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How Does an Email Validator Protect a Business?

Emails are essential for professional communication in business. As a result, email validator protects business in identifying spam mail results in valid mails.


Email validation is something everyone needs. Don’t know about it yet? No worries, we’ve got you covered. Here’s everything you should know about email validator protects business. Let’s get started.

How Does an Email Validator Protect a Business?

For all the skeptics out there, let’s understand why using an email validator necessary.

Every year, over 20% of email addresses are deactivated or scraped off the internet. This happens if your email account demonstrates suspicious behavior. If you fail to validate your email list, you can easily surpass an average bounce rate of 20 - 25%. Let’s find out what that does to your email ID.

  • Damaged Reputation: High bounce rates extensively damage the sender’s reputation.
  • Reduces Deliverability: Poor reputation rapidly decreases deliverability. This means, your emails will end up in the recipient’s spam folder.
  • Failing Accuracy: If the emails land in spam folders, they’re most likely to be ignored and trashed without being read. Resultantly, your chances of acquiring a lead and even a potential customer fail miserably.
  • Overall Performance: Owing to low accuracy rates, not only does your marketing campaign witness sub-par results, your overall ROI and revenue will drop pretty quickly.

This butterfly effect of tremendous losses for your business can easily be bypassed if you use some quick and easy methods to validate your email list.

How to Validate Emails?

Does the verification process seem too intimidating? It’s actually a pretty simple, straightforward process. Read on to find easy ways to validate your email list.


1. Send an Email

A quick disclaimer- use this method only if you’re just starting out and have a very short email list. A longer one can easily drive you into tough waters. This is the most basic process to validate an email. Choose the email you need to validate and shoot them a simple message, a test email. You can write something of this sort-

“Hi, I just wanted to check if this email address is valid. If you’re reading my email, please let me know.”

If this email is sent to a fake or invalid email address, it’ll bounce and you’ll get a response like this:

  • Message Not Delivered
  • Address Not Found

If the email goes through, you’ll know the email is valid. However, if you attempt to validate several emails through this method, the high number of hard bounces will instantly drop your domain reputation, collapsing your entire campaign like dominoes. You wouldn’t want to do that, obviously.

2. Ping the Server

Another way to validate an address without emailing is by pinging the server. It is slightly technical but accurate. To initiate this process, you need a console app. First, use a lookup command on the console to find the MX record from the domain’s DNS server. Once you have the list of mail exchanger records, identify the ones with the highest priority. These ideally have the lowest preference.

Next, use the appropriate command to validate the address via SMTP on your console app. Connect to the email server from the same MX record and establish an SMTP handshake, specify the email address and finally validate it.

An average professional spends at least 3 hours skimming and sorting their email inbox.

Once you view the result, you will receive a ‘250 OK’ message if it’s a valid email address. If it’s invalid, you’ll see the following message: “The email account that you tried to reach does not exist. Please try double-checking the recipient’s email address for typos or unnecessary spaces.”

While this is an accurate method for email validation, it can get very tiresome very quickly for longer lists. If you’re not too tech-savvy, it might even be quite a hassle.

Email Verification Tools

We present to you, the easiest bulk email verification tool. Instead of exploiting your time, money, and patience, you can easily run your entire email list through an email verification tools like Finder and get a comprehensive list of:

  • Inactive addresses
  • Invalid addresses
  • Disposable email addresses
  • Catch-all addresses
  • Role-based email addresses
  • Bad syntax
  • Free email domains
  • Valid MX records

You don’t even need to organize these manually. A simple click of the button can get you an easy-to-use, systematic list with verification status corresponding to the email address. Isn’t that convenient?

Advantages of Email Verification

Now that we have the email verification process elucidated, let’s learn how it helps your business.

1. Save Resources

Sending out emails without verifying the address is like shooting blanks. You wouldn’t know what you end up hitting until it’s too late.

On the contrary, emails sent based on a verified email list can save a lot of wasted efforts, time, as well as money.

2. Reduce Hard Bounces

If you send an email to an inactive or invalid email address, you’ll receive an email informing you that the address is either not found, or the message is not delivered. This is known as a hard bounce, the type of behavior that instigates reduced domain reputation.


When you verify your email list and weed out the unlikely email addresses, you prevent the chances of getting hard bounces, hence maintaining your domain’s reputation at its best.

3. Ensure High Deliverability

When your domain reputation is high, your emails are more likely to end up in the receiver’s inbox instead of their spam folder.

4. Generate Leads

What happens when your prospect reads an enticing pitch sent by you? They get interested in your business, ideally converting into a paying customer. With high deliverability, you can be sure that your email is sitting right in the recipient’s inbox, ready to be read and loved.

5. Elevate Brand Profile

Upselling, cross-selling, client retention - all this can be achieved through email marketing campaigns. However, without valid emails in your list, the campaign is doomed to fail.

With a verified email list, you can maintain contact and garner a good relationship with your customers while boosting your revenue.


Email verification is an integral step in any successful marketing campaign. Make it easier for you with efficient, dynamic, and user-friendly tools like Finder and help your brand grow like the Fortune 500. Book a demo today!

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