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7 Effective Ways to Find Email Address

Email list building is one of the most challenging tasks in email marketing. It is all about finding the right people to talk to and, at the same time, finding their authentic and valid email IDs.

Find email address

Only the correct email IDs will help you fully realize the benefits of the powerful tool that is email marketing. Read this blog to find out the 7 best ways to find leads' email addresses.

Email list building is one of the most challenging tasks in email marketing. It is all about finding the right people to talk to and, at the same time, finding their authentic and valid email IDs. Only the correct email IDs will help you fully realize the benefits of the powerful tool that is email marketing. Read this blog to find out the 7 best ways to find leads' email addresses.

Everyone raves about email marketing being the most profitable and highest return generating channel for businesses. More and more companies are even looking to expand their investment in email marketing over the coming months. It is one of the biggest channels in marketing right now and is expected to grow exponentially over the next few years.

One of the main reasons email marketing is so popular and proven effective is the personal relationships it helps establish. It helps take care of the connection and nurture one-on-one relationships for marketers, thereby opening a big window to influence their purchase decision. It enables marketers to understand their customers better from a closer level and allows them to create products and services better suited to them. This, in turn, helps build a loyal and solid customer base for businesses and enables them to grow with a reinforced foundation.

However, all of this is possible only with the correct email addresses. And this is why lead generation is a crucial step for email marketing. It is essential to build a high-quality email list with valid addresses to pursue before creating and launching an email marketing campaign. It is also crucial to make a list of the right people in prospective companies who are in charge of purchase decisions.

CSS and Copy Blogger talk about a 7 step strategy to create an effective mailing list sign-up page over here. It could be a start to building a robust email list.

The powerful impact that people talk about concerning email marketing can only be created with accurate and valid email addresses. And not just any email address. Marketers require the email IDs of the right decision-makers in prospective client companies to put forward the right pitch and make an impact. And most often, it is the most challenging part of list building.

Companies resort to several different techniques to find business email addresses based on leads generated in different ways. The best way to find email address will be one that involves the least time and effort and, at the same time, offers the best outcome.

7 Best Ways to Find an Email Address

Here are the 7 best ways to find an email addresses:

1. Use an Efficient Tool to Find an Email Address

Email finder tools are among the most efficient ways to figure out email addresses and find email address of the right people to contact. Companies widely use it, including some of the biggest names in different industries.

It offers dedicated features to help you find and contact the right people. Some of the best email finder tools come with browser extensions. You can view prospect company websites and have the extension crawl through to return valid email IDs of all key decision-makers within the company. They also come with email verification tools that you can use to quickly verify the authenticity of email addresses, check for errors, and ensure deliverability. This way, it helps you clean out your email list and eliminate incorrect, invalid, or generic addresses. Find email address

As is evident, email finder tools offer comprehensive lead generation features to help you improve your lead list by enabling to you find email address that is relevant. is the perfect example of an efficient email finder with a Chrome extension to allow email verification on the fly. It offers domain search capabilities and finding capabilities that let you feed in bulk prospect information like first names and company names. It will return a list of valid email addresses to pursue. It also gives you ample context on the leads you are targeting with its lead mining feature. This allows you to analyze the quality of your leads and decide whether they are worth pursuing.

On top of all that, it also comes with analytics that will help you make improvements as you go. This is why email finder tools are the best way to find email address.


Use Twitter's Advanced Search Tool

Twitter offers an Advanced Search Tool that not many people know. It helps filter out the tweets made by a target person where they might have mentioned their email. To prevent bots from finding them, some people replace the symbols with the words at and dot. Some people don't even bother doing that. Either way, searching for unique words like at or email or address, etc., with quotes will reveal tweets that use those terms, which is most likely going to be an email ID. Therefore, it serves to be one of the best ways to find the email addresses of businesses.

Find email address

3. Subscribe to the Contact's Mailing List and Send an Email

Another effective method to find an email ID is to subscribe to the prospective client's mailing list by signing up through their opt-in form or social media pages. This will add you to their marketing campaigns, and you will most likely receive a welcome email congratulating you on joining their family. It is, of course, an automated reply, but you can reply with a question or a query, and they are most likely to respond from a personal email address. This may not be the best way to find email address, but it is definitely worth a shot.

