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11 Best Lead Management Software to Generate Quality Leads in 2022

To turn incoming leads into new customers, lead management software qualifies, analyzes, and nurtures them.


Incoming leads are qualified, analyzed, and nurtured by lead management software to assist businesses to turn them into new business prospects. Here’s a list of the top 11 lead management software.

What Is a Lead Management Software?

To qualify incoming leads, evaluate them, and nurture them into new business prospects, firms can use lead management software. Leads from various channels enter your lead management system during a typical sales process, and the leads that are ready to be closed into deals are the ones that are sales-ready. If you want to maximize the potential of prospects who are considering your product or service, you must have a lead management platform in place.

The entire end-to-end lead management strategy is referred to as lead management. This entails gathering leads from various sources, vetting them, and sending them to sales representatives. It also entails monitoring and documenting online and offline interactions, such as emails, phone calls, website visits, ad clicks, and in-person meetings.

Benefits of a Lead Management Software

Automating lead generation and assignment from various sources, improving team productivity with AI-generated insights, engaging with leads contextually at the best time possible, segmenting and nurturing leads with personalized experiences, measuring and optimizing your lead management process, and streamlining for maximum efficiency are all made possible with the aid of effective lead management software.

11 Best Lead Management Apps in 2022

These are the top 11 providers of intranet lead management software for companies:

The most straightforward, secure, and efficient LinkedIn automation solution is By developing your campaign or utilizing one of our templates, you may generate leads more easily with the help of the user-friendly application dashboard. Even all of your contacts may be managed in one location. Leads offer interfaces for several CRM and marketing programs. Within, there is an all-in-one CRM integration component called "Smart CRM." As a result, you may manage your Leads contacts wherever and anywhere you choose.

Qualify incoming leads, evaluate them, and nurture them into new business prospects using Finder


You may efficiently track and manage leads in a consolidated database with the aid of Apptivo CRM. The tool aids with lead generation, web lead acquisition, and follow-up appointment planning.

Apptivo is more than just a lead management program, exactly like Sales Cloud. However, it is not just confined to sales and marketing tools. It consists of a call center, billing software, distribution management, and a tonne of other business-friendly tools.


For B2B sales teams, Nutshell is an all-in-one sales and marketing platform. Utilize the platform to manage your pipeline, generate performance data, automate emails, and automate your sales process.

Nutshell is one of the most cost-effective lead management systems on the list, has a tonne of third-party app integrations, and is made to be simple to set up and use.


freeagent combines a CRM with a project management solution. Like the other products on the list, FreeAgent was created to be utilized by the entire organization. The lead management solution, however, is only offered in the B2B Full Sales Funnel plan.

The platform enables you to collaborate with them to produce and qualify leads while also capturing and tracking leads.

With Monday, you can manage the entire sales process, from pre-sales to post-sales, on a single platform. Like the other products on the list, FreeAgent was created to be utilized by the entire organization. However, the lead management tool is only offered in the B2B Full Sales Funnel plan.

The platform enables you to collaborate with them to produce and qualify leads while also capturing and tracking leads.


Your deal pipeline can be expanded, its average value can be raised, and the time it takes to close a deal can be decreased with the aid of Pipedrive's CRM and lead management software.

Along with the basic functions, Pipedrive also provides a chatbot you can customize and use to gather leads, the ability to build a product catalog, and the ability to build unique filters you can share with the team.


Your lead management needs are met by the user-friendly CRM zendesk Sell. You can keep an eye out for bottlenecks thanks to built-in features like the Pipeline Conversion Report and funnel tracking, which shows you how your efforts translate into money.

In order to readily access information, you can also search for prospects in the customizable Lead Smart List. Additionally, Zendesk automatically logs all of your calls and emails to ensure that nothing is missed.

Lead Management Software to Qualfy Leads


Keap is a CRM, sales, and marketing automation platform for companies of all sizes and in a variety of industries. Lead information is accessible from a variety of devices, dashboards are used to monitor progress, quotations and invoices are sent, and communication is automated.

Keap includes a tonne of tools including client management, email marketing, reporting & insights to help you convert more sales, from generating leads to closing them.

HubSpot Sales

With the help of HubSpot's lead management and tracking tools, you can track and score prospects, segment lists, and automate outreach while managing all of your leads in one database.

Along with the necessary tools, HubSpot also provides email tracking, business insights, and lead ads on Facebook and Instagram.


With the help of the powerful lead management CRM LeadSquared, you can manage the complete client experience. It features marketing automation tools, and a built-in email and landing page builder, and it stops lead leakage.

The platform's clever automation accelerates the process of turning contacts into leads, who are then converted into qualified prospects, who become paying customers, and so on.


salesforce's Sales Cloud is a lead management tool that assists in nurturing prospects, automating the sales generation process, and tracking marketing ROI, all of which contribute to a full pipeline and greater close rates.

The lead tracking software aids sales representatives in time-saving, lead data gathering, lead nurturing, and task assignment. The lead management software is just one aspect of Sales Cloud. Tools for managing contacts, sales, and marketing can all benefit your company.

Getting the Most Out of Lead Management Software

You must successfully manage your leads if you want to maximize their value. Software for lead management can handle all the labor-intensive tasks and simplify your work. These software programs offer a variety of features that are specifically designed to assist you in managing and maintaining leads for your company. It might be beneficial to learn how to accomplish your goals first, though. Are you a marketer who wants to understand how to generate prospect lead generation? You are in the proper location. For dependable advice on maximizing the potential of your lead management software, continue reading.

  • Define Your Goals: Once your lead management software has been successfully installed or integrated, the first thing you should do is establish your objectives. How you use this software will be heavily influenced by the objectives of your lead management procedure.

  • Categorize Your Leads: You must be sure you use an accurate and up-to-date data enrichment process while communicating with prospects. It's the only way to handle each lead appropriately and assess how well your efforts are working. Every encounter with the police must be properly documented and recorded. The staff or department in charge of managing them should then receive this information.

  • Score the Customers: Lead scoring, according to HubSpot, is the process of giving values or numbers to the leads that your company has generated. Although this definition is straightforward, putting it into practice can be extremely challenging. You must grade each of your clients after defining, identifying, and categorizing your charges. Your sales team will learn from the scoring system which of your customers are most likely to make a purchase and which ones require more attention.

  • Nurture Your Leads: Marketo defines lead nurturing as the process of generating leads and enhancing the relationship that already exists with them. At every point in the sales funnel, lead nurturing is done. Remember that your company will introduce itself to you in several places. But you need to efficiently manage each of them.


Even though your company might be running multiple lead generation campaigns, it's often tricky to pinpoint the exact number of leads and revenue these projects are actually bringing in. With lead management tools, visual analytics and sales engagement, you can easily analyze key sales and marketing performance indicators (KPIs) and calculate the return on investment (ROI) for each campaign. Successful lead management involves tracking results through reports, and a reliable lead generation software like can help you do just that.

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