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email finder

Email Finder

Connect with decision makers from your target company with nothing but their name and the company URL. With bulk email finder, import a list of names from a company and find all at once.

email finder
bulk email finder

Bulk email finder

Find email addresses in bulk by uploading multiple first and last names and domain names through a spreadsheet or a CSV file.

easy exporting

Easy exporting

Search for an email address for a specific person at any organization and know where to send your important communication emails.

connect with target audience

Connect with target audience

Find email addresses to connect with people that matters to your business.

lead mining

Lead mining

Retrieve information of potential leads and connect with them using email IDs.

create lists

Create lists

Make a list of all valid email addresses and integrate them into yout campaigns to engage them with confidence.

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Domain Search

Find email addresses of the decision-makers within the company you’re targeting with domain name. Instantly access publicly available company email addresses you need to connect with email checker.

domain search
who-to contact

Who-to contact

Start with just the URL or company name to uncover the decision-makers within the company. Knowing who to contact can make all the difference.

find prospects

Find prospects

Find potential clients at the speed of light and connect with them faster.

bulk domain lookup

Bulk domain lookup

Upload domain names in bulk to get all relevant business email IDs.

easy exporting

Easy exporting

Export all email IDs in a CSV file to create email list or upload to your campaigns.

find companies

Find companies

Find company details such as key people, revenue in seconds.

top 5 contact lists

Top 5 contact lists

See the top 5 high-quality verified email lists and incorporate them into your email campaigns.

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Email Verifier

Verify the authenticity of any email address with the powerful email verifier. Whether you're searching for one or a full list of decision makers, the status of each email is easily accessible with email verifier

email verifier
verify emails ids on the go

Verify emails IDs on the go

Use the Chrome extension to verify email IDs on the go.

qualified leads

Qualified leads

Ensure that the email addresses are valid and that they belong to the prospect company. helps qualify each lead instantaneously.

bulk email verifier

Bulk email verifier

Verify email addresses in bulk by uploading multiple email addresses through a spreadsheet or a CSV file.

add to list

Add to list

Make a list of verified email IDs and send emails with confidence.

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Email Reports

Take your lead generation to the next level by making informed decisions and improving the lead mining game.

email reports
insightful reports

Insightful reports

Get in-depth reports on email searched and verified to make informed decision.

search history

Search history

See what searches you attempted previously and use it again if need arises.

graphical view

Graphical view

View all your activities in a visually appealing manner to provide a quick overview.

simple list view

Simple list view

Get all your information in a list view for better visibility.

export list

Export list

Export the list of all verified email IDs and and download it in CSV to keep a record and use it anytime.

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