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11 Best Online Email Checker Tools In 2022

Email bounces occur when emails are not delivered to their addresses. There are different types of bounces depending on several factors which include technical errors, server problems, and full inbox or non-existent addresses.


Of all these problems, the most worrisome are those of invalid email addresses and outdated domains. These problems lead to hard bounces which result in your mails getting sent to spam and if that persists, your IP would be blacklisted.

What Is an Email Checker?

An Email Checker is a tool, app, Software or online service that verifies the authenticity of email addresses. They are also available as SaaS products that can be accessed anywhere at any time requiring only an internet connection.

11 Best Email Checker Tools In 2022

The benefits of using an email checker include:

  • Bounce rate reduction
  • Increases Engagement rates
  • Reduces Spam complaints
  • Catch-all mail servers’ identification
  • Fraud prevention

Online Email Checkers Tools in 2022

Here is a well-researched list of 11 online email checker tools in 2022:


Verifies emails in bulk accurately from one to thousands of emails. Increases productivity of the organization by separating email lists, and giving you the platform to gain access to them any time they are needed. Contains lead mining, chrome extension, CRM integration, and data enrichment.

This checker has a pricing of $49 per month with a reduction to $45 per month if you're paying for a year. would be preferred over others on this list for the following reasons: Integration with top CRMs, Chrome extensions to search for emails, over 30000 businesses and six data centers.

2. NeverBounce

They have a customer base of over 125,000 users and you can try it for free. They provide seamless API with instant bounce analysis and awesome support with secure servers. They provide volume discounts, flexible billing options, free duplications, credits and no hidden costs.

They also offer Pay-As-You-Go rates, starting from $0.008 for as much as 10,000 emails.

3. DeBounce

They offer Software that would detect faulty addresses and mailboxes. Also, they protect anyone on your list from unwarranted emails during validation. They minimize bouncing, detecting catch-all domains, helping eliminate syntax from emails, email verification, removing spam records, domain confirmation, and MTA validation.

There are no monthly payments and no upfront fees. They also offer volume discounts. There is the option of adding members of your team to one DeBounce account with the same number of credits being consumed.

It also uses MTA validation, checking with the Email Transfer agent for the MX record of the email address. On signed up, you get 100 free credits and a chance to check out their API capabilities.


It is being used by 3 million professionals and various top companies. They have over a hundred million addresses indexed, making their domain searches more effective. also offer efficient search filters and delivery checks. Additionally, they provide 25 free checks every month as well as a user-friendly interface.

They have different plans and pricing, with the starter plan paying $49 per month and $408 for a yearly plan. The benefits are 500 monthly searches and 1000 monthly verifications.


The award-winning email verifier has a customer base comprising over 150,000 companies with 750,000 leads verified daily. They have pricing of $33 per month with bonuses that include 1000 credits, 5000 unique recipients, and CRM functionality.

11 Best Email Checker Tools In 2022

These credits act as Payment plans that are used to find and Verify emails. The number of credits you’re charged depends on the tool you want to work with.

6. Verifalia

Been in existence since 2005, with over 35,000 loyal customers. They offer email validation using API, flexible pricing, real-time and batch email verification, deleting sensitive content as soon as it isn’t needed.

They charge €439 per annum with 6250 credits per day, offering firewall protection as an added bonus. There is the most popular plan which charges €176 per year but with 1250 credits daily and 100 users/browser apps. Verifalia has cheaper plans which are just €43 per year and 250 credits daily.

7. Email Checker

With a simple web interface, they are a reputable email validity checker. They do not have a monthly limit for API subscribers. If you exceed your monthly limit, there are on-site credits that can be used to gain access to their services.

They have bumper pricing for high-end businesses. These include $1,105 for a monthly subscription plan which gives 500,000 emails per month. There is the monthly plan of $1,530 which gives 1,000,000 emails per month. The highest plan for Email Checker is that which costs about $2875 per month.

8. Captain Verify

With over 15,000 companies enlisting their services, Captain Verify is another leading platform for email verification. They help clean your email lists by getting rid of deleted or fake emails, reducing hard bounces and spam traps, while improving deliverability.

However, they do not offer free trials. They provide a one-time payment of seven dollars per feature with no other plan accompanying it

9. ZeroBounce

This email verifier is best for bulk emails and real-time email verifications, sending marketing emails and newsletters. They offer 100 free email verification credits per month, spam traps, and abuse email detection. They also detect fake and temporary email accounts. Another benefit of using this platform is that they eliminate duplicate emails at no charge.

They have a PAYG plan that offers $16 for 2000 emails while a subscription starts at $15 a month

10. Xverify

Xverify was designed especially for digital marketing. It improves deliverability by minimizing fraud, reducing spam, and removal of hard bounces. It also provides auto-correction for incorrect emails and monitoring of IP blacklist. Other services include keeping invalid emails away from your database, and providing instant results which take less than a second. It offers 100 free verifications with pricing plans based on the number of verifications.

11. Clearout

They promise low bounce rates and high deliverability. They have a customer base of over 30,000 businesses and also Catch-all verification, validation of syntax, and greylisting verification.

They also provide auto-suggestion, blacklist, domain, and mailbox quota verification. About their pricing, they offer one-time and monthly subscriptions, with as little as $21 for 3,000 credits.


Companies recognize the need to send emails to their existing clients and prospective customers. But there is a need to reduce bounce rates. Rates greater than 2% should be a cause for worry. Nevertheless, the various email finder tools and platforms highlighted above can help combat this menace.

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