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Top 7 Bulk Email Address Checker Solutions

Learn about what 7 of the top bulk emails checker solutions to look for in 2021.


In a bid to ensure that a secure line of communication for effectively creating a business-customer relationship is established, it is highly imperative for businesses to gather emails and build an email list. Most companies who rely on email marketing do not have to worry about just coming up with the killer conversion copy but also have to be first sure that they are actually reaching out to a person and of course a person who is interested in what they have to offer otherwise, the whole exercise is a mere waste of time.

In doing this, however, different errors occur in the process of collecting the emails. Sometimes incorrect emails, deleted emails, and emails that could be harmful to the entire database can be submitted. Furthermore, the fact that other organizations and marketers tend to scrape the net for emails using different tools whose quality is not very assured is also another source of concern as pertaining to errors. This implies that although there might be a long list of emails in your database, it doesn’t actually translate to the reality that when you send an email outreach to those emails, you are actually reaching out to meaningful individuals.

Hence, it is highly imperative to screen and verify the authenticity of the submitted emails before adding them to the email list in the database to ensure that only emails that are valid and deliverable are added to the email list. The process of doing this can be tagged email verification. More importantly, it is even more expedient that the emails can be checked, screened, and verified in their large numbers; in bulk.

Bulk support refers to services that help to facilitate this screening process. It is a service hosted by software and involves a detailed analysis of emails to determine which ones are valid or deliverable and these are being uploaded to a particular list where the company’s email campaigns are sent.

bulk email checker

Considering the fact that the need to have a bulk email verifier increases by the day, there’s a growing list of bulk email checkers in the market and of course, as expected, there are going to be a lot of stand-out performers of tools that actually efficiently verify email lists accurately as well as a lot of other tools that are a complete knock-off of what an ideal bulk email checker should be. What this means is that for users who need this tool, it becomes quite a dicey task to know the best bulk email checker to choose and make use of.

In this blog, we’ll be taking a quick look at 7 of some of the stand-out bulk email checkers for marketers, salespersons, and recruitment officers to really consider come 2021. We expect this article to serve as a guide of some sort as we have taken expert advice as regards the quality of this tool as well as first-hand user reviews before coming up with this list.

7 Top Bulk Email Address Checker Solutions in 2021

Here are the top 7 stand-out bulk email checkers for marketers, salespersons, and recruitment officers:

This is one of the best email checker services around. It allows businesses and organizations both to search for the emails of people who are likely interested in that business to verify their addresses and hence connect with them for the purpose of business growth.

This software lets you find, verify and connect with customers in a very short period of time thus enabling companies and organizations to generate and keep up with leads for the purpose of business growth; exactly like the Fortune 500 companies.

Find Anyone's Email on the Web in Seconds

Alongside this functionality, the tool affords you awesome validation and reporting features as well as a powerful email search.

With just the first and last name of the target, domain name, or business name, just about any email can be found as well as the authenticity can be verified. The whole functionalities embedded in this tool can be used to enhance lead generation and improve confidence scores.


This is an email checker solution that requires anyone who wishes to check the authenticity of a list of emails to merely upload a list of the emails in either text or CSV format to identify invalid email addresses. It carries out this functionality using an API.

mailbox validator

This tool addresses the issue of reducing the bounce rate and cost head-on. It strives to increase the conversion rate as well as the sender's reputation by connecting to the mail server and checking whether the mailbox exists or not. It seeks out invalid and risky email addresses that are not deliverable amongst a list of emails.

MailboxValidator generates immediate results which are returned in either JSON or XML formats for email validation. This result is of course carried out by the MailboxValidator API which allows for seamless integration with other system organizational apps.

Invalidating emails, the tool ensures that the email address conforms to a standard format or syntax while also validating right from the mail server records if in truth the email does exist in the DNS servers. Being a step smarter, the tool also checks to see if the mail server uses spam traps as a honeypot.

While allowing a free bulk trial plan with 100 credits, the MailboxValidator ensures that after sweeping through a list of emails, the emails which emerge as valid at the end of the day are indeed valid using a whole variety of mechanisms.


Verifalia protects the database of an organization from spam attacks, and fake emails using their custom-made APIs. These APIs provide about 25 free email validation in various apps. This Tweet By Verifalia enjoins businesses to reduce email bounces and make sure to ensure that your marketing reaches the box of users.

