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Hunt For Emails On The Go With An Email Finder Chrome Extension

Emails are an interesting way to reach people. Many organizations use this contact information to convert their prospects and provide valuable information about their brand. But did you know that some of these companies actively scout and hunt for customer information? Before working on them, they use special tools to scan the internet and identify possible prospects.


To contact your prospects online, the first thing to do is find their email addresses. Unfortunately, it’s quite tough to find and save the valid email addresses of people from the internet. Are you wondering how you can also get individual email addresses from the internet? Yes, you can achieve some level of success by using chrome extensions. In this blog, we’ll take a look at some of the most powerful Chrome extensions that can help you out.

email finder chrome extension

Top Email Finder Chrome Extension Tools

Following are some top chrome extension tools that will help you to find emails: is another impressive chrome extension that runs and can find email addresses. The tool is quite easy to use. As you browse the internet and go through links, it automatically picks up email addresses. It will instantly find email addresses and contact info you need within a short period. This tool works effectively to scan through domains, URLs, and articles. is designed to help you establish faster and smoother communication with potential clients. You’ll have their contact info in a matter of seconds.

email finder extension

Asides from helping you identify email addresses on websites, this innovative chrome extension is also capable of LinkedIn mining, email verification, domain search, company search, and so on. is easy to use and will help you group your prospects’ email addresses into convenient categories. is one of the most powerful and popular email finder tools on the internet. This tool is renowned for having a feature-rich website and is quite easy to use, customize and navigate. As the name suggests, can help you narrow down and identify valid email addresses of almost anyone. Yes, you place any prospect of your choice from the tool’s database of nearly 100 million email addresses.

When browsing any website, you can quickly find and identify any email addresses associated with the domain. It’s a fairly simple process, and all you have to do is click on the extension icon. will scan through the website and compile a list of all the email addresses. Then, you can quickly save these addresses to your list of prospects. What’s even better? This extension can provide you with detailed information on any individual. It may even scan their LinkedIn profile.

If you’ve recently read an article on the internet and intend to contact the author, this extension can help you with their email address. There are some instances when will also help you pull out the prospect’s phone number. Furthermore, this extension can help you categorize and filter the addresses you’ve found. It lets you group them into management, sales, and marketing categories.

A great thing about using is that it keeps you in the loop and constantly informs you of the sources where it found the email addresses. Unfortunately, has a fairly expensive paid plan with high-end features. However, most people or small businesses are satisfied with using the free program.


AeroLeads is another powerful chrome extension. This tool is designed to facilitate your email searches, making them faster and more accurate. It can help you pull out email addresses from notable websites such as Crunchbase, Sales Navigator, LinkedIn, and so on.

When you have been able to locate a person’s email address, you can also open their LinkedIn or Crunchbase profile (if available) and pick out any other information you need. As its name suggests, AeroLeads will collate all the information you need in a single place and create a list of your prospects. All the information you have saved can be identified on the Prospect tab and an authenticity score that helps you verify the identity of the contact information.

AeroLeads doesn’t let you search for email addresses on any particular domain, but the email finder tool is powerful and can help you find any email address. In addition, users can subscribe to the free plan or the three paid methods found on the wing. Note that the extension will create a separate window for itself when opened.


FindthatLead is also known as The Yellow Pages of Email, is another worthy list. This chrome extension has the best features of top email finders on this list. It has tools for bulk email finding, verification, and multi-level integration with other apps. As a result, you can work smoother and faster.


FindthatLead chrome extension is designed to search for valid email addresses on social media. This tool will also display a confidence score on any email address it finds and verifies. If you intend to search for email addresses on URLs and domains, you will need to log on to FindthatLead’s website.


This chrome extension is a completely free chrome extension that can let you search for a person’s email address by simply searching for their name. What makes Name2Email stand out is locating email addresses directly from the Gmail app.

To locate the person’s valid email address, input “First Name Last Name @ Company” and search. You’ll instantly get a list of possible email addresses. The correct email would be the one with the person’s authentic personal information or image. Due to its free nature, this tool comes with some limitations. For example, Name2Email isn’t useful for bulk-finding email addresses from the internet.


Finally, we’ve gotten to the end of this piece. By now, you’re familiar with the importance of email addresses for lead generation and prospecting. Hunting for email addresses doesn’t have to be a hassle. If you’re interested in pursuing email addresses on the internet, these tools can make things easier. All you have to do is pick whichever of the options above best suits your needs. We suggest as the best solution for email finder chrome extension.

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