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17 Most Misunderstood Email Hunter Facts

Email Hunter is a helpful online tool that makes communication more effective and accurate. Get rid of no value email addresses while validating business contacts that matter.


With so many online marketers and businesses it pays to be aggressive in your outreach. Whether it is to identify potential customers or content contributors that can boost your backlinks, there is a need to seek out collaborations that will have a positive impact on your business.

One of the best ways to accomplish this is to find sites that share common interests and have influence over your target audience. While these domains can be easily identified, reaching their owners can sometimes be tricky. Many sites are designed with simple contact pages. They often use a form design that asks you to input your details without providing their own contact information.

This is where comes in handy. Through an email hunter, it becomes possible to reveal the email addresses of those that run or operate the site. This is easily done using such pertinent details as the business name and domain. An email hunter enables marketers to better communicate directly with domain owners using domain email search feature. This direct contact often produces better results than making general enquiries using contact forms that may be handled with someone much lower on the totem pole. Some marketers may however not understand how useful an email hunter can be to their efforts. Here we will attempt to clear up some of these misconceptions and make the case as to why should be an integral aspect of your marketing and CRM strategies.

Widely Misunderstood Facts About Email Hunter

These are a few facts about an email hunter that have been widely misunderstood:

1. Pay For It All

Pay for it all

Pricing is always a concern for businesses. The goal is basically to minimize cost while maximizing revenues and profit. In keeping with this, optimal decisions must be made when it comes to engaging providers for services. An email hunter may seem costly but they are actually scalable to the user’s needs. This means you pay for the level of service that meets your needs. The packages range from 50 free searches a month to 30,000 searches at $399 a month. So depending on the size of your contact list that you want to expand and verify, it is easy to budget.

2. You Will Be Stuck in Your Payment Plan

When you sign up for an email extractor, it might seem like you will be stuck in your chosen package. As mentioned, there are multiple package options that vary according to the number of searches and verifications you want to perform per month.

It makes sense that your most intense need for this service will be in the initial months as you seek to clean and update your contact list. Later on the number of verifications will likely be lower. Or you may start with a smaller package and need more verifications prior to starting a marketing campaign. Whichever way your needs fluctuate, allows users to upgrade or downgrade their package options, even in the middle of the billing cycle. This makes It possible to more effectively manage your budget for this expenditure.

3. You Will Have to Copy/Paste

Once you generate the desired list of emails on an email address finder, your next task will be to likely input them in your email to send a message. When working with different platforms, the concern would be how to take data from one and apply it to another.


Thankfully you do not need to use the copy/paste function of your computer. This old school trick may be effective, but is frustrating when you have a whole list of email addresses you wish to send out a template message to at once. Thankfully provides API integrations that make it possible to simply export your generated list to your Gmail account and immediately send out messages.

The internet has made communication between businesses more accessible than ever. Collaboration and outreach can often be done with the touch of a button. Sometimes, finding the email address of someone you’d like to communicate with can be such a hassle. Getting someone’s contact info doesn’t have to be a headache. - Neil Patel

4. Spams Are Common

There are times when emails are delivered but sadly end up spammed. Spam emails are often never read and after a predetermined time will be permanently deleted. No one wants to end up in this folder. As an email finder and verifier, an email hunter makes it possible to properly identify your target audience and connect effectively with them. With important details such as the name, title, and valid email address to work with, you should be able to send an informative and helpful solicitation that will not end up being wrongly categorized.

5. You’ll Be Ignored

Email hunter

When conducting an email campaign, there is always the concern that you are wasting your time. This often stems from the possibility that the contact list you are working with is dated and may have errors. You could be sending out emails that come nowhere near to your target audience. This is where an email hunter can prove to be your greatest ally. The verification process ensures you have valid emails you have to work with. This thus boosts your chances that you will connect with someone legitimate and relevant to your goals.

6. Must Input Domain Address

An email hunter website provides a text box in which you can type out or copy/paste the domain address you wish to query. It can otherwise be tiresome to have to keep doing this when you have multiple websites you wish to collect contact data on. is however not so rudimentary. It offers add-on extensions that allow a user to carry out their query as they visit the domains they are interested in. This makes for quicker work as you build up your contact list.

7. No Sharing

Whether it is reaching out to bloggers, or looking for new B2B clients, it is rarely the responsibility of just one person to build up the contact list. It should therefore be possible for more people to make use of your access to For any paid package, there is no limit to the number of users that can access the software. This again makes economic sense as the same resource becomes pooled.

