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Expand your company, produce high-quality leads, and contact key decision-makers by searching and validating their emails.

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Email Finder Software

Email Finder

Email Finder Software with Database of Over 480 Million Emails

Search for email addresses of prospects and even key decision-makers of target companies

Email Finder Software with Database

Search with Name

Find prospect's email addresses through name, domain name. Verify the email address and communicate with key decision-makers in a single click.

Search with Name
Find Email with Company Domain

Find Email with Company Domain

Use domain search to find the contact information for key decision-makers at any organization. Instantly receive pertinent emails by just entering the website name.

Bulk Email Finder

Import list from cloud or from local system and effectively manage your campaigns to accomplish more in less time.

Bulk Email Finder
Export to CRM and CSV

Export to CRM and CSV

Leads created can be automatically exported to CSV or your preferred CRM software like Agile CRM, Salesforce, Freshworks.

Create Lists

Make email lists containing all of the searched email addresses, with a 100% confidence score, to lower bounce rates.

Create Lists

What is Email Finder Software?

Email finder software can be used to locate and extract email addresses from web pages. There are numerous services available on the internet that give you access to a huge database of email lists. Learn more about What is email finder?

Explore More Features

Here are the additional features to look at

Email Finder

Find valid emails in seconds using name and company info of potential leads. With bulk email finder get your cold leads to target the right leads and closing more sales.

Email Verifier

Finder's Email Verifier guarantees accurate communication by validating your email list, confirming the validity of each email address. ensuring your messages reach the targeted with verified and active email addresses.

Manage Lists

Manage Lists, organize and personalize your outreach. Create, manage, and segment email lists to deliver tailored communications. Ensure each contact receives relevant and personalized messages for impactful engagement.

Domain Email Search

Finder's Domain Email Search helps you to quickly find crucial contacts within any company. Easily find email addresses by domain name and find the right connections with ease.

Company Search

Company Search, Search and filter an extensive database to find prospects' names, emails, and phone numbers within a company. Empower your outreach strategy with targeted insights for effective engagement.

Lead Mining

Finder's Lead Mining extracts valuable lead data, ensuring accuracy in your outreach. Find qualified leads quickly for successful campaigns.

Chrome Extension

Finder's Chrome Extension helps you extract lead data from websites and directories, ensuring you to connect with potential customers. Integrate quick lead generation into your browsing experience for maximum outreach efficiency.

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    • We are using for consolidated business growth. The app is very handy as we have the best customer success consultants working together with our Sales Director.

      Christian Bjerre Nielsen
      CPO at uQualio
    • Business owners can use to get accurate, timely data that can help them make decisions better. aggregates the most accurate data and connects you with decision-makers and their confidants with ease.

      Stone Gye
      Manager - Sales & Marketing
    • My chat rep (Safin) was super helpful and got my issues resolved immediately! I am looking forward to getting my business started with !

      VP - Sales & Marketing
    • Awesome customer service. Vicky is very helpful. Can explain and help me to troubleshoot my current issues. Thank you so much

      Associate Director - Sales
    • has been a game-changer for our lead nurturing efforts. With detailed demographic and firmographic data, we have been able to personalize our communication and deliver targeted messages to our prospects. The database has played a significant role in our customer acquisition and retention strategies

      John Williams
      Director - Sales operations
    • The lead generation database has exceeded our expectations in terms of the quality and quantity of leads it provides. Our sales team has experienced a significant increase in conversions, thanks to the accurate and comprehensive data available. It has become an integral part of our lead generation strategy."

      Adam Lanoy
      Senior Director - Marketing

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