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Top 8 Things Email Hunters Can Perform to Make Prospecting Easy

Using email hunters help you create a database of the right audience, it increases your marketing effectiveness and business productivity


Prospecting with Email Hunter

We all understand how difficult it is for sales teams to get buyers for a product by conventional marketing. They target everybody and hope that future clients are among the crop of people targeted. Businesses spent more resources and sell relatively less compared to what they spend. What if there is a way to target a selected crop of people that have a remote interest in your brand's products? How conservative would that be to the business's resources, and how practical the sales tactics would be?

Email prospecting is the process of recognizing quality leads for cold emailing through research. It is a way of making sure that your emails are reaching people who fit your customer persona. Buyers nowadays prefer researching things rather than buying from what sales teams push to their face. Hence, you track prospective buyers through what they research for and send them cold emails.

email hunter finder

Cold emails are emails sent without the express permission of the recipient. It is the email version of cold calling. Email hunting gives you priceless information that you can use to customize your current and future message.

Businesses use email hunter to recognize qualified prospects after research has been done. They validate if a prospect fits into the customer mould of the business or not; afterward, they confirm that the email has been received. For effective sales marketing, email prospecting is the first step.

What Are Email Hunters?

An email hunter is a software that acquires any email address that has ever been published on the internet. Email hunters are email grabber tools designed to help collect emails. The software helps in developing a database of possible customers. Brands use them to systematically communicate with prospective customers with the hope of converting them into current customers of the brand. An email hunter extracts the email of customers from web pages they visit.

Businesses maximize email hunters by using them to target web pages with keywords related to their brands. The email hunter grabs the emails from these sites.

Top 8 Things Email Hunters Can Perform to Make Prospecting Easy

Your business needs the best email hunter to allow you to reach your target audience. To get the best, you need to understand what email hunters can do and how it makes prospecting easy. The best Email hunter should be able to do these top eight things to make prospecting easy for your business.

1. Extract Emails from a Specified Website

A good email hunter must extract emails from a specific website. If you have an idea of the website your prospective lead frequents, you need to target them by entering their domain names into your email finder. The software will run through the website and extract the mailing information of your prospects.

Find Anyone's Email on the Web in Seconds

Immediately you have an idea of the website they frequent; you should be able to enter the URL into the email hunter; the hunter extracts all the email addresses available on the website. The application collates these emails and exports them as a text file. Having an email database is the first step to sales marketing through cold emails.

2. Search for Emails on Websites by Keywords

Email hunting program searches for the websites related to specified keywords and searches for their email addresses on selected websites. If you do not have the list of necessary websites, this is an excellent way to get the email information of prospects through keywords.

For example, a travel agency can target several keywords like a best travel credit card, best travel, best for travel, etc. The hunter targets any website related to these keywords and pulls out all email addresses within them. Only people interested in traveling would search for these keywords; a good email extractor would offer you their email addresses on a platter.

3. Search for Prospects by Name or Company

Email hunters should be able to search for prospects by name. Do you have a specific customer or company to target? You can search for prospects by name and where they work. Many companies have the contact information of their staff on their website. Any good email grabber should make it possible for you to track down someone's address by searching for their name or the company name.

Also, an effective email hunter should have a list of companies in their database, where you can find organizations related to your brand. This search can be based on the company size, specific company name or location.

Once this is done, the email finder software collates their emails and social profiles and adds them to your new leads. This increases the effectiveness of your marketing.

4. Extract Emails from Facebook and Other Social Media Platform

facebook email extractor

This should be the most straightforward task a good email list finder can perform. Social media is an enormous base of people's contacts and emails, and it is both accessible and free. An effective email finder can scan through social media accounts with all the additional information of the prospects.

People are primarily outspoken with their interests and needs on social media platforms. Targeting groups, customer forums, blogs, interactions, etc., that are related to your brand's product would help you streamline your marketing to leads that need your products. The best email hunter should automate facebook search and get a list of leads and customers' pieces of information.

5. Plug-in Mailbox

An email finder should be able to plug into the mailbox of prospective clients. The software should have a mailbox plug-in that scans the messages of customers and extract all available addresses.

Find Anyone's Email on the Web in Seconds

Plugging into the mail of your leads is an effective way of improving prospecting. You get to monitor your lead's emails and also compile addresses of their contacts. Their contact list is most likely interested in what your leads are, hence increasing your email database. On collating the addresses, the software should be able to extract them. Also, You should be able to set the hunting limitations, either to search only in the headers or scan the emails' content.

6. Filter Email Address

Getting email addresses is the easy part. Filtering the list for relatable prospects can only be done by the best email extractor. This unique attribute provides you with a narrowed-down list of possible clients—the software filter the domains, websites, emails and others by using advanced criteria for hunting.

7. Ignore Hidden Mails

In some countries, sending cold emails is seen as illegal, so hunting hidden emails of prospects might be risky business. Some target customers can be fastidious about their hidden mails, and scrapping them for addresses might raise legal brouhaha.

Also, hidden emails can be traps for spam and viruses, and it is best practice to avoid them. The best email finder tool should be capable of avoiding them. This provides a double layer of defense for your business. If an email finder cannot ignore hidden mails, your business's sensitive information is at risk of exposure to fraudulent links.

8. Detect Country of Origin

A good email finder should recognize the country of prospective clients. This helps you recognize prospects within and outside the jurisdiction of your brand. Initiating a marketing strategy for leads outside the coverage of your business through cold emailing and social media advertising is a waste of resources. A sound email hunter mitigates the waste of resources by helping you identify leads you should pursue and those you shouldn't. This capability is essential for businesses that do not have international audience coverage.

What email-hunter quickly gets you the right emails, creates a database and also helps you connect?

Your business needs to get the most sales from your marketing efforts, so it is imperative to use an email hunter that is both economical and effective. It would help if you considered using The finder software combines all the capabilities needed to get you the emails of who matter to your business. has a database of more than 396m emails from which you can easily find and verify the ones who matter most to your business.


email hunters

Logan @LoftedLearning said in his tweet, "Your best method of outreach to these people? Social media and cold email. It helps to have a large following on a social media platform as it helps show authority. But cold emails are a great way to combat that."

While building links, it is more frustrating to generate the best link opportunity and find emails. It happens to everyone, and it has probably happened to you. In sales, sending emails and newsletters is an excellent way of converting leads to customers. An email hunter is a tool that helps you get emails from individuals you think can be your customer.

For effective email marketing, quality is of more value than quantity. It is very vital to find the correct email to complete your target marketing effort. As put by Ramsay Leimenstoll, "A small list that wants exactly what you're offering is better than a bigger list that isn't committed.", it is sensible for your email finder to get you the best list.

To recognize the tools, you should recognize how the email finder will make your email prospecting easy. No software can be totally effective, but knowing how the tool helps will help you know the best email finder to use. That is why we highlighted the things email hunters do to help you prospect better.

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