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Top 9 Websites to Check If Email Is Valid

There is the need to check that the email of the receiver is valid for any kind of email campaign. Several websites are available to verify the validity of email addresses.


Electronic mail (Email) communication is an essential form of communication in the 21st century. Irrespective of whether it’s a long or short distance communication, the fastest and most reliable form of communication over the internet is email, especially for corporate communications. As individuals, your email address can be created once you are connected to the internet; you need to pick a suitable address with an already designed domain such as,, and a lot of others free email providers.

To emphasize the importance of email communication, David Newman said, "Email has an ability many channels don't creating valuable personal touches at scale." It is therefore vital to know that two different emails can not share the same address but can be very similar. Corporate organizations or institutions can have a specially designed email address assigned to their team members or staff, and students.

The validity of an email depends on several criteria. For a sender, the main aim of the message you are sending is to ensure it gets to the receiver; that is only when communication can be established successfully. You, therefore, need to check that the email of the receiver is valid. However, there are two ways to check if an email is valid or invalid.

Websites to verify emails

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Best Ways to Check If Email Is Valid

You can check if the email you have got is valid or not through the following ways:

A. Manual Verification

The manual way of checking to know the validity of an email address is by sending an email to the recipient’s email address. Once you receive an automated soft or hard bounce response from the mail server, that shows that the email is invalid. Sometimes, you don’t receive a reply that doesn’t establish that the email address is valid or does exist. This is because some mail servers are configured as a catch-all to receive both valid and invalid email addresses, after that sorting without giving the sender a response as to whether it got delivered or not.

B. Automated Verification

The automated way of ascertaining the validity of an email address is the most reliable. This way, a verification mechanism has already been built into the tools, application or website to enable it to detect whether an email is valid or not. Your task as a sender is to send the message to the email address of the receiver, and it is left to these websites or applications to sieve through and establish the validity of such email address. If it’s an invalid address, you will be notified, or your email will bounce back but if it’s valid, be rest assured that the recipient will receive the email just as you have sent it.

Top 9 Websites to Verify the Validity of Email Addresses From

For this blog, we have embarked on extensive research to test and identify the top 9 websites to verify the validity of email addresses:


Just like its terminology, it has been thoroughly designed to find and check the validity of email addresses., a New York-based software development company. is now one of the top five lead sources in the world with more than 480 million emails in its database. With a full subscription to Finder, you can find or search for email addresses of individuals or corporate organizations with whom you share similar ideals.

With an email finder like , you can import email addresses from other third parties applications such as Google Drive, One Drive, Dropbox and verify them at a go. It also has an advanced domain search feature to find emails in bulk. It is interesting to know that most of the websites and applications listed below do not give accurate verification for disposable email addresses with the Yahoo domain, except for, which is very reliable and precise in this regard.

Best Email Verifier tool

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You can also create a list of emails with the help of email verifier and add them to your email campaigns or broadcasts. This saves you the time and energy of compiling email addresses whenever you need them and helps increase engagement. also provides integrations with top CRM softwares to make lead management effortless for you.

2. Bounceless

Bounceless is another email verifying website that prides itself as the fastest, even though is faster. With a strong internet connection, it can check the validity of up to 600 email addresses in a minute, according to what is displayed on their official website. Bounceless allows you to import an e-mail list for automated mass email verification or implement their API (Application Programming Interface), which is very useful for real-time checking in contact or sign-up forms.

To check the validity of email addresses on Bounceless is quite simple; on the main website, there is a space on the center right-hand side where you have to input the email addresses and click on the “Try it” button, and in no time, the validity result would be displayed.

When you sign up for the free trial, you are eligible to validate up to 100 email addresses before you are required to subscribe. However, with the bulk verification, the more the email address you are verifying, the more time it consumes, thereby keeping you waiting for a more extended period.

3. Email Hippo

Unarguably one of the most powerful and reliable email validation platforms, coming right after It is estimated that their system can handle more than 400,000 Email addresses in a batch. With Email Hippo, you can check the validity of an email address and know why such an email address is invalid. It is also easy to use; on the platform, enter the email address you want to verify in the input box and click on the “check button.”

