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7 Tips to Improve Lead Generation Using the Best Email Finder Software

The success of any organization depends on how they build customer relationships. Here are 7 ways to improve lead generation using email finder software.


"A website without conversion rate optimization is like a car with no wheels — it will take you nowhere." Jeremy Abel

More businesses need to spend more time with clients in their business-to-business (B2B) sales every day. Companies are perpetually on the lookout for new prospects and qualified leads to convert by face-to-face interactions, business soirees, and many more. However, since the pandemic, customers now have more time to burn. Still, they are reluctant to go back to the previous interaction, partly for health reasons and partly, for the need for more flexibility and convenience.

Therefore, businesses need to devise new ways of engaging their customers consistently without hurting their boundaries. As a business owner, you need to meet your customers where they are: online.

There are several ways to maintain a premium relationship with clients online, from social media platform interactions, advertisements, and email marketing. For maximum lead conversion, your salesperson must contribute meaningfully to conversations with customers—a role traditionally reserved for those in customer relationships.

Converting leads now transcends the sole responsibility of customer service agents; it is a role that all organization departments must partake in. Since salespersons are tasked with converting leads, they must utilize client-specific and industry-focused solutions to sell in this ever-growing digital market environment. If salespersons cannot do this individually, the organization must create an enabling environment by providing support.

For the sake of this blog, we will be discussing ways to obtain B2B lead conversions through email marketing.

How Email Finder Software Helps in B2B Lead Generation?

“It’s much easier to double your business by doubling your conversion rate than by doubling your traffic.”
- Jeff Eisenberg

B2B lead generation is the process of recognizing the perfect customers for your products or services, and then pulling them in to buy. It is the act of identifying and initiating an interest of potential customers. B2B lead generation is the first step every business must go through before making a sale.

In email marketing, businesses generate leads using email finder tools to create a database of customers interested in the organization's products or services. Once the software has identified the potential customers, then comes the interest initiation. The initiating interest stage is started by capturing the leads' information and feeding them into your sales funnels.

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Lead conversion is the process of moving a prospect one step further through your sales funnel. This is the initiating interest stage. The best email finder software enables you to do cold emails to your previously accrued list. Since they are already predisposed to your products and service, this feature is vital in converting B2B leads.

The importance of lead conversion cannot be overstated because it deals with revenue. Every business needs to make sales to survive this harsh and competitive digital marketing. Conversely, companies must understand the best way to negotiate the process since so many things can go wrong in a lead conversion procedure.

Seven Tips to Follow For Obtaining B2B Leads

Follow the mentioned tips for obtaining B2B leads:

1. Measure Outcome at Several Levels

It would help if you had a clearly defined sales funnel to get successful results from your B2B lead conversion strategies. It is best practice to know what you want before starting the conversion procedure. Each step of the sales funnel requires different tactics. Hence the need for a mapped-out sales funnel.

Here is how the measure the email lead conversion of your business. Once the sales funnel has been outlined, you can easily monitor the overall performance of your emails. Your sales reps must be able to measure the overall performance of your emails. Also, the organization can use statistics from their email address finder to build on content that is doing well and remove tactics that don't quickly gain traction.

The best email finder software offers performance metrics for each sale funnel stage to maximize the email lead conversion strategy.

2. Build High-Quality B2B Leads

Many businesses would instead buy a list of leads than build a list. They see this as a faster way of generating leads for their business. However, this tactic is like a farmer harvesting weeds along with his rice. It will require more stress sorting than actually processing the rice.

Without personalization, a bought list of leads would record a low email conversion turnout. Building up your list might seem tasking for an organization, but you are rolling your wheels towards getting quality leads that will get you more sales.

There is email extractor software that lets you build quality B2B leads in no time. The tool accepts several customizations from you to target domains, social media pages, websites, etc. All you need to do is point the software in the digital direction of your prospects and let it collate a database of high-quality B2B leads for your business in a short space of time.

3. Increase Interactions with B2B Leads

Before making a purchase, most B2B buyers spend more time researching. For B2B sales, the cycles are longer and more complicated, making it harder for you to make email lead conversions.

