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Capture Accurate Emails Using a Business Valid Email Checker

Email marketing is the oldest advertising strategies in the modern era. Using Valid Email Checker to capture business emails can help in advertising.


A well-crafted message can be all you need to capture your customers and nurture your leads. Even though quality content holds great promise, its success is only effective if your email is in the right inbox. You can only sell products, share updates, reduce cart abandonment rate, and tell a story when you ensure you get the information to the right audience. With, it is easy to capture email addresses for your email campaigns.

Introducing Online Valid Email Checker

Online email checker are tools available as desktop tools or online services that capture, verify and validate email addresses. They can prove a single email address or a whole list of email addresses and help salespeople or businesses confirm that the contact is working. Find out more about email checkers in this blog.

How Do Online Email Checkers Help?

Online email checkers help businesses check if an email address exists and can receive emails. These tools are beneficial when you start new email campaigns with a new list of recipients; they help you avoid bounces and protect your reputation. The software cleans your list and removes both old and invalid email addresses.

As a business, your goal is to maintain a high reputation with your customers or receivers; having a clean email list ensures that. In addition, it reduces the chances that your emails will be marked as spam and blocked by ESPs. Finally, a clean list will improve your delivery rates, translating to better conversion and sales.

What Makes an Email Address ‘Bad’?

Although not all email addresses on your list are bad, some are valid email ids, while some can lead you into trouble. Separating the good from the bad can be the difference your email marketing campaigns need. Here are some qualities that make emails ‘bad’:

1. Disposable Emails: created by the user to receive a few emails, usually two or three.

Hence, Disposable Email Addresses (DEA) are only valid for a short duration before they are never used again. In addition, emails reaching the DEA get auto-deleted after a short while. An example is user@malinator(dot)com.

2. Role Addresses: used by organizations to send a message to a group of recipients. In most cases, they are associated with a post or a department. So, each email you send to a role address will be received by a group of people. Although this might look great for your campaigns, you risk getting block-listed or ending up in the spam folder.

Find Anyone's Email on the Web in Seconds

3. Accept-All Addresses: some organizations use them to accept mails from their servers even if the address does not exist. Such email boxes are full of spam and will result in poor engagement.

4. Fake Addresses: email addresses that are not valid due to incorrect syntax and are not deliverable. Every email you send to fake address results in a hard bounce and hurts your sender’s reputation.

To improve the result of your email campaigns, you should remove these ‘bad’ email addresses. Although your list will be scantier, your result will prove that quality beats quantity. helps you separate the good from the ugly!

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Which Checker Tool to Use?

With the volume of email checking software on the market, choosing will significantly improve the ROI of your email marketing campaigns. is an advanced tool that acts as an email verifier solution. The software tells you if an email id is fake or genuine, enter the email address or upload your list and hit ‘check. is one of the best lead generation sources globally. The software boasts over 450million email addresses—updated monthly—you can leverage to build up your mailing list. Also, you can integrate with over 24 top CRMs and develop a more meaningful relationship with your customers. enables you to reduce your lead generation cycle with bulk support. In addition, it lets you verify email addresses with a click and reduce your bounce rate. According to Crozdesk, an independent software review website, is highly recommended for small, medium, and large-scale businesses as a quality choice in email marketing.

Our proprietary email checking software will carry out a 5-tier verification process:

  • Format Check: checks the email addresses to know if they are typed correctly with all symbols in the right place.

  • Domain Check: The software checks whether the domain of each email address exists.

  • Catch-All Email Checks: Chekcs all the addresses through the known catch-all email and domain databases.

  • MX Check: this confirms if the email is in use and can accept mail.

  • SMTP Authentication: this is arguably the most reliable way to check if an email is valid. The software runs SSMTP authentication to ensure the receiving email servers exist.

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Top Features of

Here is all that can offer you:

  • Data Export
  • Lead Scoring
  • Third-Party Integration
  • Lead Management
  • Contact Sharing
  • API
  • Marketing Automation
  • Social Media Integration
  • Audience Targeting
  • Multi-User Capability
  • Scheduling
  • Email Integration
  • Company Search
  • Lead Mining
  • Manage Lists

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Free VS Paid Online Valid Email Checker

Free online email checkers are an excellent option for freelancers and small businesses with a small email list. If you need to verify a bulk list, you should spend some money. Most service providers offer a free trial period to taste what you are paying for. offers a free plan for up to 10 users with 75 email searches and verification per month.

Find Anyone's Email on the Web in Seconds

You have access to our database of email addresses to build a list for your business. Unlike the service provider, free plans offer you limited access to the software. However, if you aim to grow your business like a fortune 500, you should use a paid plan with an affordable service provider like

Final Tips for Building a Great Email List

Having spoken about our crucial a great email list is to your email campaigns, here are some tips that can help you build accurate email list:

  • Target Your Ideal Customer: every business has a target customer; you need to create a following of your perfect customer by targeting them with the right content and engagements. Allow them to opt-in for subsequent content now and then. You will have a healthy list in no time if you stay consistent.

  • Use Sign-Up Forms: This is the most straightforward tactic for developing a great email list. Set up a sign-in form and strategically place it on your website or blog. Your form will be a powerhouse to collect email addresses.

  • Keep Your List Healthy: Although you might set out with a healthy list, the quality of the email addresses can drop over time for several reasons discussed above. Hence, you should consistently clean your list and remove the bad email addresses. You can manually test each email address or leverage an online email verifying tool.


Email marketing drive sales and revenue for businesses. Help your company have a greater reach and get a higher return on investment with a clean list. A clean list guarantees that your emails end up in the correct inboxes.

Starting an email campaign without a healthy email address will significantly harm your reputation and make you lose money. Engage the service of an online email cleaning tool today to get your content across to real and functioning addresses.

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