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Top 7 Bulk Email Finder Software

Email lists generated with the help of forms, landing pages and pop ups can contain a number of manual errors and invalid IDs. Additionally, leads and contacts generated through other means may not belong to the right decision maker in the company. Bulk email finder tools can help you in this regard. Read this blog to find out the benefits of email finders along with 7 of the best email finder software to look for in 2021.


It is an established fact by now that email marketing is one of the most powerful sources of lead generation, lead nurturing and even conversions. More companies are looking to adopt email marketing software to up their proficiency in email marketing.

According to the latest statistics, 79% of some of the top-performing companies have been using marketing automation software for the past three or more years. And as much as 91% of software users believe that marketing automation is “very important” for successfully implementing marketing across multiple channels.

In terms of lead generation, almost 80% of marketers use bulk email finder to generate more leads. However, 73% of them focus on lead quality over lead quantity. This means, more than the number of leads, companies are more concerned about how good the leads are.

Find & Verify Emails in Bulk

From all of these numbers, it is evident that lead generation along with the quality of the e-mail list is very important when it comes to email marketing.

The Dairy Creative Agency further reiterates the fact that quality is more crucial than quantity when it comes to building effective e-mail lists in this post

Different lead capturing and generating techniques like forms, landing pages, and pop-ups that collect customer information can generate incorrect or unreliable email IDs which immensely reduces the effectiveness of your e-mail campaigns. Along with that, some people may leave incomplete information.

Apart from all of these, you may be able to capture leads from other sources as well, where you only have their first names or their IP addresses, or merely their company name to begin with. This is precisely why you absolutely need processes like email verification, email finding, and list cleaning in order to generate more reliable and accurate e-mail lists.

And for all these things, you need bulk email finder. It offers a number of dedicated features for email verification as well as for finding emails, with which you can easily obtain specific email IDs of relevant people in companies. What it effectively does is direct you towards the right decision-makers in an organization, thereby improving your chances for conversion. This way, it helps businesses generate more reliable and high-quality email lists for email marketing.

What is a Bulk Email Finder?

Bulk email finder solutions are essentially digital tools that help you find accurate email addresses of people and companies to augment your cold outreach needs. They offer a set of well-designed features that allow you to feed large lists of lead first names or last names or even company names in bulk and return a reliable list of email IDs that you can use for lead nurturing and pursuing.

Apart from email finding, these software solutions also offer email verification features typically with browser extensions that let you verify the authenticity and validity of the emails that you have generated on the fly. They also come with intelligent analytics to help you understand your performance in terms of lead generation and make improvements wherever needed.

This way, bulk email verifiers improve the overall quality of the lead generation process for businesses and enhance the effectiveness of their email marketing campaigns. is the perfect example of an efficient bulk email finder solution that comes with reliable email verifier tool with a Chrome extension that lets you find and verify emails on the go. It helps you arrive at accurate email IDs or important and relevant decision-makers within a lead company so that you can send them perfect emails to induce conversions. It accepts CSV and spreadsheet formats with which you can upload lead first names or last names or simply the domain names in bulk. With the help of its intelligent technology and reliable database, it will return a list of accurate email IDs that you can confidently send emails to.

Why Do You Need a Bulk Email Finder?

An accurate e-mail list is very crucial to the success of your email marketing campaigns. Not all the email IDs that you’ve generated through different means is correct and valid. Manual errors in typing, syntax errors, and incorrect and fake email IDs can all crop up, all of which will adversely affect your overall deliverability and credibility.

Furthermore, a lot of the leads that you capture may leave incomplete info, with possibly the right contact information in terms of company names or first names, but doesn’t guarantee the right email ID. And even if the email ID is authentic and real, chances are, it doesn’t belong to the right decision-maker in the company.

Find Anyone's Email on the Web with the Best Email Finder

Clearly, collecting the right email IDs and creating an effective e-mail list is not an easy thing. It is a time-consuming and tedious task, and it gets even more difficult when the number of generated leads or prospects increases. And you cannot let any possible chance for a sale go without pursuing either. This is where bulk email finder tools can help you greatly.

You cannot afford to have constantly dwindling sender scores and low open and click-through rates for a long time, as they will render you out of business very soon. The market is quite competitive.

“ A bad email reputation is like a hangover hard to get rid of, and it makes everything else hurt." — Chris Marriott

Essential Features to Look For in a Bulk Email Finder Tool

Some of the best bulk email finder tools in the market today are ones that come packed with features and at the same time keep the costs reasonable. Browser extensions of email finder tools help businesses find accurate email IDs on the go as well.

