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15 Undeniable Reasons to Use an Email Verifier Software

Email verifier software is a useful tool used by many email marketers. They are able to help your campaign in numerous ways, making them a valuable addition to your marketing efforts.


Email continues to be a key channel of communication for businesses. Even as other options like social media gain momentum, they can never replace this need. Businesses use email for various purposes including communicating with clients, employees, and suppliers. They are also used for marketing purposes aimed at targeted audiences.

This communication method is, however, only made effective if one has valid emails to work with. There are many ways in which a list of contact email addresses can become messed up. Here we will discuss some of these issues that justify the need for an email verifier software from

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How Does Email Verifier Software Work?

An email verifier software is an online tool or software that allows the user to verify that email addresses are valid and working. If an email address has errors, it can make whatever communications nullified. This can in turn be a waste of time and resources for a business. At worst, it can mean losing a worthwhile opportunity that would have had a significant impact on the business.

The email verifier software from makes this process of verification easy and quick. It enables this process in several ways, some of which we expand upon below. This can also be done using email finder software.

Domain Checking
This is a verification that the domain attached to the email address you are trying to reach actually exists and is working. For instance, Gmail accounts are typically considered active as the domain is still running. Those that used to have Hotmail email accounts may not, however, be able to access their accounts unless they use Outlook.

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Syntax Verification
This refers to the parameters that make up an email address. If there is an error or omission then the email account trying to be reached likely does not exist. To verify this, the software will examine the spelling, correct positioning of dots and the @ symbol. An email verifier software will also look at the domain extension to ensure it is in the correct place.

Email Pinging
This is the final step in email verification. It involves sending a message from one email server to another. Referred to as an EHLO message, this pinging is designed to check the records of the email domain to ascertain that the email address does exist and is actively in use.

Why Do We Use Email Verifier Software?

Here is a list of undeniable reasons to use an email verifier software:

People Switch to New Email Accounts
With email providers changing their offerings and features, people often switch over to whoever best suits their needs. While Yahoo has been the dominant player when it comes to free personal email for many years, it has lost out much of its market share to Gmail in more recent years. This is down to a variety of reasons including security issues, interfacing with document apps, and limited features.

It is not uncommon for people to set up new accounts with other email domains without notifying all their previous contacts. An email verifier software allows you to ensure your contact lists are made up of active accounts.

Updating of Email ID
For many people in their younger years it is not uncommon to use colorful or playful wording in setting up their email addresses. While this can be fun and rebellious as a teen, much changes when one moves on to college and joining the workforce. Within the professional world using such usernames may no longer be deemed amusing.
Your colleagues, bosses and clients will expect an email address more in keeping with the formal environment.

You need to be more mature and have an email address that reflects that. To mark this transition, many will create new accounts with new usernames. Inspiration is often taken from legal names that make it easy to immediately know who you are dealing with.
They may also shift to another email domain if it offers new features that are better suited to this change. An email verifier lets you know if your list features addresses that may have been long abandoned due to such changes.

One of the simplest changes at work can be a promotion. While much reason to celebrate, it can also lead to a change in an email address. Having an email bounce back may make you think the person even left the organization, which may not be true. Using makes it easy to verify this data, find their new email address and update your contact list accordingly.

Change of Employer
Switching to a new employer can also lead to a change in both username and/or email domain name. It may not however change the importance of this contact. If anything, their moving to another company can mean new opportunities for your business that should not go unattended.

Some businesses will have the emails sent to former employees redirected to another person within the company. This person may not take the email as seriously or bother to respond. To keep up with the correct person as they make their move to a new organization, make use of an email verifier software.

Dead Domain
Business email domains can easily stop being in use. Especially if the business shuts down and they no longer keep up the domain. Or if a change in business name is affected thanks to such factors as mergers. Without an update to your contact list, you could end up sending emails that lead to a dead end. With an email verifier software, you can quickly check if this is the case and try to find your contact wherever they have landed since.

Name Changed Domain
As said, it is possible for a business to effect a name change. This could be a case of rebranding or even a merger. Whatever the reason, a name change will likely affect the email domain name. This will mean previous email accounts will likely become inactive.

It can make for business losses as the company may still be in operation, but you are not able to make contact thanks to emails that are not getting to the intended recipients. Updating these contacts through is the best way to keep current and ensure a steady flow of contact and information.

