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7 Email Address Finder Tools for Professional

Emails can be used not only to promote a company's products and services but also can be an effective medium for encouraging client loyalty. It may also be a channel to inform clients on your email list about new products, promotions, and other services. In fact, email newsletters are the most popular method of marketing for 81% of B2B marketers. Moreover, It can be a subtler push to educate your audience on the value of your brand and encourage them to engage with your company. It might serve multiple functions, but gathering and maintaining authentic email addresses isn't that easy.


Nowadays, modern email marketing has evolved away from bulk mailings that are one-size-fits-all and is now focused on permission, segmentation, and personalization. This may appear to be time-consuming, but here is when email address finder automation tools do the majority of the task. In the long term, a well-designed email marketing campaign not only increases sales but also contributes to the development of a community around your business. For this reason, the potential of an email address finder cannot be neglected.

Why Use an Email Address Finder Tool?


An email address finder is a software that searches the internet for personal or commercial email addresses. Most email address finders are available as online applications, Chrome extensions, or both. They allow you to obtain a confirmed business email address quickly and easily by using the person's name, domain name, and company name. These tools employ a variety of approaches to extract email addresses from the database's current data.

When it comes to expanding your business, an email finder is a must-have tool. Here are some of the most popular characteristics of email extraction tools that undoubtedly answer the question of why you should use an email address finder tool:

  • Domain Search: This functionality enables you to search for email addresses on a website domain and extract all emails for lead generation.
  • Social Network Search: With this, you can find and extract all email addresses from a social networking site.
  • Extract from Copy text: This allows you to copy and paste a section of text and extract information located inside that section.
  • Bulk Export: You can bulk export contacts and email list based on certain criteria.
  • Email Verification: This feature verifies email addresses to increase delivery, open, and response rates.
  • Domain Validation: You can detect dormant or invalid domains and mark them as spam or abuse.

Top Email Address Finder Tools

One can find email addresses as per their need with these top email address finder tools:

The most crucial advantage of email finder software is that it greatly aids in lead creation operations. You may use an email marketing campaign to establish an email list that offers content suited to that audience. Email address finder systems such as also provide email validation capability. This guarantees that the email IDs you receive from the program are correct. This is useful when it comes to increasing your open rates and reducing bounce rates. It also helps discover Email with a Company Domain. Using a domain email search, you may get contact information for important staff at any organization. You simply need to input the domain name to receive relevant emails in seconds. This tool may also be used to produce excellent leads and track prospects or clients. Furthermore, you can seamlessly integrate with leading CRM platforms like, AgileCRM, Salesforce, and others.

Price: $49 per month per user. helps Verify email contacts you discover online on the go or in bulk directly from the extension to keep your lists fresh and deliverability high. There are several search methods available, including single and bulk email search by name, single and bulk domain search, corporate profile search, and social URL search. It can also locate a complete prospect profile, including name, social profile, location, employment position, and corporate information. It also supports API integration into your app or CRM. For prospect list export, it supports CSV, XLSX, and Google Sheets formats.

Price per month:

  • S: $ 33
  • M: $ 83
  • L: $ 158
  • XL: $ 308
  • XXL: $ 615


Leadfuze is one of the greatest solutions to the question "how to locate someone's email address for free by name?". It allows you to search for an email address based on the Prospect's Name, Company Name, Job Position, Domain Name, Keywords, Location, Industry, and many other criteria. This application allows you to quickly and efficiently generate your prospect list.

Price per month:

Free plan: 10 Search Credits Paid plan: $132.30 to $447.30


AeroLeads is a prospecting program that works with many websites to discover business emails, such as LinkedIn, CrunchBase, AngelList, and others. It is a user-friendly program that operates in real-time and is believed to be more than 95 percent accurate. Furthermore, it can integrate with Salesforce, Zoho CRM, MailChimp, and many others.

Price per month:

Free plan: 10 Search Credits Subscription services: $49 to $499

This Email address finder tool is included in the lead creation platform, together with the Email Verifier and the MailTracker for Gmail. The Email Finder is a program that allows you to search for confirmed email addresses of professionals by name.

You will need the complete name of the individual you wish to contact and the domain name used by the firm, organization, or website to which this professional belongs for email addresses to locate an email address. automatically proposes the closest domain name when you enter the company name into the Email Finder.

