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10 Best Free Email Extractor Tools to Grow Your Email List

When it comes to marketing, you can't neglect the importance of emails. Email is an important element of everyday online life, and statistics show that the number of email users is predicted to reach 4.6 billion by 2025.


When you're on a tight deadline and seem to have limited resources, email is the best marketing tool with the highest open rate compared to other platforms.

What Is an Email Extractor?

To sell your services, you need more than an email list and a marketing strategy. A company needs prospect contact information, and this is where an email extractor tool comes into the picture. An email extractor is a tool that helps you extract an email address from various sources, including websites, social networking sites, and text. It also confirms the email address in many circumstances, making your job much easier.

Why Do You Need an Email Extractor?

Creating leads for the sales team is a time-consuming process. An email extractor tool collects these email addresses and saves them in a format that is ready to use, such as an Excel file, CSV file, plain text file, or PDF. The speed with which email extractor apps can retrieve hundreds of email addresses while conducting an in-depth search across the system in a short period of time is one of their most appealing qualities.

Why Do You Need An Email Extractor

An email extractor may take a marketing strategy to the next level by saving time and effort in the database search and contacting potential consumers immediately.

How Does an Email Extractor Work?

Email extractors can pull thousands of email addresses from various web sources by entering the search keyword into the tool. The extractor then searches all relevant texts, generates email addresses in various formats, and removes duplicate emails, thus saving marketers time and giving the information they require.

Best Email Extractor Tools in the Market

Email extractors make it easier to find leads. There are several paid and free online email extractor tools on the market, and deciding which one is the best might be tough. Let's have a look at the finest free email extractors available on the market to simplify the task:

1. is a free online email extractor tool that takes data from the cloud or a local source, exports it, and successfully handles your marketing campaigns. It also uses on-premise verification to check emails from domain names and extract verified email addresses of employees by simply using the company's domain. It integrates with the top 25 CRMs, including Salesforce, AgileCRM, and others. Other than Email finder or verifier, has additional features, including company search, and lead mining.

2. EmailDrop

It's a simple Google Chrome extension that retrieves email addresses from domains in a matter of seconds. This tool extracts and exports email addresses rapidly, saving you time and effort. This tool is free to use and has an intuitive interface. You only need to sign up with the information asked, and you'll be good to go.

3. MorphyMail

This free online email extractor tool can extract an unlimited number of emails and phone numbers from a variety of sources, including websites, social networking sites, maps, and files. They also have an in-built city database from which one can extract data regionally. This tool is user-friendly and offers the relevant information promptly. In addition, it allows users to have access to hundreds of email addresses, which aids in the overall sales process.

4. Botster

This email extractor application offers a free trial and assists in scraping data from websites and converting it into a well-structured format. It also allows you to keep track of changes, manage your web presence, automate business processes, and consolidate data across several channels.

5. Email Extractor

The email extractor is a Google extension with a free trial period and restricted functions. This tool automatically takes data from the website and removes duplicate data in real-time. Users can find email addresses in seconds using an email extractor, thus making the work simpler and faster.

6. Datanyze

Free email extractor tool that works as a Google Chrome extension. It's easy to use and collects email addresses quickly. The free email extractor tool's best feature is generating a highly targeted list of prospects that you can leverage for business growth.

7. Atompark Software

This convenient free online email extractor tool allows you to collect emails from social networking accounts, websites, and other online sources. This tool is free. However, it has restricted functionality. Atompark allows you to find any email in a couple of seconds.


This free Google Chrome extension lets you collect contact information from Gmail, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter for sales purposes. The program is pretty straightforward and effectively manages a multitude of details to boost sales.

9. Lusha

With one click, you can use Lusha to access email addresses, phone numbers, and social network accounts. Lusha's Chrome extension scans the profile page you're on in real-time and displays the most up-to-date contact information. This extension is available for free but with limited features.

10. RevDriver

This trusted tool scans the websites you're looking at and intelligently recognizes the business and contact information. Besides getting the prospect's email address, you can also access phone numbers, buyers' intent, and much more.

How to Choose the Right Email Extractor for Your Business?

Since there are various paid and free online email extractor tools available in the market, there are a few points you should take into consideration while choosing the right email extractor.

A) It should feature an easy-to-use UI.

B) It should be able to handle thousands of data points quickly, refine undesired data, and make it easier for a company to achieve its goals.

C) The tool must be time-efficient.

D) It should be able to identify email addresses with invalid or inactive domains and have a history of abuse, spam, or other malicious behavior.

E) It should ensure the validity of various email addresses to improve delivery and response rates.

Summing It Up

Email extractor tools can be useful tools for generating leads. Using the email extraction tools provided here, you can save your time and scours the contact information from various online sources within seconds. If you're still unsure about which tool to use, try our free online email extraction tool, to enhance your email list and boost your sales instantly.

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