How to find email addresses from Facebook?

Facebook is the foremost social networking app with about two billion users. When setting up your Facebook account, you are requested to add your email address alongside your personal information. Several reasons and scenarios would require you to find the email addresses of Facebook users through their page.


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Reasons for finding mail address on Facebook

Sometimes, you meet people on Facebook and become acquainted after a while; you can decide to move the relationship or conversation to a more formal medium. Other times, you stumble on a page and realize the page belongs to an old-time friend that you have lost personal touch with. Again, you can decide to copy the email and reach out to them. As a digital marketer, it could be that you are looking for individual pages that might be interested in your product and services. You might also create an email marketing list or subscriber list and decide to check for leads on Facebook.

finding mail address on Facebook

Other times, you might stumble on people with whom you share the same market or niche and might want to bring them on board. Again, it could be for collaboration or partnership, and reaching them via email is relatively more formal. In some instances, you see industry players, your role models, or experts in your field on Facebook and would like to keep a professional relationship with them. You can copy their email and send them a formal introduction via mail. These are a few of the reasons and scenarios that will prompt you to find email address from Facebook.

How do you find email addresses from Facebook?

There are several ways you can find email addresses on Facebook. In this article, we shall be looking at the two most effective ways. They are the use of email finder tools and the manual way;

The use of the Email finder tool

The best way to find an email address is to use third-party email finder tool such as Going through Facebook user pages one by one is quite tedious, especially when you're creating a subscriber list. To save yourself the stress and ensure you generate the list from several backgrounds, it is best to use the

Email address from facebook

Find Anyone's Email with the Best Email Finder

The search bot automatically crawls through millions of Facebook user accounts and generates their email if you integrate the email finder tool into your Facebook account. The finder app ensures that the email addresses are valid and relevant to your search query. Another feature of the email finder tool is the extraction and verification of emails. Some email users keep a private account whereby their personal details such as email are kept away from the public. So no matter the number of times you check their page, you won't see these details. Using a sophisticated tool like will extract those details and help verify their validity. Sometimes, you might be targeting a company's workforce and their corporate mail address. It will take you a lot of time and effort to get their email address manually. It is advisable to use the finder tool to find bulk email addresses.

If you are looking forward to creating and managing an email list generated from Facebook, you can use Sometimes, people change their email or update their personal information. For instance, when they change their workplace or city. The software automatically updates this information on your database.

The manual way

The manual way of finding email addresses is relatively easy, but you can only search a page at a time. The first method is to go directly to their Facebook account, scroll to their profile, and check for their email address under "contact and basic information" in the "About" tab. Another manual way is to use the "find person feature" on Facebook. You can type this URL on your browser Copy and paste the person's username on the login box displayed on this page Facebook will display their email address. The two-manual ways do not always give accurate email addresses; sometimes, it doesn't show any email address on the user's page.


The best way to find and get email addresses from Facebook is to use the email finder app such as However, you are likely to keep searching and not find the email address using the manual method. The benefit of using is numerous and far outweighs the manual search method.

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