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Top 10 LinkedIn Email Finder Tools to Look For in 2022

LinkedIn has grown into a major platform to identify talent and expand the individual network. It is also a great marketplace for marketers to identify prospects who are looking for various business solutions. But to reach out to these prospects, organizations must use the perfect LinkedIn email finder.


Business owners worldwide utilize various platforms to grow their networks and expand their enterprises. However, they frequently overlook LinkedIn, the world's largest professional network. It is the best professional network, with over 433 million users from 200 countries worldwide. As a result, companies must use this platform to build new relationships, generate prospects, and enhance brand awareness.

LinkedIn is essential for expanding businesses. Whether an organization is small or large, it has to broaden its reach and develop new contacts to remain ahead of the competition. As a result, companies must leverage this social network to attract B2B marketers.

The platform has extensive reach over organizations and personnel of different stature. If properly used, the platform assists in attaining prospect lists. However, it is important to find the right Linkedin email finder.

Brief Introduction to LinkedIn Email Finder

What is Linkedin Email Finder

Consider having the ideal cold email at your disposal but not knowing whether the email address you have on file is correct. Consider creating a large prospect list and having a high bounce rate. Wouldn't that be aggravating? Fortunately, Linkedin email finder programs exist and are here to help. A LinkedIn email finder tool may help you hunt up your prospects' email addresses with over 99 percent accuracy.

How Are LinkedIn Leads Better than Any Other Platform?

Read on to know more about why LinkedIn leads have a supremacy over any other lead:

Active User Base

LinkedIn has approximately 500 million overall members, with more than half of them regularly using the site every month. That implies there are a lot of prospective decision-makers to interact with on a regular basis.

Furthermore, more than 20% of LinkedIn users can make purchasing choices for their organizations. That equates to at least 61 million senior-level influencers and 40 million decision-makers with whom you may interact. It is also the most popular social networking platform among Fortune 500 organizations, so chances are your target demographic is already using it. Hence, Linkedin email finder tools when handled correctly can easily help organizations to build a robust custom base.

More Leads For a Lower Cost

There are ways to get LinkedIn leads for free along with using Linkedin email finder, but even if you choose a paid technique, you might save a lot of money compared to running a similar ad campaign on a social networking site or search engine.

HubSpot analyzed all of its customers' LinkedIn Sponsored Content results and discovered that, while the advertisements have a higher cost-per-click than Google Ads, they also had double the conversion rate. Moreover, through Linkedin, organizations can also find prospects in bulk using a worthy bulk email finder.

Top 10 LinkedIn Email Finder Tools

Find your own leads through these email finder tools: helps you discover and validate leads from a database of over 480 million emails that is updated regularly. You can create a list (upload first names, last names, and domain names) of produced leads and begin outreach initiatives.

Using Finder's corporate search function, you can improve your sales process and enhance your income. In addition, you can also find email address and gather information on thousands of firms in a variety of sectors and export it with a single click through this Linkedin email finder. Filters can also be used to increase the accuracy of lead generation. This Linkedin email provider also provides Alexa rankings for your target firms, allowing you to understand your consumer presence throughout the web better.


AeroLeads is a good LinkedIn email finder or prospector, but its main selling point is its affordable pricing. Its custom requirements option is one of its distinguishing features. AeroLeads offers unique programs upon request if you need to collect particular data from certain websites. These bespoke plans almost definitely are much more expensive, but it is wonderful to have the choice. AeroLeads does not offer native outreach software or lead tracking like Linkedin email finder. Therefore you may need to subscribe to a few additional services for this bulk email verifier, and your workflow may be less streamlined.


Interseller is one of the fantastic Linkedin email finder applications on our list. Unfortunately, most teams cannot afford Interseller. Interseller charges $0.40 cents per lead, which is more than double the price of most of the other applications on this list. However, if you're looking for a tried-and-true piece of email verification tools to streamline your workflow, Interseller can be a great option.

Linkedin Email Finder Tools


Lusha is more than a rudimentary prospecting extension. It claims to discover emails and phone numbers with 81% accuracy. However, it is tremendously more expensive than email verification service like Lusha also lacks lead engagement and management. However, if your team has previously implemented sales engagement software, Lusha Linkedin email finder might be an excellent complement to your software stack, particularly if your target audience is huge corporate enterprises.


Because it can discover contact information on LinkedIn, Google Search, Crunchbase, and AngelList, RocketReach is a significantly more versatile prospecting tool than others on this Linkedin email finder list. Due to this flexibility, it has a substantially greater cost per lead than rivals. RocketReach does not provide lead engagement tools. However, it does integrate with Zapier and Salesforce.


LeadIQ was created to reduce the most vexing aspects of prospecting, and they were successful. LeadIQ's LinkedIn email finder tool is outstanding. It offers a lovely user interface, and the product does make prospecting simpler. However, LeadIQ is more expensive than the many other tools on our list and lacks outreach automation and lead management. If you don't mind paying the high cost per lead, LeadIQ is an excellent Linkedin email finder choice for your team.


LeadFuze, unlike the bulk of LinkedIn prospectors on our list, does not have a Chrome extension because it does not require one. Instead, consumers tell LeadFuze what they're searching for, and the software finds leads that match the profile on its own. LeadFuze can help you speed up your prospecting and list-building efforts.


FindThatLead, like Interstellar, is a full-service outreach platform. It includes a LinkedIn email finder, domain-based email search, and email sequencing. One credit is required to identify, verify, enhance, or contact a lead. Hence every action requires credit. With FindThatLead's starting package, you get 5,000 credits every month.


Zoominfo has been operating for a while and is widely known for B2B direct dialing, also known as mobile numbers. This is overkill for non-enterprise organizations, so ZoomInfo may not be for you if you're looking for a basic prospecting tool. Having said that, if you decide to spend the money on ZoomInfo, you receive an exceptionally powerful piece of Linkedin email finder with some of the most outstanding data in the market.


Apollo offers a LinkedIn Prospector that works well to identify prospects' email addresses on LinkedIn. The solution allows you to sync the data straight into your CRM program. This Linkedin email finder also offers you the prospect's phone number.

Summing It Up

The range of email finding software makes it tough to choose one. However, one should assess his needs before selecting the best LinkedIn email finder tool. After determining the number of searches you may conduct, you must examine cost, features, API integrations, CRM connectors, simplicity of use, and user reviews of the valid email checker. Identifying these features can help you decide which LinkedIn email finder to choose.

We highly recommend to you for its relaible features and advanced settings. Check out the tool and get yourself access to email finder, email verifier and technology search etc,. for your business needs.

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