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10 Lesser Ways to Find Work Emails Faster

Find work emails for decision makers and influencers you’ve been dying to reach. Boost email marketing efforts and build excellent email lists with these expert tips and tricks.


Do you want to connect with someone, but struggle to find their email address? Do your email campaigns suffer from low engagement and bad email addresses? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you’ve come to the right place! Finding the right email address is important if you want to reach out to an influencer, prepare a list of potential sales leads, or for any number of other reasons. Whatever the objective is, when it comes to finding email addresses, many businesses grasp at straws.

Businesses use a variety of channels to reach consumers and prospective clients or customers. While social media and paid ads are both great ways to achieve this, email marketing has long been one of the most rewarding marketing channels in the world. With a solid strategy, successful email marketing can return as much as 4400%! That means that for every dollar invested in email campaigns, you could make a profit of $43!

According to CrazyEgg founder and marketing guru Neil Patel, an effective email strategy canconvert prospects into customers, and turn first time buyers into recurring customers.

There’s always been debate on the continued efficacy of email marketing. In reality, if your email marketing efforts aren’t paying off, you’re doing something wrong!

Email marketing is still going strong today, and is possibly the best possible strategy for your business, says Patel.

One of the reasons email campaigns often fail is that marketers simply don’t have good e-mail lists. Your email campaigns live and die by the email list you use. If your list is full of untargeted, uninterested, or unauthentic email addresses, your campaigns will likely fail. Even worse, you could end up in one too many spam folders and hurt your chances of email success in the future. The key to realizing great returns from your email marketing efforts is to ensure you have great email lists.

Ways to Find Work Emails Faster

Our experts at put together a list of ways you can use to dig up authentic email addresses for the decision-makers and influencers you’ve been dying to reach:

1. Find Work Emails with Email Lookup Tools

Email Lookup Tools

There’re many email hunter tools available in the market that you can try out to find someone’s email address. Many of these tools include advanced filtering options that allow you to search by a number of parameters. This includes first name, last name, company name, or domain, to name a few.

Popular Email Lookup Tools Include:

  • Hunter
  • Hiretual
  • VoilaNorbert

These tools are easy to use and most of them offer a limited number of free searches and free trials.

Find Anyone's Email on the Web with the Best Email Finder

2. RocketReach

Rocket Reach

If you have details like the prospect’s name, organization, and LinkedIn profile URL, Rocket Reach enables users to identify potential contacts with the LinkedIn URL.

Whether it is the professional or personal LinkedIn profile of your prospect, Rocket Reach works seamlessly to get work emails. If you want to find prospects from AngelList and Crunchbase, Rocket Reach can easily perform that as well.

3. Find Through Pattern

Finding Through Pattern

It’s also possible to find work emails by following a common pattern that some companies use when creating their corporate email addresses.

Many companies adhere to one of the following patterns:


There is no right or wrong way to use this method. It is one of the more time consuming methods on the list, but you can use tools like’s Email Verifier to confirm the validity of one or more email addresses simultaneously.

4. Email Permutator

Email Permutator

Email permutators are amazing tools that generate a list of possible suggestions for you based on your input data. The process is very simple. You just have to fill in the fields such as the first and last name and the domain name of the company, and it does the rest.

Email permutators can be used in conjunction with other tools and tricks on the list to increase their effectiveness.

5. Mailtester


If you want to reap better ROI from your cold email campaigns without spending money on invalid or discarded emails, Mailtester is the ideal solution for you. This is an accurate, efficient, and secured email list cleaning tool that enables you to validate whether your email is getting delivered to the mail server of the target or not.

Find Anyone's Email on the Web with the Best Email Finder

Mailtester helps reduce bounce rates and increases the domain’s reputation by removing unwanted emails from the list with a large volume of emails.

6. AeroLeads

Email Lookup Tools

AeroLeads is another popular lead generation software that helps users find email addresses and phone numbers of relevant prospects in real-time, and then download the data into CSV files or export it to CRMs such as Salesforce, MailChimp, and HubSpot.

With a comprehensive database of more than 100 million professional email addresses, AeroLeads could be your ideal tool to automate the process of finding the relevant prospect details. This powerful email finder tool allows you to find 15 data points including full name, job title, location, company emails, business phone numbers, and more.

7. Business Networking Search Queries

Business Networking Search Queries

If you are searching for someone’s email and you know the person’s name and the organization where the person works, you can perform business networking queries.
With this information, you can conduct searches on professional networking websites, such as ZoomInfo and LinkedIn. These are fertile grounds for harvesting email and other personal information.

To conduct these searches, simply key in the search query on the website’s internal search engine.

Additionally, you can search on Google with the following query format:

  • [name] + ZoomInfo
  • [name] + LinkedIn

8. Use Twitter

Use Twitter

You can also find email address of your prospect by leveraging info available from their Twitter account. In order to hide the email address from bots, advanced Twitter users use the word “dot” or “at” instead of a period or the “@” symbol in their tweets for Twitter bio. Keep that in mind when searching.

Use Twitter’s Advanced Search option and search your prospect’s tweets for “at” or “dot.”

Additionally, try different input combinations here. Ignore hashtags, specific accounts, and time frames, and include words such as “email,” “reach,” or “contact.”

Another way to approach them is through their direct messages, but it also depends on their privacy settings.

On the prospect’s profile, press Ctrl/Cmd+F and search for:

  • “@domainname”
  • ”contact”
  • ”email”
  • ”you can reach me at”

Find Anyone's Email on the Web with the Best Email Finder

9. Export Email Address from LinkedIn

Export Email Address from LinkedIn

You can also use LinkedIn’s advanced settings in conjunction with their export option to attempt to find business emails and export them. This will export the up-to-date email address of your connections right in your inbox, as long as they have allowed their connections to see or download their email addresses.

10. Email Finder tool

Email Finder tool

Some email finder tools only offer to help you find work emails, and you have to depend on other third-party tools to validate and authenticate them. To avoid this, you can take advantage of email finder to find work emails, and then use a host of other powerful features to verify and export emails for future campaigns.


As a bonus tip, it’s important that you conduct regular audience research and segment your email lists to ensure you’re sending personalized content to people interested in your brand.

The inbox is a personal means of communication. While these tricks can help you find work emails for decision-makers and popular influencers, you should never abuse these methods. Not only will it hurt your brand image, it can also cause trouble with email service providers, hindering future email campaigns.

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