Price per month:

Free: $0 Starter: $ 49 Growth: $99 Pro: $199 Business: $399


You can use the FindThatEmail chrome extension to identify and prospect emails from social media platforms such as Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter. It is one of the most effective email finders for 2022. All you have to do is enter their name and domain to obtain their email address as well as the sources from where they obtained the email address. You can also clean any size list to prevent hard bounces and increase the efficacy of your email marketing campaigns.

Pricing per month:

Free: 50 Search Credits and 100 Verify Credits Paid plan: $29 – $249 with maximum 100,000 Search Credits


You may scrape authenticated B2B emails with data-matching algorithms that crawl public websites and simulate emails based on firms' email trends using this Email address finder application. Using Linkedin, you can quickly get the email addresses of any professional and conduct an email outreach campaign. For targeted promotions, you can create segmented email lists with a high deliverability rate and relevant company information. Its key features include:

Price per month: - Starter:$ 39 - Seeker: $ 79 - Enterprise: $ 159 - Global: $239

How To Use Email Address Finder Tools?

Basic Email finders can work in two ways: Individual and bulk email finders

  • Individual Email Lookup: Individual email address finder locates a single business email address using the user's first and last name as well as the domain name. The program will allow you to enter this information into the accessible fields and search the database for the information you have provided. If such an email address exists, it will be displayed on the list.

  • Bulk Email Locator: A bulk email finder is used to obtain several email addresses at once. To use this approach, simply generate a spreadsheet containing the first name, last name, and domain name. Once completed, the program allows you to upload the file to obtain many email addresses at the same time. An email address finder can also work by utilizing domain search, which apparently can be bulk search as well as individual domain search.

  • Domain Search in Bulk: Bulk domain search aids in the discovery of email addresses from various domains. When you upload an excel file with all of your desired domains mentioned, the program returns a list of all email IDs linked with those domains.

  • Individual Domain Lookup: On the other hand, to search for domains individually, you must enter the desired domain name into the box, and all email IDs connected with the database will be displayed on the list.

Benefits Of Using Email Address Finder Tools


Email address finder tools are useful resources for any organization. Anyone who utilizes one benefits from a slew of fantastic benefits, like boosted sales and service growth, time and money savings, bulk leads, quick email access, etc. Let's have a look:

Aids In The Generation Of New Leads

To acquire more prospective consumers to sell your goods, you may utilize an email address finder as a lead creation tool. It enables you to contact marketing leads who may turn into consumers in the future. By using an email address finder to obtain professional email addresses, you increase the chances of creating a strong list for your future customers and new leads, which can help you close deals and increase your revenue.

Aids In The Growth Of A Firm

You may use an email address finder to discover and contact investors who are likely to donate to your firm or influencers who can promote your brand to a certain audience.

Saves Time

To save time, you should automate your business's duties, be organized, and minimize multitasking. Email address finder saves your valuable time otherwise spent on navigating to a website's contact page and other sites to locate all of the emails. It also minimizes the probability of overlooking some of the potential email addresses. The email address finder tool can supply you with all of the emails available on the relevant domain in virtually an instant.

Saves Money

You may automate the list and locate professional email addresses for potential customers using an email hunter for your firm. It is even more cost-effective than traditional ways while generating valuable results. For this reason, an email address finder is a pocket-friendly solution and unique addition to any organization, whether you are just starting out or already have a successful firm.

By leveraging bulk services, the Chrome extension, and API connections, many organizations are already using an email address finder to create leads to help them improve sales, develop their businesses, cut time, and save money.

The Drawbacks Of Using Email Address Finder Tools

The cons of using an email address finder are very limited as compared to the advantages it offers. However, a few of the drawbacks that can be listed in email address finder software include:

  • When emails are posted on the internet, they may not always be recognized.
  • There is no extra information provided, such as phone numbers or other contact information.
  • Paid plans might be too expensive for small enterprises.

Summing It Up

Email address finder tools are essential for businesses that do not want to lose out on potential chances. Every quality lead counts in an effective marketing strategy. In the present competitive scenario, employing the finest email address finder tools for your company is not a choice but a need. is one of the best sales leads tool. This is a swift email finder and verifier tool that extracts emails based on your business communication needs. This tool may also be used to produce excellent leads and track prospects or clients. Visit the website to learn more!

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