4. Ask for a Personal Connection

Another effective tactic is to ask for a personal connection directly. If you visit the prospective company website, you may come across a contact page with a form that you can fill in with a query. Use the form to put in your personal information and directly ask for a personal contact email ID. They will most likely respond to the email from a generic address like customer care or info, etc., asking for a reason. Be sure to spell out a good reason. You can specify the WHY part in the contact form if you wish to, but you can always respond by specifying the reason if you prefer to receive their generic email ID. Most people will oblige and give you an ID if the reason is strong enough.

5. Reach Out on Twitter

Twitter is one of the most widely used social media platforms, especially for business professionals. Hence, it offers a few best ways to find email addresses. Apart from the Advanced Search Tool mentioned earlier, you can also drop a tweet with the prospect person's handle asking for the best way to contact them. It is a straightforward and direct way to obtain an email ID, and for this reason, businesses professionals will likely appreciate your effort and respond to your tweet. Be friendly, courteous, and even fun in your tweet, as it would induce their interest. Some people may react to your tweet by asking for the reason, to which you can always respond.

For example, a good and short tweet will mention the lead and say, 'what is the best way to contact you? Got a quick question.'

6. Search for the Person on LinkedIn

On receiving a person's first name or last name, one of the best ways to find their email address is to run a quick search on LinkedIn. Most professionals maintain a LinkedIn account and being a professional social media channel, some of them wouldn't mind leaving their contact info on their profile.

Even without a readily available email ID, you can look up the person's profile, where they will most likely have mentioned the organization they are working for. Find out the company and run a Google search to determine the correct domain. You can then go to their contact page and drop a query.

You can also understand how to use domain search for email list that come with email finder software to help you. On entering the domain name, it will return a list of email IDs of all relevant people within the company.

Find email address

7. Use Content Explorer

Last but not least, you can use the Content Explorer tool on AHref. It is a rich library of informative articles, long-form guides, and other types of content authored by industry experts and published across a million websites on the internet. You can run a search on Content Explorer with a few keywords related to your industry, and it will show you a whole list of articles on a variety of topics.

It also shows you the authors' names, which you can easily pull up through an export file as well. Once you have the first names and last names, you can search for the company name on LinkedIn. You can also use an email finder tool to feed in the names, and it will help you get to the correct email ID. Above everything, you can simply run a Google search with the info, which will help you discover many details.

Apart from the above 7 methods, you can sometimes make a guess and test it out. Figure out a few standard email formulas or syntaxes and try your hand at filling up the blanks with the available information. Email permutation tools are also available to help you try out some commonly used formulas. If you are lucky enough, the email you are looking for could be one of them. It may not be the best way to find an email address, but it is possible.

Why Do You Need an Email Finder?

The best way to find email addresses or look up the right person's contact information in a business is to use an email finder tool like which makes finding an email finder a necessity. It offers a holistic approach to the entire task of lead generation and provides features for more than just email finding and retrieving.

As mentioned above, it can be used in many ways to find accurate email IDs. It also offers email verification tools to ensure authenticity and deliverability. And above all, it helps clean up email lists and improve the quality of leads by directing you to the right people.

It helps find the correct addresses easily, quickly, and without much effort. In addition, its browser extension enables you to find and verify email addresses on the go. A few clicks help you analyze prospective leads by going through their domains, pulling out information about the right decision-makers, and streamlining your search. Above all, it also comes with insightful analytics that will help you make real-time changes for improved efficiency.

Bottom Line

With all of the best ways to find email addresses, one thing to remember is that it must not turn into a menace for email users. As responsible business professionals, you must ensure utmost data security and prevent the information from being compromised. You must also use the email IDs ethically to send only relevant business-related and valuable content. Because at the end of the day, it is all about building lasting relationships.

“There are countless ways to build lists, but trust is what builds relationships.” — Hunter Boyle

Follow up your email list-building effort with a good email marketing strategy to make the most of the channel and maximize conversions.

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