What are the Top 10 Email Hunter Tools?

Email hunting is the best way to find new leads, you use email hunter tools to find the right email address and deliver your message to the right person.

Whether you're looking to market your business, sell your product or just spread the word, contact data is one of the most important things in modern business.

Email hunter is a tool that makes it possible to find personal, and business email addresses on different websites. These are also available as chrome extensions that search for the email addresses of prospects that are available on major social media and professional platforms within minutes. Email hunter tool that can find anyone's email address by a personal name, domain name or, company name.

Top 10 Email Hunter Tools:

1. Finder.io

Finder is revolutionizing the way businesses search for, capture, and verify email addresses. Finder.io was built to serve this purpose with a smart bulk email verifier that gets you to access over 396 million corporate and enterprise contacts. The search allows you to get any information related to an email address including name, title, company, phone number, social media links along with other useful details. It allows users to make their businesses more efficient, profitable, and successful by opting for higher conversion rates and increased productivity.

2. Hunter.io

Hunter.io is a tool designed to help executives and marketers find contact information associated with a domain. It is also known as the email hunter, an email search and verification tool for the dissemination of mass tasks and lead generation activities that are used by marketers to find contact information for related domains. Hunter.io has a tool to find and verify e-mails for business e-mail addresses used in B2B e-mail campaigns.

3. SellHack

With SellHack, you can find up to 100 leads in less than 5 minutes and create a brochure list with verified contact information, including email addresses and telephone numbers. Selleck can hunt emails, create a list of verified emails and make sure you have fresh, targeted contacts in your email sequence. SellHack cleans up your data and adds valid emails to your incomplete contact information. You can use SellHack to find people's email addresses and send them short and sweet email sequences using email tools like Mailsend.

4. VoilaNorbert

Email prospecting and verification tools can help to avoid this for two reasons. In our guide, learn how to use the name of an online tool to automate the process of finding and verifying email contacts for your cold reach needs. Voila, Norbert allows you to find and create your e-mail brochure list. VoilaNorbert is an affordable email verification tool for digital marketers. It will help you to find the correct e-mail address for the person you want to contact by e-mail and verify the details of the e-mail address you have. Voilanorbert not only helps you to find your future e-mail address but also offers e-mail verification and data enrichment. If they can't find the exact address or domain in the search, they can guess the email pattern of the target company. Voilanorbert Prospects is a tool that allows you to find e-mail addresses and domains.

5. Lusha

Lusha's Chrome extension allows customers to add more contact information and export additional details to other platforms such as LinkedIn and Gmail. In this way, contact lists created with Lusha Tech can be migrated to any other platform with just a few clicks. Lusha not only enables you to identify and interact with qualified leads but also to gather detailed information from the web, B2B, and social media contacts, thereby optimizing your public relations and helping you turn cold leads into loyal customers. With email hunter, you can collect precise contact information with just one click of the button, which gradually saves you from collecting and verifying emails or phone numbers.

6. Rocketreach

RocketReach is one of the most accurate email hunter tools out there, saving users time and perspectives. It is a handy tool to find email addresses within a corporate domain or to search for specific people via email. However, I am skeptical about the use of this method, as I am not sure how it will succeed.

RocketReach returns email and social links to at least 85% of your prospects. RocketReach gives you links to your social media profiles for search contacts. For at least 8.5% of them, emails and/or social links are returned.

7. Anymailfinder

An email hunter tool that allows you to find leads, verify contacts, track the progress of your leads and automate Cold Outreach. AnyMailFinder can be used to find the email address of anyone when entering their name and domain name. It charges per verified e-mail address, offers mass searches, and you can upload documents listing the domain name and name of the specialist you are looking for.

8. Uplead

Uplead is an email hunter that allows you to find all email addresses on any domain in a matter of minutes. Our bulk domain search option is handy if you want to explore up to 20,000 domains at a time. Uplead will help you to target the right audience for your business because it allows you to specify custom lists to target by industry, geography, and profession.

9. GetProspect

GetProspect is a SaaS-based email finding tool that searches LinkedIn for email addresses. GetProspect and is a LinkedIn email hunter that allows you to enter your search criteria, and Getprospect email extractor provides a list of names, company emails, positions, LinkedIn profiles, URLs, company names, industry websites, and more. While most of the leading email hunter tools allow for a search for emails, GetProspect allows you to get as usual all the information about the company that the person works for or owns. Another option that the platform offers users is the ability to export and extract e-mail and other information into a .xls file.

10. Snov.io

Snov.io is an email hunter that offers individual and bulk searches by name, domain, Twitter profile, LinkedIn profile, location, company profile, e-mail found on different social media platforms or search results, etc.

Using Snov.io you can find emails by company profiles, URLs, on different social media and search engines by using a Chrome extension or a web app. But there’s more to it! Snov.io offers both individual and bulk searches, an inbuilt Email Verifier with up to 2,000 verified email addresses included for free or paid plans where you can send up to 5,000 email messages for verification.

Why Email Hunter by 500apps?

There are many email hunter and verifier tools available within the market but there’s not even one that's better than Finder.io by 500apps. the explanations behind Finder.io being the best email finder are:

An incredible 99.9% uptime makes Finder.io very reliable. A database of almost a 400million email addresses makes Finder.io one of the largest lead sources within the world. Find and Verify unlimited emails - there are not any daily, weekly, or monthly limits which will restrict you to find/verify any limited number of emails or spend more to buy credits. The domain search feature offers you to extract all the emails from any domain, without posing for any additional information except for the domain name. One app does it all - Helps you discover emails, verify them, create reports, run company searches, bulk verification, domain searches, and even allows you to export email lists to CRM.

Find email contacts that interest your company. Find verified email-related experts and social networking accounts to build a solid lead list with high delivery and open rates.

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