Seeking live conversations and interactions with leads will boost the conversion process. This can include offering your customers a walkthrough video—instead of directing them to your products immediately, scheduling voice calls or video calls, etc.

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It is easy for your prospects to forget one-directional forms of communication. That is why it is more effective to move closer to your leads with two-way interactions—wherever possible. Touching more intimate topics and issues will build trust, meaning more prospects will get converted to buy from you.

4. Push Content to the Market that Converts B2B Leads

B2B lead conversion aims to take advantage of customer interaction to get them to buy your products and services. If your contents offer a scattergun approach to converting customers, your prospect won't get recycled. They interact with your emails without knowing what else to do.

The content your team produces must be "conversion-oriented." The content should be tailored to focus on the problems clients face and give them the guidance to use your products or services to solve these problems.

Don't blindly create high-level content. If you want to get more sales from your content, confirm your buyers' search first.

In addition, for guaranteed email lead conversions, the team should set up the infrastructure for the content to be housed on the email landing pages.

Several email finder software helps you collate emails of leads. However, only the best email finder software can give you analytics of what problems your prospect has. So, you can tailor your content to solve the issues and ultimately get conversions.

5. Use Leadbots to Increase Customer Interaction

Finder, an email finder software, has helped several businesses convert more B2B leads and generate more revenue with a Leadbot. The Leadbot is an intelligent sales assistant or chatbot that collects and qualifies leads on your website. The tool captures the potential customer's attention and contacts them on time. With this bot, you automate the process and work only with leads who are ready to buy.

Using Leadbots would significantly increase your email lead conversions as it optimizes the customer onboarding process and slashes their response time down to an average of 3 minutes. Irrespective of how saturated your content is, your leads are likely not to find all they are looking for. Integrating Leadbots into landing pages complements your FAQ section and helps customers find whatever they want.

With Finder Leadbot, you can attend to customer queries, separate high-quality leads and hasten the decision-making conversations of prospects.

6. Create a Lead SLA

An SLA stands for Service Level Agreement. To increase your email lead conversions, we recommend that you put up an SLA team within your Salespeople. The SLA is simply a formal and agreed process between the sales and marketing teams to follow up on your email leads.

For example, immediately after a lead interacts with your CTAs or email attachments to make a request, the SLA responds ASAP and calls the prospect within 15 minutes. If the interaction happens after business hours, the team calls or responds to emails before 10 AM the following day. The sales team finalizes the conversion while the marketing team supplies the list of leads.

Email finder tools can automate this process by generating analytics of conversion leads almost immediately. Also, you can customize the Finder email grabber tool to send automated thank you emails to the lead.

Having an SLA team between your marketing and sales team help improve the alignment and efficiency of the two teams, which will lead to higher email lead conversion rates.

7. Automate Email Campaigns to Old Leads

It is a fact that it is impossible to convert all leads you connect with, even those inbound. It happens in business. The lead might be fake—which can be resolved by using email verifiers—or your sales team couldn't make that connection with them.

However, a lead is a lead, whether they are immediately converted or not. Not converting leads now does not mean they are worthless. You can still convert these old leads by putting an automated system in place to bring them back from the dead.

It would be best if you used an automated email sequence that emphasizes the problem your product solves. You might brush the pains and challenges they once experienced to restart the conversation with you again. If that doesn't work, we recommend that you keep sending them seldom emails. After all, a lead will always be a lead, if not immediately.

Which Software Can Help?

Initially, getting a prospect to buy a product or service is tricky. That is why there are many software in the market to help your business get revenue from B2B lead conversions.

Technology is a significant benefit to B2B lead conversions for most sales and marketing teams. Businesses can use online tools to increase email lead conversions significantly. It is, however, essential that you recognize the best tool on the market for your email marketing.

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As put by Alex LaHeem Mantis, @jumbowrench “Points are temporary, conversion rates and lead generation is eternal". As a business, you need to create the above benchmarks to obtain better B2B leads. Sort out the good from bad, create quality content, target good leads using email finder software, build reports and measure your conversion progress. Once the basics are done, you can then focus on fine tuning your strategy to convert email leads.

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