Verifalia comes straight as an email cleaning service and real-time email verification service which boasts of over 35,000 customers. The platform focuses on the core values of an ideal email cleaning and verification service in that its activities and algorithm are geared toward keeping the mailing list of its clients clean as well as protecting their sender's reputation and reducing the bounce rate while also helping to keep the critical emails out of your client’s junk folder.

All invalid emails are easily fished out. Spam trolls, role accounts, disposable email accounts, and catch-all servers are not left out at all in the whole cleaning process. Verifalia makes sure that at the end of the day, only deliverable and valid emails are left in the database.

This platform also provides real-time email verification enabled via API to ensure that invalid emails are prevented from entering the database in the first place. Fake signups and spam attacks are also prevented so as to help safeguard all premium content that might be previously available on the database or that users intend to make available to genuine individuals on that mailing list.

This checker makes it a major aim to ensure that bounce, spam-trap, disposable, and deactivated, emails do not affect an organization’s sending reputation. This Tweet illustrates the fact that you need to find who is behind an email, to send targeted and personalized emails which is what strives tirelessly to achieve for its users.

With a very simple and intuitive user interface, and a fast result production rate, what’s not to love about In 2021, it is sure to experience another increase in the rate of users as most other individuals are beginning to see the various advantages that come with using this tool.

The tool makes it very easy for users to upload and validate lists of email addresses for a quick sweep in a period of time during which the tool will detect invalid, spammy, or non-operational email addresses, while also ensuring that genuine individuals on that mailing list do not get any unsolicited mail during the validation process; something that cannot be guarantee by a lot of other bulk email verifier tools.

As a sort of bonus, the tool supports a seamless integration with a host of other system tools thus helping to automate the importation of contacts and mails and consequently keeping the list continuously clean.


With just $0.004 per mail, Neverbounce allows users to process as many as about 250000 emails at a 10% discount. They specialize in real-time verification and email cleaning services.

Never bounce continuously trying to emphasize the effectiveness of email marketing in this Tweet states that emails need to be more engaging. This points to the fact that they go above and beyond to help email marketers fulfil their marketing aims and objectives. They understand that bulk email verification is merely a means to an end of establishing close and personal relationships with clients, customers, and whatsoever category of people exists on that list. Having realized this, Neverbounce ensures to help throughout the whole process.

Never bounce claims that an email address is the first line of communication with a customer. Make sure you reach them. To corroborate what Neverbounce claims they stand for, quite a lot of users have testified that it is so easy to use, super helpful, and better than most other tools that they have been using before.

The tool helps to clean a mailing list, verify the identities of the email addresses on the list, and for automating the list cleaning process for the sole purpose of allowing organizations to get the most out of keeping an email list in the first place.


Easy, Fast & Cheap is Truemail’s signature. It is a very wonderful E-mail checker tool that helps to clean your mailing list and increase the deliverability rate up to 99%. The email address validation process was never so easy.

By allowing users to upload large files, synchronizing with whatsoever Customer relationship management tool in use by the user, and removing duplicate email addresses and custom downloads, goes above and beyond to keep the email list of any user clean and containing only actual valid and deliverable email of the exact set of people which a user intends to reach with their message.


It eliminates hard bounces, raises protection against fraud, reduces complaints, and increases the deliverability of emails by checking for validity and risk-freeness.

Xverify claims to be more than just a bulk email checker and more of a digital marketing tool in general. Trusted by quite a lot of companies who attest to the fact that Xverify does help their online marketers improve email deliverability by eliminating hard bounces, reducing spam complaints, and minimizing fraud.

The batch uploading feature of this tool is one of the most loved features as it helps to quickly and effectively clean up a large dataset using a great drag and drop uploader; easy and quick!.


It is very important to build a list of emails with an email finder in order to continuously communicate with the customer community. In fact, email marketing is entirely based on the ability to get across to as many people as possible via email ensuring they get the intended message and of course act accordingly for the purpose of driving sales and engagements.

Checking the validity of the emails collected is very important to avoid storing up emails that are risky to the database as well as wasting time, effort and other resources in sending emails to fake or deleted emails.

This blog covered 7 of the best email checker solutions that help to screen these emails and are doing excellently well in the market. We suggest you use the best email verifier service offered by

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