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Top 19 Email Finder Extensions

Email marketing efforts have to inevitably be augmented by an effective and reliable email list with valid IDs of relevant decision makers in business. A long list of irrelevant and incorrect email IDs will never help improve your conversions, which is why you need to make use of email finder and email verifier tools with browser extensions for your business. Read this blog to find out 19 of the best email finder Chrome extensions to check in 2022.


Email marketing is a powerful marketing channel for sure. However, in order for it to work and unleash all of its much raved about benefits, there is a certain prerequisite a good quality list of potential leads. Building a list of valid emails is one of the most challenging aspects of email marketing. Not just because of the strategic efforts involved in lead capturing and inducing visitors to fill out their contact information but also because of the cumbersome process of finding and validating accurate email IDs.

Lead generation as a whole is essentially all about finding the right email IDs. It is when targeted emails are created and sent to the right people with the right email IDs that the full power of email marketing is realized. And by right email ID, doesn’t just mean ensuring a valid address for deliverability, but it is also about directing emails to the right decision-makers within a company.

This is why it is extremely important to have the right email IDs. Sending emails to the wrong IDs and the wrong people can immensely affect click-through rates, open rates and of course deliverability, ultimately standing the risk of being tagged as a spammer. As a matter of fact, pursuing the wrong person within an organization is not only a waste of time but is a potential dead-end in terms of conversion.

“ Email is a push channel, so we need to push it to work harder" - Kath Pay

For all these reasons and more, it has become inevitable for companies to use email finder tools for effective lead generation. They provide dedicated features to help companies find valid and accurate email IDs of the right people in a company, allowing you to get the right point of contact for maximum effectiveness. These solutions also typically come with email finder extensions in browsers like Chrome with which companies can find and verify bull blown lists of all email IDs associated with a company.

What is an Email Finder Extension?

In simple terms, an email finder is an online tool that helps you find valid and accurate email IDs of important people within a company. It provides features to upload basic contact information of individuals and companies in bulk and returns a list of accurate email IDs with which you can directly contact your leads.

Apart from email finding, they also provide other carefully designed features like email verifier tools, domain search tools and analytics to help you further in your lead generation activities. For convenience and ease of use, most solutions come with email finder extensions as well to boost efficiency.

Find Anyone's Email on the Web in Seconds is one such feature-packed email finder solution that offers efficient tools to determine the accurate email IDs of the right people in a company. It lets you feed in either the first names or the last names or the domain names of potential leads in bulk, and returns 100% verified valid email IDs ready for you to contact.

It also comes with an email finder Chrome extension that lets you find and validate all associated email IDs of the company websites that you visit. You can either use the web app or the extension tool to find emails on the fly.

Important Features to Look For in an Email Finder Software

When it comes to email finder software or even email finder extensions, there are a million options out there in the market today. You need to narrow down your options and choose the best solution offering the best features.

Ramon Tonnaer, a Business Addresses Specialist in Amsterdam, talks about his top 15 recommendations in email finder tools of 2022 over here.

Other than that, here are a few of the most essential features to look for.

  • Bulk Email Finder
  • Lead Mining
  • Email Verifier
  • Email Reports
  • Integrations
  • Customization
  • Browser Extension

19 Email Finder Chrome Extensions to Check-in 2022

On that note here are the top 19 email finder chrome extensions to help narrow down your search. is one of the best most cost-effective email finders chrome extension available today. With its highly accurate tools meant specifically for bulk email finding, verification and domain search, it offers the best value for money, especially for small businesses. It allows you to upload large lists of first names or last names or simply the domain names of captured leads in CSV or spreadsheet file formats, and it returns an accurate list of email IDs belonging to the right decision-makers in the lead companies. Needless to say, it provides a Chrome extension to perform searches and checks on the go.

What is an email finder

It also offers features for email verification which lets you validate the authenticity of the emails collected ensuring maximum deliverability and minimizing bounce rates. Its domain search tool will let you pull out reliable contact information for managerial decision-makers within a company by simply feeding the domain name.

And lastly, it offers insightful analytics as well to help you implement data-driven improvements.

Hunter previously called Email hunter offers an excellent email finder extension and web app as part of its lead generation platform. It comes with an email verifier tool and a tracker for Gmail, and it lets you find accurate email addresses of relevant business professionals with just their first names or company websites. It allows for single as well as bulk searches and offers a freemium model with 50 free searches in a month.


Datanyze Insider

Datanyze Insider offers a unique feature wherein, using its email finder extension with browsers, you can simply highlight a person’s name as it appears online on any company website and it will return a set of valid email IDs for the name, highlighting the most likely one. Apart from that it also offers reliable email verifier features as well.

