Best Online Email Extractor Tools in 2022

An online email extractor is one of the best tools businesses can apply to identify leads in their target market. But what exactly is this tool, and what is it capable of?


There's no doubt that every business needs loyal customers to purchase their goods and services. They have to gain leads before converting them into loyal customers. The process of gaining leads is referred to as Lead Generation. While there are many ways to go about it, Lead generation is treated as one of the most critical marketing activities that any brand can adopt. This activity is crucial to both physical and online businesses.

Small companies and large multinationals actively participate in lead generation. An online email extractor is one of the best tools businesses can apply to identify leads in their target market. But what exactly is this tool, and what is it capable of? What are the best lead generation tools that you can adopt to generate numerous leads? You'll find out the answers to this question and more in this article.

The Email Extractor Online Tools You Should Be Using In 2022

An Online Email Extractor Tool is designed to ease a major challenge faced by marketers, i.e., getting leads for their business. According to a survey of online marketers, about 65% of these professionals treated lead generation as the biggest challenge of running their activities. As a result, many of them have opted for an online email extractor tool.

Best email extractor tools

The best online email extractor tools have advanced features such as removing duplicates, bulk mail extraction, and multi-app integration. However, you should note that there are different types of email extractors, and each of them comes with unique features that distinguish them from each other. Therefore, you need to pick the software solution with the best features that suit your business. If you are unsure about the particular email extractor tools to use, we'll provide you with a comprehensive list of top email extractor tools and how they can help your business.

The best online email extractor tools to implement for your business include; + + Auto Park + Email Extractor + Chrome Extension + Email Checker + Y-Leads Extractor + Cute Web Email Extractor is an effective email address extractor that can identify individuals and companies' multiple or bulk email addresses. This tool is a part of the 500apps Infinity Suite. It's designed to save time and improve productivity. The app will also offer users information on the email owner and whether it's verified or not. The tool also comes with an in-built finder that can local email addresses by inputting the first and last name of the company. There is a free version of, but users have to pay $14.99/month to use its advanced features.


  • Automated Email Extraction
  • Filter-based search tool
  • It can be used by companies and individuals

Best email extractor

Auto Park

Auto Park is renowned as one of the best email extractor tools for Windows operating systems. This software solution can extract bulk emails from multiple sources, including social media platforms (such as Facebook and Twitter), top websites (such as Yelp), and your email account. The app's advanced features enable users to identify an email's country of origin by examining its domain or website. You can purchase a specialized bundle filled with apps to extract, edit, and verify email addresses. There is a limited trial version for first-time users, but to access the tool's best features, users have to pay between $69.85 – $259


  • Search for a website or specific keywords
  • Identification of email country of origin
  • Extraction of email from social media
  • Extraction of email from contact addresses

Email Extractor

The Email Extractor is designed to be a windows-based tool that can quickly and automatically extract emails from multiple sources. This tool can identify email addresses from search engines, files, and websites. It will also remove email from social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter, with ease. In addition, the app can block specific websites, and you can perform keyword-based searches for email addresses. Users have to pay a one-time $89 to gain access to its advanced features and upgrades.


  • Automatically extracts emails from websites and search engines
  • Search for emails with keywords
  • Free software updates

Chrome Extension

The Chrome Extension Email Extractor is a Google chrome online email Extractor tool designed to extra emails from websites. It's an extension that will automatically identify and extract emails when you visit any website. The emails may then be stored locally on your hard drive or cloud storage. They can be removed as text or CSV files. This extension is powerful enough to identify emails from different web pages, including Google Search Result Pages. The app is free to use, but a $9 monthly fee is paid for access to cloud storage. If you also want advanced automation features, you will spend between $10 - $150.


  • Automatic extraction of websites
  • Online saving of email addresses
  • Automatic download of email addresses
  • Filter email addresses for duplicates

Email Checker

The Email Checker is a simple email extraction tool. You can use it with various operating systems, including Linux, Windows, and Mac OS. Users can access all of its features via a web browser. This tool lets you verify the authenticity of an email address before it's stored. It's designed to increase the effectiveness of email extraction and lead generation efforts. You can use the Email Extractor for free, but the checker requires a subscription of $15 - $1169


  • Automatically extract emails
  • Remove email duplicates
  • Verify email addresses

Y-Leads Extractor

The Yellow Leads Extractor, also known as Y-Leads Extractor, is a tool that can be used to extract vital contact details and email addresses from yellow pages. The app is available in a trial version that lets users download about 35 separate data from clients. Y-Leads Extractor is compatible with Windows operating systems on multiple devices. Asides from extracting email addresses, the tool can also identify contact and lessons for your business. You can also use it to identify emails sent from different countries such as France, Canada, Spain, the US, Spain, and the UK.

y-leads extractor


  • Automated extraction of email addresses, phone numbers, and contact addresses from yellow pages
  • Store information in MS Excel and CSV format
  • Capture vital information from different parts of the world

Cute Web Email Extractor

A Cute Web Email Extractor is designed with multiple advanced features. This tool is compatible with Windows Operating System and can extract email addresses from various websites such as Google, Rambler, Ask, Yandex, Google, Bing, Yahoo, and numerous search engines. Users can also set different parameters for online searches. The tool can conserve different bandwidths by picking out different pages. It will also pause the processing of other websites when there is an issue with the network. Users of the tool have to pay an annual subscription of $59.99.


  • Automated extraction of email from websites and search engines
  • Parameter-based email extraction
  • Autosave features and recovery
  • The custom limit for the number of email addresses stored
  • Network failure indicator

Best Email Extractor Tool On a Budget

If you run a small company with limited financial resources, you can still adopt an online email Extractor. A suitable option would be an Email Checker.

Best Free Email Extractor Tool

If you're interested in a free email extractor tool, you can opt for an email extractor chrome extension.

Best Online Email Extractor Tool For An Enterprise

An ideal email extractor tool for different enterprises is This software solution can suit different types and sizes of companies. What's more? It also has multiple advanced features.


Without any doubt, email extractors can serve as an impressive lead generation tool. They will help you automatically identify and copy email addresses from multiple sources. You may consider using any combination of tools to extract your emails. If you're looking for email extractor software solutions for your business, many options are explained in the article above.


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