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The Easiest Way To Check Email Validity Online

Having a large email list with little click-through rate is equivalent to having a small list. You end up spending a lot of time and resources sending emails that do not convert. Therefore, there is a need to check for the validity of each email address on your list.

Your email marketing strategy's success depends on the number of your emails that reach an actual address. So, if you have a growing an email list, you might want to clean it. The process of email marketing is both complete and most effective when your emails are opened and you get conversions.

Having a large email list with little click-through rate is equivalent to having a small list. You end up spending a lot of time and resources sending emails that do not convert. Therefore, there is a need to check for the validity of each email address on your list.

Email address validity tools run through your email list and use a variety of checks to remove invalid and dangerous emails. This group of invalid emails includes spam traps, fake emails, duplicate addresses, misspelled emails, emails that return hard bounces, and addresses that aggressively add emails to spam.

Once these unwanted and unneeded emails have been removed, your clean list will be ready for your marketing and business requirements. In addition, this will guarantee a higher deliverability rate of your emails than before, and the reputation of your email's server is protected.

Here is How You Can Check Email Address Validity Online

Sending emails to an unhealthy email list will result in losses and potentially long-term detrimental effects on your business. You stand the risk of being blocklisted or falling into phishing or honeypot traps.

You can decide to use the manual approach of checking if an email address is valid. This can be done by sending a test email to the address. If the address is invalid or unknown, you will get a notification like 'Message not delivered' or 'Address not found.' However, this approach is both laborious and ineffective. If you have an extensive list, sending test emails to remove invalid addresses is exhausting. And, this does not remove the risk of falling into spam traps and addresses with a high hard bounce rate.

Check Email Address Validity Online

Therefore, the best chance of you having the cleanest list is using a digital tool. Online email validity tools check your list through a series of checkpoints, including checking for a valid local address, live domain, proper domain identifier, and many more.

Hence, to check your extensive list, all you need is to copy and paste the list to the tool or upload the file, whichever way works for your selected tool. Then click verify, sit back, and get your cleaned list delivered within minutes.


The digital space is replete with several email validation tools, and testing each to know which is the most effective is more strenuous. It is in your best interest to opt for a tool that guarantees a 99% deliverability rate, cleans your list within minutes, and is affordable. is an email verifying software built to perform As an organization specializing in developing business digital tools, tick all the boxes and email validating tools need in

The tool not only cleans your list, but you can also use to develop your mailing list by extracting emails from domains, company addresses and getting leads about any organization from LinkedIn. In addition, you can take advantage of our database of over half a billion B2B emails—which are updated monthly—to create a personalized email list for your business from scratch.

Why Use

Some of the things you can look forward to with using include:

1.Fast Delivery:

With just a click, you can use email validator and get a clean list within minutes.

2.Network Expansion

As earlier stated, you can get a brand-new email list by leveraging our robust B2B email addresses database. If you already have a mailing list, you can expand your network with The software employs advanced AI to ensure all your email contact details are adequate. This makes it easy for you to strengthen your business network without needing mediators.

3.Data Analysis

Each email address on your list is indexed; their contact details, biodata, and company networks are automatically optimized. This is integrated into reports to optimize tasks, campaigns, and projects. In addition, you can customize each of the reports and tailor them to fulfill metrics of your choosing.

4.Other Features

Other software features include an easy-to-use interface, 24/7 customer support, lead quantifier, graphical and list view, domain search, and many more. allows for integration into,,, 500sync,,,,,, etc.

5.Cost of offers two pricing plans in addition to a free trial. Once you have elapsed the free trial period, you can subscribe for the A LA CARTE $10/month/user pricing plan or the INFINITY SUITE $50/month/user plan. You can also take up our all-in-one combo offer, where you use over 30 of our software for $30 per month/user.

Comparison of With Other Popular Apps, in comparison to other popular software, has proven its weight in gold. For the sake of this article, we will compare how it does against several popular applications—, ZeroBounce, Clearout, FindThatLead, and MailboxValidator. vs Snov

Both software apps offer services that include bulk email verification, deduplication, domain check, email deliverability check, email list management, single email verification, syntax check, and technical support.

However, offers spam trap detection and can be used by individuals. Furthermore, offers a more affordable pricing plan. Subscription for plans is capped at $50/month/user, while Snov subscription plans can go as high as $734 per month. vs ZeroBounce

Both are highly efficient and offer bulk email verification, deduplication, single email verification, syntax check, spam trap detection, mail server validation, among others.

However, offers email deliverability check, email list management, ZeroBounce offers Dea-detection and catch-all server detection.

Comparison of vs Clearout

Both email verifying tools offer; bulk email verification, deduplication, domain check, email deliverability check, email list management, mail serve validation, spam trap detection, syntax check, 24/7 technical support, and SaaS/Web/Cloud deployment. covers individual customers and allow for single email verification; services Clearout do not offer vs FindThatLead

Both email verification tools offer single and bulk email verification, technical support, Web/Cloud deployment, and domain check.

However, Unlike FindThatLead, offers deduplication, email deliverability check, email list management, mail server validation, spam trap detection, and syntax check. Furthermore, FindThatLead pricing plans can go as high as $150 per month. vs. MailboxValidator

Both and MailboxValidator offer single and bulk email verification, domain check, email deliverability checks, mail server validation, spam trap detection, and syntax check.

Unlike MailboxValidator, offers deduplication and a more affordable subscription plan. MailboxValidator pricing plan can go as high as $339 per month.


Emails are your best method of outreach to leads and customers. Ensuring that each email ends up in a valid address guarantees you more conversion and profit. Email validator gives an added layer of confirmation that the mail reaches the right prospect.

A small list that guarantees that your emails arrive in the inbox of valid addresses is better than a more extensive list that doesn't guarantee a destination. With, you can have a comprehensive list with the confidence that your emails will arrive safely at valid addresses.


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