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Email Hunter: 8 Surefire Ways to Find the Email Address You Need

Running an email campaign can be challenging. Here are eight ways to find email address of your prospect and nail your email campaign in no time.


In the realm of business and marketing, we can't grow web traffic, increase revenue, or launch effective campaigns without our contact getting the email addresses of potential customers. The largest obstacle is typically just being unable to get their email address. Most people don't reveal their email addresses to avoid spam. Yes, you could contact them through social media, but it isn't exactly the best strategy. The best approach is to send a personalized email that fosters real connection rather than a generic promotional email.

How Can an Email Hunter Help You Find Email Addresses?


When it comes to expanding your business and contacting more individuals, an email hunter is a must-have tool. Simply put, an email hunter is a tool for generating leads. It enables you to reach out to prospective leads via emails which may turn into clients in the future by providing their email addresses. Sales, marketing, and a variety of other professionals utilize this software on a daily basis to discover email addresses and contact potential clients, candidates, and partners.

These tools are straightforward. First, you enter a person's name and company name into the finding tool, and it searches its database and gives the right email. Some email hunter applications also allow you to perform mass searches that give you access to the emails of every employee at a particular organization or even of any professional who fulfils a bunch of requirements that you need.

Why Do You Need to Find an Email Address?

Your chances of receiving the response you desire can increase if the right person gets to read your email. Therefore, taking the effort to research someone's email address and modify your message to accomplish the task is totally worthwhile. This is particularly true if you're attempting to contact a person you don't know or someone you've never spoken to before. It is important to note that only 8.5% of outbound emails receive a response.

If you're sending an important email and want to be recognized, you should go straight to the source. It's not a great idea to send an extremely important, private email to generic emails like or

8 Surefire Ways to Find Any Email Address You Need

One can find their required emails using these ways:


About Us/ Contact Us Page

Every business has a section called "contact us". Don't overlook this great resource since it sounds straightforward because many businesses display the contact information of specific individuals. You can call the business directly using the details provided there or email an inquiry to their primary inbox. You can also check the "about us" section to see if there is any contact information for executives or other staff members. Another excellent place to go is the News section, where articles frequently offer Press contact email addresses.

Social Media Page

Social media accounts are another great resource to look for email addresses or any personal data. The social media platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn have the most success. In fact, using the initial, straightforward research like simply reading into their profile can help you find emails of the prospects.


A business email can only have so many different forms. Thus, if you are familiar with them all, you can simply run them through MailTester and use the ones that work. For all of their staff, most companies follow the same routine. For instance,,, or is typically used.

Google Search

The search bar on Google is the key to getting access to the wealth of knowledge that is available online. By just searching for someone's name plus the words like "email" or "contact," you might be able to get their email address. Yes, it really can be that easy. You can try different combinations instead, such as the person's name and the title of the business. Running through these possibilities simply takes a few minutes, and this is absolutely free.

Email Hunters Like makes it easy to discover and validate the business email addresses of people and organizations, be it bulk or one at a time. You also get access to the company profile, and the sources used to verify the email. Furthermore, you can look up email addresses by company name, first and last name, and other criteria. This tool can also be used to confirm email addresses individually or in bulk with its email verifier option. You can use the company domain directly to find the email addresses of important decision-makers using the domain search functionality. Additionally, thanks to its reporting features, businesses can access discovered and verified emails on a single platform.


Does the person you are aiming at have an email newsletter? If so, getting their email address is pretty much as simple as it gets. Firstly, you can join their email list or newsletter. You will often need to confirm your subscription to receive emails. When you receive this email, you simply need to click "Reply." You'll discover the real email address of your target. You can do this for almost anyone who has a newsletter or an email list.

WHOIS Database

With WHOIS, you can look for the email address of a person who runs a website or blog. WHOIS is a request and response protocol that is frequently used to access databases that hold all the data about every domain that has been registered, like the email address of the domain owner and other details. Now, all you have to do is run a WHOIS query on the domain of the prospective client on the WHOIS database and use the email address mentioned there. This is because, if the domain is active, it is most likely the email address is active too.

Reach Out Directly

If none of the approaches described above was successful in finding someone's email address, consider reaching out on social media and asking for the email address. Find your potential customers on Twitter or LinkedIn, and don't be afraid to ask them for their email addresses directly. You can briefly explain your reasons for contacting them to speed up the process.

Summing It Up

In general, it's not difficult to learn how to discover someone's email address. However, depending on the strategy you pick, it can take some time. In our opinion, combining several tools and methods may be the most effective way to obtain the data you want. However, it must ultimately match how you and your business like to reach out to prospective leads. For example, is one of the most convenient and efficient email finder and verfier tool out there.

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