Find That Email

Find That Email

Find That Email offers one of the most accurate email finder extensions in the market. Popularly known as the “yellow pages” in terms of email, it provides 50 free searches and 100 verifications in a month, after which the paid plans start at just $29. It allows you to upload names or domains individually or in bulk and it returns valid email IDs of relevant people with an above 90% success rate.



HeadReach is one of the few email finder tools that allows you to search by the prospect’s name, company name, website and even job position. On feeding available prospect contact info, it returns authentic email IDs associated with the particular person as well as their social media profiles to enable a comprehensive approach. And it goes without saying that it also offers an email finder extension to search on the go.



Voila Norbert is a simple email finder extension tool and web app that is most known for its amazing user interface. It also offers unique features like platform integration and email enrichment that are guaranteed to boost ROI. It lets you upload prospect info individually or in bulk and returns email IDs based on names and company domains. It offers powerful integrations with tools like Zapier, SalesForce and Pipedrive as well, to further enhance your email marketing process.

Find Anyone's Email on the Web in Seconds



Lusha is yet another efficient email finder extension tool that is specifically designed for businesses looking for individual important decision-makers in a company. It is most popularly used to arrive at candidates over business generic business emails and it lets you upload info in bulk or individually. It not only returns email addresses but also phone numbers for seamless communication.

Anymail Finder

Anymail Finder offers one of the most affordable plans in email finder extension tools, starting at just £18 a month. It lets you upload prospect first names or company names or domain names individually or in bulk and it returns valid email IDs of relevant professionals with a one-click copy ability.



RocketReach seeks to be your “first degree connection” to any business professional. Its email finder extension allows you to find valid email IDs from over 50 domains or companies with a single click. For the same reason, it is a very popular and widely used tool by marketers the world over with 250 million professionals and 6 million companies in its clientele.


Clearbit Connect

Clearbit Connect is one of the few email finder tools that offers Gmail integration apart from a browser email finder extension. It allows you to look for email IDs of relevant business professionals right from the compose window of your email, and offers 40 free searches in a month, along with attractive paid plans.

Snovio is another comprehensive and all-encompassing tool that comes with an email finder extension and web application both of which allow you to find email IDs of important business professionals using first names, company names as well as designations. It comes with an email verifier tool to offer validation services on the go, apart from analytics to measure performance.



Kendo is another widely used email finder tool in the market today offering a web app and an email finder extension. It allows up to 50 free searches in a month along with a few affordable paid plans for you to choose from. Its browser extension lets you look up contacts directly from LinkedIn and returns email IDs in bulk or individually. It also offers unique features like Instagram look-ups, email enrichment and verification.



Discoverly offers a holistic view of contacts and business professionals on searching, not just email IDs. Its email finder extension allows you to upload basic prospect info like first name or company name and it returns complete social information associated with relevant individuals including their email ID, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter account info. It displays the info in a box on your email screen for maximum convenience as well.



Rapportive is yet another holistic information finder that gives you complete context related to your searches. It offers all of the relevant contact information in a convenient side box right inside your email screen. However, unlike other email finder extensions, it doesn’t strictly return email IDs. You can however use the info to find the right ID in your inbox.



Nymeria is an efficient and clean email finder tool that helps hunt for personal, social or professional contact information including email IDs. Its email finder extension allows you to find 100% valid email IDs for important decision-makers within your target company. You can upload prospect information in bulk or individually in CSV or XLS formats. A slight downside to this one though is that it doesn’t offer a free plan.



Overloop comes as part of a comprehensive automation platform and its email finder extension lets you cleanly extract accurate email addresses of relevant business professionals available online in a matter of seconds. It allows you to upload information in bulk or individually and offers an API that supports further integrations.



Skrapp is a hugely popular email finder extension and web tool that is used by some of the biggest names in the world including Oracle, Cisco and Siemens. Naturally, it offers unmatched trust and reliability in terms of finding accurate email IDs and it lets you build effective email lists fairly quickly.



Prophet lets you find not only email addresses, but also phone numbers and social profiles as well to enable seamless outreach. It comes with an email finder extension tool as well, that lets you verify email IDs on the fly, and also crawl company websites to find relevant people and their email addresses. It starts with a free plan of 15 credits a day, along with attractive paid plans.


Sell Hack

Sell Hack comes is a web app and email finder extension tool specifically designed for sales professionals. It comes with reliable features to clean lists, find emails and build more accurate and effective email lists. It offers a unique 12-step verification tool that is guaranteed to return the most accurate email addresses in real-time.

Bottom Line

The right email finder solution will be one that fits your entire organization’s needs as well as your team’s needs. Out of all of the above 19, you need to choose one that offers the best value for money with amazing features. At the same time, a reasonable price that is neither too high nor too low would be your best bet.

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