Lead Mining

to generate leads from LinkedIn and Google

Extract updated information about any organization or prospect with powerful LinkedIn and Google lead mining technology.

Lead Mining

Unleash Your Leads Potential with Lead Mining

Extract emails of leads and information of your target company

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get company details

Get Company Details

Extract complete information of any organization from LinkedIn and Google to target the right audience needed for your business.

get user details

Get User Details

Enhance revenue generation through the leads generated by getting the details of the decision-makers of any organization from LinkedIn and Google.

get top profiles

Get Top Profiles

Get the most recent contact information for the top profiles of any business or organization. Connect with them using these facts to make more sales.

What is Lead Mining?

Retrieve and extract data from Google and Linkedin and generate highly-converting leads with Finder.io's assistance in fetching all of an organization's data, including decision-makers, from LinkedIn and Google. These leads can then be verified using the email verification tool.

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