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Cold Emailing Tips from Experts for Guaranteed Results

Pick and implement these cold emailing tips to explode your marketing in 2021!


Before cold emailing and external links came into existence, the approach by sales teams was to meet new customers by attending events. All they wanted was to start a conversation, but not directly about sales. It's more about introducing the vision and mission of the company to the prospects and also understanding their business so that they can have a professional bond.

In a similar fashion, cold emailing works the same. Your goals when cold emailing can be sales-driven but they can also focus on crafting an image for your brand and engaging readers for the first time in a way that strengthens relationships. Let’s explore the crucial ways your email campaigns need to change in order to make a lasting impact (and close more deals) as a marketer.

Tips for Cold Emails from Experts

Here is a list of tips suggessted by experts for amazing cold emails:

Create a Repository of Interesting Subject Lines

The email subject is what determines whether the recipient will open and read the contents of your email or delete it.

When your email inbox is flooded with emails, generally you scroll fast until you find an interesting subject line. This is the reason why as a marketer you should think a lot before crafting the subject line for your email campaign. You will perhaps never write such a short copy with such a big impact as with the subject line of your cold emails, so make them snappy, witty, quick, fun, and above all effective and targeted to emotions and needs.

Send a Test Email

One of the most underrated cold emailing tips is that markers forget to test their emails. After crafting your email on Mailchimp, Aweber, or on another platform, it is important to note that they might display differently on another persons device. Always remember to send yourself a test email and make sure that it is well rendered on all devices. Most mailing platforms have this preview.

Send a Test Email

Sending a test email before rolling out your email marketing campaign will also give you a chance to catch simple errors such as typos or broken links.

Personalization is Important

One of the tricks of marketing is that you should always make your potential client feel warm, loved and like you are giving them all the attention in the world. The way to achieve this is by personalizing all the communication with them, especially via email.

If you are sending our your cold emails to everyone without personalizing the messages, your prospects will not be interesting in reading them let alone sending a response back. According to a research by Woodpecker, personalized emails receive higher open rates and reply rates.

Even if you are not able to personalize in advanced ways due to the nature of cold emailing, remember that people still don't like messages that sound robotic or generic. When crafting the copy of your cold email it’s important that your words generate a positive and personal mood so that it seems that you are speaking directly to your customer.

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Examples of personalization include mentioning their names on the emails subject lines, or even complimenting them or their company in the body of the cold emailing templates.

Make Your Email Mobile-Friendly

According to

“Mobile phones are used as emailing devices by 1.7 billion people. With so many people using their phones for email access, It's no wonder that the number of emails opened on mobile devices now accounts for 60% of the overall email engagement.”

It is a fact that many people are increasingly accessing their emails on the phones thus a mandatory requirement that you make your cold emailing capmaign templates to be mobile friendly.

Some of the things to consider when you want to make your emails mobile-friendly includes checking the HTML design of the email to make sure that all the tags are updated and can be well rendered. Of importance is to test your email across many mobile devices. Make sure that it can be viewed well across the range of existing operating systems.

Make Your Email Mobile-Friendly

Also, check your email subject line length. Some images might also be too bulky and take long to load on mobile devices. All these are important factors you need to consider if you want to run a successful cold emailing campaign.

Use Emojis

Accorrding to CampaignMonitor, emojis Not only do emojis capture interest, but they can actually boost your emails' response rate, too.

Using emojis in your subject line captures attention and using them on your email body adds to the flow and helps you communicate your message better.

Make use of Emojis

Of course, when running your cold emailing campaigns you should use emojis in moderation. Remember that too much usage might turn off your prospect or even send out a message that you are not a serious business person.

A/B testing

You need to perform A/B testing on your email campaigns to know which one will be successful before sending it to prospects. Using the best email finder tool. A/B testing allows you to see which approach to the same audience and occasion is more interesting and engaging for readers so that you always make the best decisions with high-stakes copy such as a cold email.

A/B testing

With cold emailing, A/B testing could mean going for multiple taglines, descriptions, subject lines, and body copy stylings and organization. You will want to test multiple emails in measurable and testable ways so that you can take a scientific approach to learn what makes your product or service compelling in the eyes of the cold reader.

Send Emails That Add Value

Cold emailing should not always be about marketing. Most marketer fail in their email marketing efforts by bombarding their recipients with emails that add no value to them. You can stand out by sending emails that are less promotional and more informational.

Avoid Using All-Caps

Avoid using all-caps in your subject line or even your email body as this shows that you are shouting at your prospect, which is ultimately a turn off a bad marketing strategy.

Brevity is Key

When you are pitching via cold emailing, you want your emails to reach the decision makers of the organizations. In most cases these people are busy and they literally handle hundreds of matters and receive tons of emails per day. This is the reason why with your cold emailing campaigns you should be brief and to the point, so that they do not spend too much time trying to understand your message.

To make your cold emailing campaigns effective, make those cold emails brief and to the point.

Timing is Important

One of the lingering puzzles at the back of every marketer is when to start cold emailing practices.

Morning between 9–11 a.m. is definitely the best time to send email according to Campaign Monitor's research.

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Cold emailing is all about sending out business related emails, and many people who are potentially your clients are out of the office or even not able to respond to work-related matters during weekends and after-work hours, so you definitely what to avoid blasting out those cold emails during those times of the day.

Know Your Prospects

Instead of pitching sales straightaway, it would be nice to understand your prospect’s business and their daily work activities. The key here is to avoid coming off as pushy and sales-driven. You want to come off as personable, helpful, and assisting so that readers and users trust you to put their needs first and help them achieve a goal with your product or service. Building strong relations should be given a priority.

Remember to Use a Call to Action

The whole point of running a cold emailing campaign is to generate sales or attract leads, or compel them to take action. You will not achieve this is if you send out cold emails without a call to action.

Calls to action should be included in emails even if your email is composed of the clearest content. Too much asking or putting pressure to make purchase decisions turns off your prospects, so make sure that your call to actions are precise and strategically located. Have a minimum of one and a maximum of 3 in one email.


Cold emailing is not dead. If you are not using it in 2021 to boost your marketing efforts, you are most probably losing out on one of of the most effective sources of leads. Carefully crafting your cold emails with these strategies that we have listed above will make them effective and make your marketing efforts productive. Enlisting the use of a powerful and proven email marketing tool like will push your marketing efforts forward and ensure that you get the results you desire.

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