“ Great things in business are never done by one person; they’re done by a team of people. – Steve Jobs ”

8. No Unsubscribing

People often fear using new apps and programs because they think they will have limited control over it. This is not the case with an email hunter. As mentioned, users can upgrade or downgrade their packages as they see fit, during any point in the billing cycle. They can also decide to cancel this membership if they no longer need it. Email finding and verification should be part of an ongoing process. But sometimes every business can come to an end or suffer some other major shift. At such times they may need to halt services; something that the software easily accommodates as per client demands.

9. Learning Programming Is Difficult

Programming Know-How

Another fear with working with new apps and programs is the learning curve. For those that are not familiar with programming, it can seem intimidating to adopt new technologies. is however not likely to be a challenge for anyone with basic computer knowledge. It is a simple and user friendly tool that just about anyone can make profitable use of. Whether it is by using the website or installing the chrome extension, you should have no problem understanding how to effectively use it.

10. Email Is A Waste Of Time

Email searching and verifying may seem a waste of time. Not because the results are to be doubted, but rather the effectiveness of this kind of marketing. There has been much focus on other forms of marketing, particularly those related to social media. While people are making more use of these platforms, they still retain the regular use of their emails. This is especially vital for B2B communication. This means it would be a missed opportunity not to make use of email as a part of your campaigns.

11. People Must Opt-In

When building up email list, some businesses seem to think initial contact should be from the client. This means only reaching out to those that voluntarily give out their contacts. But this can be a slow wait that leads nowhere. If you want to make your brand more visible, you need to take the initiative often. By taking the steps to connect with people that can have a positive impact on your business you stand a better chance of strengthening your brand. Not everyone may respond as you would hope, but with the right approach even engagement from a few is a step in the right direction.

12. Email Doesn’t Generate Leads

Lead mining is a key goal for any online marketing campaign. It is these leads that can be converted to actual sales if correctly pursued. Email marketing has not been as popular for this in recent years thanks to the dominance of social media.

Email Doesn’t Generate Leads

It can however still generate and convert leads thanks to their ability to be shared. Even on social media, it is possible for this strategy to end up viral.

13. Email Marketing Is Dead

Besides targeting potential customers, email can also be used as a key tool in connecting with bloggers and influencers. This is a great way to draw more attention to your brand and boost your authority on your specialization. But connecting with these people is not always easy. Even with major profiles, they can still be private and difficult to connect with. An email hunter eases this process by letting you find those that will make connecting with targeted audiences simpler.

14. Just for Marketing

The email contact lists you build will be helpful when it comes to marketing initiatives. It can be great for reaching out to other businesses and end user clients. it can also help in connecting with influential bloggers for backlink creation. However, marketing is not the end of it. Email lookup can also assist in other functions, such as finding new suppliers or even staff recruitment. Multiple departments and functions may be in search of certain people out the organization and an email hunter could be their unknown asset.

15. It’s Illegal

If a person has not publicly listed their email on their website, is it not illegal to try and discover it another way? In reality we leave traces of our activity in multiple places online.
Email hunter

The way in which the software scours the internet to provide users with sometimes inaccessible email addresses is in no way illegal. You do not have to fear that you will be negatively impacted. has taken precautions in reviewing laws pertaining to this and ensuring it does not lead to legal concerns.

16. It's Unsafe

Working with new websites and programs can give rise to security concerns. You begin to wonder what access you are granting to your own information and if downloading data puts your own at risk. Email hunters are legitimate services that pose no risk to your data or equipment. You can safely use the site or the chrome extension. Customer and expert reviews of the same should help to reassure you. Your access to the software is also well secured. Besides the password you set, there is also a verification code that is sent via text.

17. Single Entry

Some organizations and departments have sizable lists to work with. This can make it time consuming to have to perform a search on one domain at a time. When you have a bulk search to conduct, an email grabber provides functions that can make execution easier. Do not worry about having to waste time feeding one domain name into the text box at a time. Use the powerful bulk tasks to search and verify multiple email addresses quickly.


It can be frustrating to try and seek a way to communicate with someone and fail. With an email finder you can easily find legitimate email contacts that will help you achieve everything from online marketing targets to targeted recruitment. Even cryptocurrency experts at have found reason to appreciate this tool. Visit to discover how your business can use the software to add to your rolodex of valuable contacts.

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