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Which Software Is Best for Finding Emails Online?

Do you know that email is one of the most promising ways to reach prospects? More than 72% of customers prefer email as the main channel of business communication. However, to generate efficient leads, you need efficient tools.


Prospecting for emails online is time-consuming and tedious. Finding an email address is the last piece of the puzzle. Next, you need the right contact information to look for emails online. Which software is best for finding emails online?

Although there is various software for finding emails online, we have prepared a list of the best ones. In this blog, you will find the best email-finding tools to suit your business’ various marketing needs

Top 9 Software Apps for Finding Emails Online

Here are 9 software that will help any business or even individual enterprises to find and reach out to valid email ids:

1. provides access to over 480 million valid business emails. The software lets you generate endless leads and verify targeted B2B emails. A bulk email checker and verifier increase the validation time, and you can get real-time leads from LinkedIn and Google. There is also an advanced domain email extractor, and the software is connected to more than 25 popular CRM solutions.

email finder


  • Integration with Top CRM
  • 99.5% Global Uptime
  • 6 Data Centres and 30000+ Active Users
  • Subscription starts at Just $49 per month
  • Quick Verification Reduces Bounce Rates
  • Email List Creation and Management

2. is a web-based verification tool and email finder. The software primarily helps you connect with the email address behind any website. The email finder uses various signals to locate proven email addresses within seconds, whether a single address or bulk. Since it is a web-based software, you don’t need to install it on your devices. Hunter’s main services are also available through direct API. In essence, you can find any email address with a simple API call.


  • API Team Account Option
  • Domain and a Bulk Domain Search Feature
  • Email Drip Campaigns, Tracker, and Verifier
  • Chrome Extension

Find Anyone's Email on the Web in Seconds

3. is ideal for marketing specialists, recruiters, sales reps, freelancers, and event organizers. The email searching tool helps you find leads, verify their contact, track lead progress, and automate cold emails. You can find emails by name, company, domain, or Boolean search. The availability of various search features sets apart from most email finders. You can readily search multiple lead sources until you find your perfect prospects and candidates.


  • Browse by Skills, Location, Position, Names, Company, or Domain
  • Export Prospect List to Google Sheets, Xls, CSV
  • Email Tracker and Verifier
  • Web App and Chrome Extension

4. VoilaNorbert

VoilaNorbert has a chrome extension and is a web-based app. You can use the software to find multiple email addresses, and it has an email verification feature for authenticating your email list. The web app works for individual and bulk searches, and it promises a high degree of authentic search results. One significant advantage of Norbert is that it returns social media accounts and email addresses. The chrome extension automatically displays the email address of prominent people when you visit the company’s website.


  • Bulk and Manual Prospecting
  • Native Integration and API
  • Email Verification
  • Gmail Plugin
  • Shows Social Media Data for Prospects

5. Lusha

Use Lusha to reach your prospects faster. The software helps you locate accurate B2B contact and company details and shorten sales discovery and time between closing leads. Lusha has an 81% valid email and phone number rating and can potentially reach more than 100 million prospects. The software is available as a Firefox, Chrome, and Edge extension and will display the contact and personal information of individuals after visiting their profiles on LinkedIn. Lusha is easy to navigate more than finding contact details and rolls over unused credits to the following months.

email finder by Lusha


  • Zapier Integration and Browser Extension
  • Integration with Leading CRMs
  • Exports Contacts to CSV and Saves to CRM
  • LinkedIn Support

6. Skrapp

Skrapp is one of the most trusted email finders for locating the email addresses of professionals at any company. Millions of people trust the software to find verified B2B email addresses, whether through company websites, LinkedIn, or in-app features. Smart integration with LinkedIn and sales navigator makes it easy to generate leads through verified email addresses. The website offers single email finder and bulk email finder tools, and you can add an extension to your chrome browser.


  • Pulls Lead in Bulk from LinkedIn
  • Discover Leads Using the Search Tool or from Company Websites
  • Results Include Email Address, Job Title, and Name
  • Quick Installation and Easy Navigation

7. RocketReach

RocketReach claims a database of more than 450 million profiles and establishes itself as a major player in the email verification market. It is integrated with other software solutions, and API is available for users. You can also use RocketReach as a G Suite add-on or chrome extension. Apart from using RocketReach to find email address, you can locate social media account information and phone numbers. The software can also filter personal email addresses from professional ones.

Find Anyone's Email on the Web in Seconds


  • Advanced Search
  • Browser Extension
  • Bulk Lookups
  • API
  • Compose and Integration

8. Anymail Finder

Find anybody’s email address with Anymail finder. The tool promises 97% accuracy, API requests, and real emails. Thanks to a file upload tool, you can use it if you want to hunt down multiple prospects in bulk. You can also use the job title search feature to locate ideal clients even if you don’t know their names. Plus, the platform offers tutorials for generating leads for your business.


  • Mass Searches
  • Enhanced Database
  • Upload Files with up to 50,000 Entries
  • Export to CSV
  • API and Chrome Extension

9. FindThatLead

Findthatlead is another innovative B2B sales prospecting tool for businesses. It has a chrome extension that helps businesses find leads on Twitter, LinkedIn, and many other websites with ease. The platform also has a drip and e-mail campaign feature that allows you to automatically follow up on your emails for the best response rate. Apart from this, an advanced panel shows the status of your campaign, and you can use it to analyze your results.

Find That Lead


  • One-Click Email Verification
  • Automated and Customized Email Campaigns
  • Email Locator Using Social Media Urls
  • Integration with Pipedrive, Salesforce, Hubspot, and Zappier


There are many email finders available. However, any of the ones we have listed above will give you the desired results. If you are looking for an all-in-one option, we recommend

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