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15 Lead Generation Ideas & Strategies

The amount of effort and money that marketing and sales teams devote to lead generation is ludicrous. They do everything from writing in-depth blog posts to launching advertising campaigns, prospecting on LinkedIn, creating videos, holding webinars, giving presentations at conferences, and much more.


How can a Salesperson Stand Out Using Lead Generation?

When trying to figure out how to produce B2B leads, that query frequently arises. Finding the ideal technique, method, or offer to capture leads' attention is the greatest issue for 42.1% of B2B professionals, according to Rain Sales Training. Want to create a significant impact and generate leads? Read about our 15 strategies below.

1. Go Back and Follow Up on Previous leads

In your CRM, there are possibly hundreds of outdated leads. These should be leads who weren't previously ready to buy if you've been routinely eliminating unqualified leads. It's time to reacquaint them with you.

Check your path again for any errors in how you handled previous leads. Give them an extra incentive to return; perhaps you didn't follow up sufficiently or offered the incorrect deal. Ideally, CRM integration would make the entire process a cakewalk.

2. Request Testimonials from Clients

The most probable referrals to result in sales are those given by contented, devoted clients. It takes time and trust to develop the skills necessary to create leads for B2B sales from your clients' networks. In order to feel comfortable approaching them directly for a referral or having them join up for a referral programme, you need to gradually develop connections with them. Aim to ask for recommendations once a week, and to differentiate yourself from other salespeople, inquire as to whether the referrer would mind being mentioned by name in a call or email.


3. Utilize B2B Micro-Influencers

A reputable authority in your field who has a devoted following of 1,000–100,000 individuals is referred to as a micro-influencer. The increased conversion rate they experience with their followers is what distinguishes minor influencers from more well-known figures. Simply inquire with them about their interest in promoting your good or service to create leads. Make sure your offer complements their present endeavors and brand, and give them a commission on each transaction, of course. You will stand out from the horde of firms that want free marketing by paying micro-influencers.

4. Create or Join a Network of Business Referrals

A business referral network is a collection of experts working for non-competing companies in the same sector that exchange leads. Consider that you provide educational institutions with mobile app development services. Join or establish a network with other companies that serve this market. The best aspect is that you have access to their lead score data and other insights that you would not otherwise have.

5. Manage a Website Community

What attracts B2B industry experts to online communities?

There are valuable professionals in the group. To make their work simpler, you provide them resources. The group meets every day. By establishing your own online community, you can manage the discussions, draw in the correct audience, and freely promote your services.

6. Revisit Your Ideal Client Profile

You'll realise how beneficial a B2B lead enrichment solution like can be as you become more adept at generating B2B leads. It is a cross-browser plugin that locates contact and business details when you're on Salesforce, LinkedIn, Gmail, and other websites. Every time you utilise the API system, you'll learn new information about your leads that will help you increase their ICP, such as their revenue range and industry verticals. As a result, your prospect intelligence is improved and you are able to notice new characteristics.

7. Be Present Wherever Your Leads Are

It requires some listening and snooping to get leads. Similar to a party, you want to know who else will be there so you can dress appropriately and blend in. You should be present everywhere your leads are congregating online if you want to learn how to create leads for B2B sales.

You may learn more about your leads' communication styles by doing this. This will benefit you when you send outreach messages and help you stand out more.

8. Take Control of One Social Media Channel

How to properly produce B2B leads? Don't overextend oneself by engaging in several activities. Aim to control that one platform since it will always be a goldmine for bringing leads into your pipeline. Make time each day to spend there (individually or as a team), establishing your reputation, increasing brand recognition, and outperforming the competition in terms of interaction.

9. Start Posing for the Camera Right Away

You are aware that videos outperform other forms in terms of views, engagement, and shares. However, so many salespeople neglect to appear on camera. Who will stand out if a prospect receives hundreds of sales letters but is able to view you in a video on social media? If you're not sure where to begin, try making Q&A videos that address some of the most common queries from your prospects.

10. Improve Your SEO to the Next Level

You've likely heard that you can "transform your website into a lead creation machine" several times. But do you understand what it involves? The first B2B lead generation tactic to concentrate on is SEO in order to turn your website into a traffic-driving engine. It's one of the simplest yet frequently underutilized methods to produce leads for nothing each month.

The following two problems may be making your website unhealthy:

You do not hire an SEO specialist: A quality SEO audit can only be performed by an expert or an agency. No matter how many "SEO for beginners" instructions you read, it's still too simple to commit blunders that will lose your company new customers. An specialist can identify complex technical problems that are preventing your website from being easily utilised or ranked in search engines, such as navigation, site structure, and website speed.

Want to create a significant impact and generate leads?

You don't have a documented SEO strategy: When you work with a professional, they will also review the SEO strategy you currently have in place. If you don't, they will assist you in developing one that is customised to your company and target audience and that outlines the best keywords, content strategy, and on-page optimization to generate sales qualified leads.

11. Participate in a Business Podcast

Podcast guests have the option of speaking on programmes from all around the world. According to MusicOomph, the typical listener spends 7 hours per week listening, and firms who promote their goods and services on business podcasts have an average increase in purchase intent of 14%. Make a list of the top 30 podcasts in your field, start corresponding with the presenters, and, most importantly, provide their audience an unique price as a draw to attract additional listeners.

12. Improve Your Sales Cadence

You must master your sales cadence if you want to discover how to create leads for B2B sales. The ideal cadence masters time, number of messages sent, and format of communications to conclude a sale or appointment. Ask leads the following three questions to create your sales cadence:

  • When can I get in touch with you?

  • What television station do you favour?

  • What topic line will you remember?

13. Be Direct In Cold Emails

Leads should come to a complete stop as soon as they read your email. The email should begin by briefly introducing you and your business before getting right to the point them. If you start bragging about how fantastic your firm is and what you had for breakfast this morning, they'll press the delete button immediately. In your sales pitch, concentrate on one pertinent subject. To make it memorable, include a clear headshot in the email signature as well!


14. Practice Aggressive Cold Calling

It's true that there are cold-calling competitions, in case you didn't know. They make it into a game to liven up the routine morning cold-calling session. Here's how it goes: gather your sales team and attempt to outperform your stats for cold calling. You may divide everyone up into groups and award prizes. Competitions including cold calling may increase your normal lead and appointment haul by two or even three times.

15. Master the Art of Voicemail Follow-up

Cold calls will be sent to voicemail in half of the cases. Avoid making a cold call without a voicemail drop scripted and deployed if you want to learn how to create leads for B2B sales. This task is too crucial to wing.

Create a 30-second script outlining your background and what you have to offer. Is this an issue you're dealing with? is a good example of a question and call to action that concludes a voicemail that is deserving of a response.


There are many B2B professionals online, therefore diversity is necessary when generating leads. They like informal conversations in certain areas yet business conversations in others. Get noticed by being there.

Without initially learning everything there is to know about B2B leads, how can you possibly understand how to produce them? Because of this, offers you the finest chance possible to obtain precise and difficult-to-find firm information that will help you enhance your ideal client profile.

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