What are the Best Email Checker Tools?

Verifying the email address is a tedious task, but it is necessary for a successful email campaign.

For any business to be successful it needs a way of communicating and reaching out to potential and existing customers. One of the most important components in this is email and for any business to communicate successfully through email, they must use an email checker tool.

How to check if an Email Address is valid?

A great way to prevent mistakes is to create a list of email addresses that you've verified and send it to your team every time you use an email address from that list. In addition, always look out for spoofed emails that will try to hijack your business contacts.

Email checker is a web-based tool that helps businesses to validate email addresses. It's possible to see the tools sorting capability, which is useful for checking syntax and also detects suspicious emails. The tool also lists all found emails and those which are not found. The tool is very simple to use and the installation is quick and easy, as well as the configuration.

The 7 Best Email Checkers for Verifying Email Addresses

1. Finder.io

Finder.io is a powerful email checker that scours the web and performs validations at multiple levels. It helps you boost your sales process with qualified and verified leads from your target companies. Finder was developed by 500 apps, Finder.io is now one among the highest five lead sources within the world with quite 396 million emails in its database. With a full subscription to Finder, you'll find or look for email addresses of people or corporate organizations with whom you share similar ideals.

With Finder, you'll be able to import email addresses from other third parties applications like google drive, one drive, dropbox and verify them at a go. It also has a complicated domain search feature to seek out emails in bulk. it's interesting to understand that the majority of the websites and applications listed below don't give accurate verification for disposable email addresses with the yahoo domain, apart from Finder.io, which is extremely reliable and precise in this regard.

2. NeverBounce

NeverBounce provides real-time email verification and email cleaning services. It can be integrated for single email verification as well as bulk email verification. NeverBounce performs validation for emails from small businesses, large businesses or from all popular providers from any part of the world. It also provides API, JavaScript Widget, Webhook, and Dashboard to verify a single email.

3. ZeroBounce

ZeroBounce is an email list cleaning service helping businesses to realize great email deliverability. The system detects bounces, spam traps, fake and abuse emails, thus ensuring email lists are accurate and up-to-date.

ZeroBounce helps to create a far better sender reputation, and this is often the key for getting emails within the subscribers’ inboxes. Furthermore, the company’s email rating system, ZeroBounce, offers in-depth feedback on catch-all emails and overall email activity levels.

4. Clearout

Clearout detects bad emails in several ways. It removes duplicate emails, the dots from emails, temporary emails and sub-accounts. It also identifies and removes spam traps, emails, with hard bounces, and emails from blacklisted domains. It allows you to upload lists of up to 1 million emails at a time for bulk verifications. Clearout has two pricing plans – pay as you go and subscription. You save 30% if you go with an annual subscription, from $24.50/month for 5,000 credits.

5. Mailfloss

Mailfloss is a simple email verification tool that integrates with a large number of email marketing service providers and allows you to verify your email list in bulk. It's focused on automating the process of email verification, so you can focus on your business. It supports a wide variety of email providers such as MailChimp, Drip, ConvertKit, Sendinblue, Mailerlite, and more.

6. Bouncer

Bouncer provides a strong and accurate email list verification and email validation. it'll protect your sender’s reputation and improve your inbox placement by removing invalid emails from your list and by reducing your bounce rate! The bouncer is easy-to-use but a powerful platform, where you'll verify your lists in 3 simple steps or quickly check one email.

7. Bounceless

Bounceless.io is an online email checker that provides an API for validating the incoming email address. It will be real-time validation. It can also perform email list verification. It verifies the email without sending the message. The API is used to validate the address of the recipient. You can use it to make sure that your subscribers are authentic. If you want to use this API, make an account. And, to activate the API using the following command: API_KEY This is an online email tester that provides an API for validating the incoming email address. It will be real-time validation. It can also perform email list verification. It verifies the email without sending the message.


I hope that this article has given you an idea of what to look for in a third-party email verification tool. Remember, if you want to maximize your return on investment, it's important to choose the right email checker solution- one that will help you promote your app, protect your inbox and increase your response rates.

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