However, even for the free trial, you need to register and sign up for your account as a user to test their email verification system. The free trial allows you to check up to 100 email addresses at their “one-time list” verification. It also takes time when checking the validity of bulk email addresses but not as long as Bounceless.

email hippo

4. NeverBounce

Although it has a similar name to Bounceless, they are not related except that they perform similar functions. It also allows you to validate email addresses in real time and is very easy to use. It has a verification form that can be found somewhere at the center of the website, and you can then input your email address here and click on the “the catch-all” button to run the test.

It can be used without signing up, but you can only verify 5 email addresses without a bulk verification. While for a registered user, you can verify up to 1000 email addresses per month and get a free analysis. You are also eligible for bulk verification.

5. PCA Predict

Apart from email verification run by PCA Predict, it can also be used to verify phone numbers, address, geocoding an address, distance finder, and cleaning up inaccurate address data. To verify an email, you can click on the PCA Predict website, which allows only two checks per day for an IP (internet protocol) address. The website has a free verification demo that anybody can use without prior registration. This demo allows for only two checks per day.

With the free trial, you can only verify the validity of just 12 email addresses while other services are restricted. However, with a full subscription, you have access to all the benefits and can validate up to 100 email addresses in a batch; You can’t go beyond 100 emails.

6. Email Checker

Email Checker also offers real-time service on how to check if the email address is valid. It is in the form of an application programming interface that allows for bulk list verification of email addresses. On the Email Checker application, you are first required to solve the captcha quiz by ticking the “I’m not a robot” checkbox to prevent abuse. After that, there is a demo where you can test their real time email verification by inserting the sample email addresses in the empty box and clicking on the “verify” button.

The maximum free usage is only 2 per day for an IP address, and the bulk verification is quite strong as it can support up to 50,000 full emails per file. It is also not reliable for Yahoo email verification. Like the other applications, they do not always detect disposable email addresses with the Yahoo domain, except for

7. Kickbox

Kickbox runs on a website that can be accessed over a desktop or mobile browser once you are connected to the internet. It has one of the most attractive modern web interfaces, a distinct feature of Kickbox.

To check if an email is valid using Kickbox, you will have to sign up for a free trial account that gives you access to verify a single email address or in bulk. It is also linked to a real time verification API (Application Programming Integration) that can work with your program and recipient authentication, which is a real time email confirmation application that Kickbox also creates.

kickBox email verifier

Also, 100 credits are offered to every free trial account, which can be used to verify a single email address or even a list at a go. Still, to enjoy real-time email confirmation and other services, you need to subscribe. It also takes time to verify the validity of email addresses.

8. QuickEmailVerification

The QuickEmailVerification is one of the fastest websites for checking the validity of email addresses. In terms of bulk checking, it takes half the time of other email verification websites and gives a relatively accurate result. Asides the fact that you can upload the email addresses from your computer, QuickEmailVerification also allows you to import from third party popular services such as MailChimp, VerticalResponse, ConstantContact,, Emma, AWeber and a host of others. You can also compile the sample email addresses in a file and upload them for verification.

To be eligible for their email verification service, you are required to sign up for a free account which enables you to verify up to 100 email addresses in a day and at a go!

9. MailboxLayer

The MailboxLayer is an application or software which enables you to verify the validity of email addresses and also helps you weed out spam email addresses. It offers instant email address validation / verification via syntax checks, typographic spelling checks, free & disposable provider filtering, and a host of other services.

The fact that it has a feature that enables you to pull out invalid Email addresses from your broadcast list made it among the top 9.


Dela Quist said “to not have an email is the digital equivalent of being homeless”, this statement sums up the importance of email, then consider having a home without a key, that’s literally invalid email address. It is very important to check if the email list is valid, and more important to make use of a reliable and strong website for checking the validity of your recipients email address. When you make use of reliable websites such as, you are able to eliminate hard bounce. According to Clairvoyix tweet, Hard bounces are as a result of invalid or non-existent email, there is an error in letter or number, or such an email has been closed. You are also able to reduce spam complaints and finally, you do not fall into the servers blacklist.

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