Spam Traps
Spam trap emails do not belong to any real person. They are set up by ISPs as a means of catching spammers. Once identified, they can then be blocked. Having these accounts on your list can have a negative effect as your email may be associated with such. It could result in blacklisting that could badly affect your reputation as a sender. This means that even your legitimate emails could end up being automatically spammed when trying to reach contacts inboxes.

Ending up in the spam folder means your email will likely never be seen and end up being deleted after a short while. is a good way to clean up your contact list and ensure you are dealing with legitimate people.

Catch All Addresses
These email accounts are used to receive emails for email addresses that have been wrongly inputted but the email domain exists. Though erroneous, the email will land in this account without bouncing back. It then leads the sender of the emails to believe they have reached the intended person, which is not the case.

Though the domain may exist, these catch all addresses make it so senders may not learn the mistake they have made. An email verifier can help in identifying such accounts and removing them from your listing. You can then check if email is valid from the same business that will elicit a better response.

Limit Fraudulent Entries
Fraudulent email entries can greatly interfere with some business operations. When you have an incorrect email address that is being used for transactions, it can lead to delays in communication, execution of orders, and other problems for the business. When actions such as information sharing and document processing are interfered with, it can even affect the bottom line. Regular checks on validity can help reduce this problem.

fraudlent entries

Syntax Errors
Errors are often made when email addresses are being entered. As mentioned, syntax refers to the features of a normal email address. Spaces and incorrect positioning of dots and the @ symbol are examples of syntax errors. can help identify email addresses in your contact list that have such errors and remove them.

Boost Return on Investment
Emails that bounce back or go to the wrong recipients are evidence of wasted time and effort. This is in turn a wasted expenditure on marketing efforts. When you update your contact list to ensure each recipient is relevant and valid, it means a more effective execution of marketing efforts and communication. There is an improved probability of a positive response. This can in turn lead to better revenues and profits.

According to eMarketer statistics, more than 80% of retailers think that email is the most effective way to get new customers and to keep existing ones. More than 90% of Americans check their emails every day, and the purchase rates of such consumers are 17% higher than in the case of social media promotions.

However, the success of email campaigns directly depends on the chosen strategy. You have to make sure that you target the right audience. In addition, it’s important to know that they actually interact with your emails, responding by buying your products or services. Fortunately, machine learning and AI make such overwhelming tasks as email verification, targeting, and statistics, as well as scheduling, much simpler. – Jeff Bullas

Refine Customer Base
Marketing efforts are most effective when you have identified the ideal targeted audience. In most cases, it does not make sense to market to all and sundry. You have to refine your approach so it connects with the audience that is most likely to buy our product or service.
Working with an email listing of active and loyal subscribers makes for more profitable marketing results. An email verifier software helps to ensure that you have the correct details on these subscribers, and this helps to make your marketing campaign more effectively targeted.

Boost Validity and Authenticity of Subscribers
When working with an email contact list of subscribers that is valid, active and loyal, it means you are connecting with a genuine audience. They will be most helpful in boosting your brand and revenues. The level of engagement with this audience can be expected to be higher, even if using an email verifier software results in a shorter list.

Refine The Sign-Up Process
As you make use of an email verifier software, it also helps to try and pinpoint where the errors in your list came about. It could be during sign-up process on your website or even a trade fair. However, the problem arose, knowing its origin will help in improving how these contacts are collected and avoid future repetition of such problems.

Identify Time Wasters
It is not uncommon for people to use throwaway accounts in order to achieve some goal. It could be to access certain information without using their real accounts. Whatever the reason behind it, there are certain mail servers that provide easy access to such disposable accounts. With you can identify such mail servers and exclude them in future to avoid further errors in your contact lists.

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Email remains a powerful channel of communication and lead generator. It also provides an effective line of communication to connect with other domain owners for link generation. Besides marketing, emails are also necessary for keeping in touch with business partners, clients and suppliers. Most businesses use email as their primary line of communication, especially when documents are involved.

By identifying email addresses that can put you in effective contact with these relevant parties you stand to gain much. The use of an email verifier helps ensure that your ability to communicate is not compromised and that achieving your business goals becomes more feasible. Discover how can help you make the most of this opportunity to boost your business.

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