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7 Best Lead Generation Tools to Extract Company Info

Nowadays, it has become important to know everything about business to improve leads. By considering this trend, we have shortlisted our best lead generation tools to get accurate company info. All these trends have shifted the focus of salespeople to get maximum company insights. To get company insights, one needs to have a complete overview of company Info.


These lead-generation tools provide detailed data on company size, business, income, clients, and respective plans. By using this info, lead generation becomes easy for small to mid-sized businesses. From contact to email, lead generation is the best tool to collect reliable pieces of information. In this blog, we will be covering the best tools that can be used by small to midsize businesses for extracting company info.

Importance of Company Info

  • Company info can be used for prospect or lead generation. Lead generation is essential for improving the conversion rate.
  • It is important to have business information to get accurate data about the clients, business, and marketing activities of any firm.
  • It enables sales teams to generate leads by accessing key information like email ID, URL, company website, etc.
  • Technology search is also of great use to sales reps to know what technology is being used by the firms for their business. All these data are important to collect as many details as possible from the client.
  • It helps to contact key people and know their business interests (in terms of size, competition, market share, and industry. To generate sales, salespeople should have all relevant info or details. With company info, one can get a hold on key aspects of the business including major competitors that can offer another pool of valuable sales data.

In this manner, prospects can convert sales, which is the ultimate goal of any business. Even, for marketing purposes, firms can utilize company info. We will be discussing the use of company info for business growth in the coming section.

How to Use Lead Generation Tools for Company Info?

To get company data, one must have precise lead-generation tools in hand. These tools can offer many benefits like official IDs, emails, contact numbers, company addresses, etc. All this info can be used and converted into real leads for business success. Once marketing people get to know about these leads, they transfer these details to the sales department of the business. So, to keep your business afloat on top, you should have tools that are accurate to extract company info regularly.

Company Info

With the help of lead generation tools, firms can reach out to maximum prospects in one go. Like, as decision-makers, employees and their positions, qualified candidates, etc. for leads.It helps to set a roadmap, by which salespeople can access and reach prospects with ease. If these prospects are contacted with skills and tactics, it is possible to get them for prospect lead generation. Lead generation tools are all about scrapping company-related data. They can even help you to scrap competitor data also for comparative analysis.Today, everything is becoming digital, so lead-generation tools are the best way to get accurate data about the business. This info can be extracted from social media profiles (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, etc.).

Let’s have a look at our well-researched best lead generation tools for company info:

7 Best Lead Generation Tools To Extract Company Info

Below is the list of our best lead-generation tools to access qualified data to generate sales.

Finder is one of the world’s largest B2B databases that can be used to get company information also. Surprised, but yes you heard it right. This tool is widely used by small to medium-sized companies to outreach prospects, but they can also use it to dive deeper into business details (size, contact details, email address, products, etc). You can also use this tool to get integrated data with the best CRM platforms like Agile CRM. Hence, for your business, it can be a game changer with the lowest industry prices.

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This lead generation tool can be used to collect relevant information about the company by conducting mini-customer surveys. So, one can get data about the business, products, email address, and even their feedback. In my experience, by using this data, salespeople can make a great impact on the business also.


The next one is Leadfeeder, which is a multitasking tool for lead management and extracting company details. One can use a google analytics account to track the visits made by companies. So, imagine that real-time company data like their business or industry can be gathered with their visit. Possibly, a great combination of lead generation to not only access prospective customers, but also company insights.


D&B is another lead generation tool that can be useful for extracting company info also. With D&B, users can have detailed information about the company address, its title, website URL, email address, fax, and telephone numbers.

Company Info

Global Database

With the help of Global Database, one can update the details of a company's operations in terms of their industry, financial standing, and online presence. It can evaluate a company's position in the marketplace.


ZoomInfo is basically a sales generation tool that has capability to offer you company-based data. It can offer you accurate contact data like email addresses, contact numbers, etc. These two pieces of info could be your assistance in generating leads further. Its advanced filtering system enables you to have verified data only, so there is no scope for misleading information.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn sales navigator is the ultimate tool to access company-related information. By using this tool, businesses can collect info like company products, size, clients, key personnel (decision makers), etc. It has customized outreach features that can be a great source to make viewers connect with the company. So, if you are looking for exact company info, this lead generation tool can be a one-go solution for you.


Finally, with our list of best lead generation tools, one can collect company info easily. Here, company info is the only solution to all business problems. Despite all efforts, if a business is not able to generate leads, it's impossible to grow successfully in the present digital world. Business growth is the main goal of remaining competitive in any industry. However, this growth depends on a number of factors including company data including its products, clients, industry, decision-makers, and rivals. Hence, before taking action on any lead generation tool, first, check the information relevancy and then make a call to the concerned tool. For this, there are two ways that are useful for the sales department. The first is to rely totally on data generated by the given lead generation tools or do some in-depth research to check its reliability. I think the second way is a better strategy to ensure the optimum utilization of these tools.

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