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Guide to Choose the Best Online Email Checker

How does a valid email become invalid? 30% of email users change their addresses every year, and if you don’t stay in touch with your clients, there is a possibility that their addresses have been changed without your knowledge


Pigeons, messenger hawks, smoke signals, and now the internet. Humanity has consistently improved her means of communication from the stone age to the digital era. Hence, as a functional member of the new world order having unfettered access to an email checker that will help screen your email list and prevent you from wasting time on spams is not a luxury, but a necessity.

A good email checker separates mails into two broad classifications, viz; valid and invalids. What we refer to as an invalid mail includes but is not limited to fake, deleted, or outdated emails. These emails can lead to a high percentage of bounce rates. An acceptable rate is less than 5% and anything greater than that constitutes cause for concern.

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How does a valid email become invalid? 30% of email users change their addresses every year, and if you don’t stay in touch with your clients, there is a possibility that their addresses have been changed without your knowledge. Another factor that increases bounce rates is fake addresses. Many internet users have been known to input fake addresses on online forms for rewards.

Also, practicing list bombing is frowned upon. It happens when a web bot randomly fills out web forms with addresses from various places on the internet, and emails that have not been verified or validated.

A bounced email is an email that can’t be delivered and is consequently returned to the sender. It contains information on why the mail couldn’t be sent. There are two types of bounce emails, namely; hard and soft bounce emails. When a sent email has a soft bounce, it can be sent again. The reasons for soft bounces are not invalid addresses but reasons like a full mailbox of the recipient or the temporary server unavailability.

A hard bounce is caused by email addresses that are unreachable and cannot be sent again. It should be noted that repeated hard bounces can trigger security bots which will in turn blacklist the server where these bounces originate.

What Is an Email Checker?

An email checker ensures that email lists are delivered to valid email addresses. Users of this platform upload their email lists and the addresses will be verified on said platform. These email checkers can be apps or web extensions that can recognize valid email addresses and domains. Others can check an address with service providers to see if it exists.

What is Email Checker

With these methods, users should be able to receive the results of their verification process and have a clean list of verified email addresses. These email checker platforms can be used by businesses and marketing agencies to improve the deliverability of emails, user engagement, and ROI.

When an email list is verified, bounce rates would be significantly reduced, reducing the risk of your IP being blacklisted.

Top Features to Look For in an Email Checker

What is Email Checker

Look for the following features in an email checker and you're good to go:

  • Syntax Check: All valid mail addresses follow a set pattern made by the RFC (Request for Comments) and Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). All emails should look like- So, any email checker you use must be able to identify emails that do not conform to this standard and eliminate them from your mailing list.

  • Detection Of Address Name: An email checker should be able to flag address names that are suspicious as they increase bounce rates. The checker should also be able to detect DEAs (Disposable Email Addresses that were temporarily created for signups and to avoid spam)

  • Detection Of Spam Traps: Spam traps are email addresses created by internet service providers as a tool for fraud management. These addresses are used as spam identification, so if marketing ads are sent to these email addresses, they will be blacklisted as spam. A proper email checker not only helps to identify these spam traps, it removes them from your email list.

  • Active Mailbox Detection: An email checker should be able to send ping requests to the server an email address is on to confirm if it is active. Once the ping request gets a reply, then the mailbox is active and validated.

  • Lookup Of MX Records: Mail Exchange records are resource records embedded within the Domain Name System that shows which servers accept mails from a domain and those that do not. Email checkers use this feature for domain validation and identification.

  • Abuse Email List Checker: This is a feature that identifies email users that mark campaign emails as spam. As you want to maximize engagement, your email Checker removes abuse emails from your list.

  • Chrome Extension: Email checkers verify contact information from Google, LinkedIn and Crunchbase.

  • Catch-All Domain Checker: An email validator should be able to identify catch-all domains which return valid for all sorts of emails. Catch-all domains are meant for forwarding messages only, as soon as emails are sent into a catch-all, they are instantly sent somewhere else.

Find Anyone's Email on the Web in Seconds

  • Email Deduplication: Email verifiers should be able to verify duplicate emails and eliminate them accordingly.

  • Temporary Email Detection: Some emails disappear after a short period and email validators are meant to have this feature to eliminate them from your email campaign lists.

  • Dead Email Providers: An email will bounce if its service provider is dead, making the email addresses they provide invalid.

Other features include spam complaint reduction, protection of reputation, better ROI, and avoiding blacklists.
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Email checkers are important for marketing agencies that have to send campaigns to their customers. When choosing an email checker for your business, they should have most of the features listed above for better efficiency and reduction of bounce rates.

Opening your mail without an email checker is like looking for sunken treasure without the exact coordinates; sometimes you see fish, other times you find treasure. Get an email checker today, you’ll know where to look before you leap, or more accurately click.

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