two reasons. You do not yet have a relationship with your followership, and you do not have verbal feedback.

9 Tips to Make Sure Your Email Never Bounce

To ensure that your email never bounces, you should use the email verifier to monitor and track your mail. The best email verifier is, developed by 500apps.

7 Benchmarks to Improve Lead Generation Using Email Finder Software

The success of any organization depends on how they build customer relationships. Here are 7 ways to improve lead generation using email finder software

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What is Email Finder?

In what is email finder, learn about how businesses can implement the concept into their lead generation tactics and create email lists to run email campaigns.

What is Email Checker?

Checking lists is a process that removes undeliverable and dangerous emails from your lists. Use finder's email checker service to upload and process your marketing lists.

What is Email Verifier?

Email verification is an essential part of email marketing, but it's often overlooked. It means taking the time to verify that the person you're sending messages to is actually receiving them.

What is Email Hunter?

Email Hunter was created to find email addresses. It looks for email addresses on the web by searching millions of pages for any pieces of text that look like an email address. You can even search for addresses that contain any specified domain.

What are the Best Email Checker Tools?

Verifying the email address is a tedious task, but it is necessary for a successful email campaign.

What is Email Finder Software?

What is email finder software talks about the concept of email finder software and what are some of the ideal features that your email finder software should have.

What are the Top 10 Email Hunter Tools?

Email hunting is the best way to find new leads, you use email hunter tools to find the right email address and deliver your message to the right person.

How does Email Finder Software Work?

In the piece how email finder software works, get to know the details about the functionality of email finder software and how businesses should leverage it to grow further.

How does Email Verifier Software Work?

Although many people have heard of email verifiers and may have used some of them, not everyone is familiar with the technical components of the service. We'll show you how it works by outlining the key technology aspects and verification procedures, so you can see how email addresses are quickly confirmed.

Who should Use Email Finder Software?

Learn everything about who uses email finder software and how businesses using it leverage the advantages of it.

Benefits of Email Finder Software

Know the benefits of email finder software to learn more about why businesses should take it to go to the next level.

How do Email Finder Helps Any Business?

You can take advantage of bots that can scrape through Google and LinkedIn pages based on your search criteria.

How to Use Email Finders with CRM Software?

Email is one of the most significant ways of communication in history. It is also the preferred form of consumer communication.

What is an Email Scraper?

An email scraper allows you to filter your search by limiting the number of levels that can be searched. It helps you search with level filters and URL filters. It also provides the e-mails and web pages it finds.

What is the Need for Email Cleaning?

Easy-to-use Tool provides the dual benefits of email drip campaigns and a built-in email finder on the same platform, allowing you to clean your email list of invalid emails in minutes with 98% accuracy - reducing your bounce rate and boosting your delivery rate and sender reputation.

How do Email Validation Tools Work?

Real-time email validation allows companies to maintain their mailing lists alive and healthy. Spam traps are not used by real people because they do not have active accounts. It is therefore important to ensure that your pre-validation tool only checks email addresses that are life and in use.

How to Choose the Best Email Extractor for Your Business?

Email extractor is one of the most successful methods that most marketers utilize to create leads.

The Easiest Way To Check Email Validity Online

Having a large email list with little click-through rate is equivalent to having a small list. You end up spending a lot of time and resources sending emails that do not convert. Therefore, there is a need to check for the validity of each email address on your list.

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