Here are some of the typical essential features to look for in bulk email finder software in 2021.

  • Bulk Email Finder - a no-brainer, as it is the sole purpose of using the software. The software should offer all necessary features to upload bulk details of either companies or individuals and return the most accurate email IDs of top decision-makers in the company

  • Domain Search - meant for companies to upload company info and find out further details about whom to contact for maximum effectiveness.

  • Email Verifier - to check the authenticity of email IDs entered by site visitors on lead generation forms or opt-in forms

  • Insightful Reports - to help marketers analyze the team’s effectiveness with the entire lead generation process

  • Integrations - like browser extensions to help find or verify email IDs on the fly

  • Customizability - to help entrepreneurs fine-tune the system to the unique goals and needs of the organization.

Now there are a number of bulk email finder tools available in the market today offering top-notch features and capabilities. You need to determine your specific organizational needs and team needs first and narrow down your search based on requirements.

Here are the top 7 bulk email finder software in the market today, to help you in the process.

Top 7 Bulk Email Finder Software to Look for in 2021

The centre of the stage in 2021 has been taken by these bulk email address checker solutions:

1. is one of the most efficient bulk email finder tools in the industry today. It comes with an amazing bulk email finder tool that offers a Chrome extension that allows you to find accurate and valid email IDs of relevant decision-makers within an organization, with just the first names or last names or the company names. It lets you upload available contact info in bulk in CSV or spreadsheet file formats, and it returns a list of reliable email IDs of relevant people in the companies you are targeting. It also offers a unique lead mining feature with which you can retrieve accurate information about potential leads and instantly connect with them using valid email IDs.

bulk email finder

Find and Verify Emails in Bulk

Apart from email finding, the solution also offers efficient email verification and domain email search tools, that allow you to clean out e-mail lists, eliminate incorrect or invalid IDs and obtain the contact information of relevant people in companies with just the domain name.

It comes with insightful analytics as well, which allows you to monitor lead generation progress and make improvements as you go to improve performance.

2. Hunter, previously known as Email Hunter is a simple and easy-to-use bulk email finder tool that comes with a Chrome extension as well. You can either use its web app or its Chrome extension to crawl the company websites you are targeting and retrieve all relevant email IDs associated with the company. It effectively gives you a full contact list from lead companies which you can use for different purposes in marketing.


It offers 50 free domain searches in a month and a paid model with $50 for 500 searches.


Snovio is a more comprehensive bulk email finder tool that gives you both individual and bulk search capabilities. You can search for email IDs with just the names or with the domains and it offers a Chrome extension to find email IDs from websites you visit online. It also comes with an API which you can use to connect it to other business programs and tools for enhanced effectiveness. It starts with 50 free searches per month and a paid plan of $39 for 1000 searches.

4. Lusha


Lusha is a fast and effective bulk email finder tool that gives you both personal and professional contact information quickly. It offers a Chrome extension as well which works well to give you the direct contact information of relevant people including phone numbers and email IDs. It will also provide social contact information to augment your social media marketing efforts. It lets you save time and effort immensely and helps you find the right people to contact.

5. Lead Gibbon

Lead Gibbon

Lead Gibbon is another efficient bulk email finder solution that lets you find accurate and reliable email IDs with the click of a button. You can run lead searches directly from your marketing automation software, find contact information including titles, industry, location, company size, etc., and simply use the Lead Gibbon sidebar to generate a list of verified email addresses. It also lets you export data from your search to Google sheets and create a reliable e-mail list.


Searching for emails in bulk is never an easy task. However, you can easily gather multiple employee emails and produce leads to numerous firms with Minelead Bulk Email Finder.

All Minelead services work in real-time, unlike other bulk email finders. They don’t just merely retrieve old emails from a database; they search for precise emails responding to your request. While Minelead helps you quickly and efficiently uncover thousands of emails for hundreds of firms, it also ensures the best quality and deliverability that add value to your business.


Minelead has a free model with 100 domain searches per month and a 2000 credit subscription plan for only $19.

7. Rocket Reach

Rocket Reach

Rocket Reach is a popular bulk email finder solution trusted by more than 4.5 Billion businesses worldwide including the likes of Google, Amazon, and Apple. It is most known for its quick turnaround time which reduces the time to connect with important prospects by up to 90%. It lets you mine relevant info to target companies at the right points of contact and enhances your email marketing efforts greatly.

Bottom Line

Bulk email finder solutions are clearly an inevitable part of email marketing. It helps you simplify, speed up, and optimize the entire process of lead generation. is one of the best options of all tools in the market today as it gives ample features and value for money. However, the ultimate decision should be made according to your unique business requirements.

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