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Guide to Choose the Best Email Checker

An invalid email happens when you send an email to an address formatted in the wrong manner and when it does not meet the email format standards. There may be a chance that the email address does not exist in the recipient’s mail server. Sending out an email requires you to write a copy, source images, and format messages within the email service provider (ESP). With so many things going into the email addresses, it is disheartening to know that a few emails never make it to the inbox of the intended receiver. An invalid email address can cause it to bounce, a typo could send it to the wrong receiver, or can get the server blacklisted.


Multiple mail servers adopt various methods to identify unknown or invalid email addresses and mark them as spam. The best way to avoid invalid email addresses and blacklisted servers are by resorting to email verification. The process helps clean the email lists to increase engagement rates and email deliverability by identifying valid, invalid, and unknown email addresses.

What Is an Email Checker?

An email checker or an email address verifier is a tool that helps you validate email addresses. The tool helps you clean your email list from invalid, unknown, or old emails. If you send unverified emails, it may lead to a high bounce rate, and your email can get blocked by ESPs.

An email checker aims to maintain the reputation of your email account by improving your campaign delivery rates. The process helps you remove dangerous and undeliverable emails from your list. The powerful outreach tool enables marketers to verify user email addresses to ensure a good delivery rate and reach potential customers.

How It Helps in Lowering Email Bounce?

Email bounces happen because of non-existent or invalid emails that may get permanently closed or include typos in letters or numbers. Bounced email occurs when your email fails to deliver to the intended recipient, gets stuck on the way, or when the recipient does not receive it. Higher bounce rates lead to unsuccessful email campaigns that may not prove fruitful for marketers and business organizations.

Bounce rates are of two types – hard bounce and soft bounce. A hard bounce occurs because of invalid, non-existent, or closed email addresses. Since the recipient’s address is not functional, the emails sent to such an email address will never get delivered. A soft bounce is a temporary and minimal problem in which the recipient’s mail server may temporarily hold the emails till certain problems get resolved.

Email checker is one of the proven ways to reduce bounce rates in an email campaign. The tool helps check the validity of a recipient’s email address and ensure that your email gets delivered to the right person. You can track an email address’s validity and verify its originality using an email checker. Once the email checker displays that the email address is invalid, it automatically flags the address and removes it from the mailing list. The process helps prevent the email from bouncing and getting ranked among the bounce rates.

Features to Look For in the Best Email Checker


You will find multiple email checkers or verifiers in the market that may overwhelm your decision-making process if you do not know the essential options. Most email checkers provide basic email validation services. However, which features are significant for you? We will discuss the top features to look for in an email checker to help you with your decision to get one for your email verification needs.

1. Spam Trap Detection

A spam trap is also called a honeypot and is a valid email address that exists to catch spammers at work. Emailing spam traps is a serious offense that can affect email deliverability and could even get the domain blacklisted with an ISP. Email checkers or verifiers must include the spam trap detection feature to help detect spammers and block them from the emailing lists.

2. Catch-All Servers

Email addresses that come from catch-all servers are valid and legitimate. Sending mails to unverified email addresses is risky and may result in the message bouncing or getting reported as spam. Email checkers must have the ability to identify catch-all addresses so that the users can treat them accordingly.

3. International Email Verification

International domain names and email addresses have exploded across the internet over the years. An email checker must have the feature to validate and verify international email addresses and domain names to help businesses minimize risk during email campaigns. Most Efficient Email Checker

Email marketing strategies include verifying the presence of email addresses in a mailing list. The verification aids in the management of successful marketing campaigns and saves the money required for bulk email fees. is an efficient email checker that prevents sending campaigns to invalid email addresses. If your email list contains multiple emails, using email verification tools like is the best way to enhance email list deliverability. Moreover, the tool guarantees that you get genuine leads and validates the emails in easy steps. The process allows you to effectively check email addresses. The validation takes place in a multithread mode for better efficiency and reliability. integrates with your email provider to validate email addresses regularly. Moreover, the tool supports multiple email marketing platforms and is one of the most efficient email checkers loaded with features and API integrations for better validation and verification. is available at $49 per month. Although there are numerous email checkers available on the market, is the best among them, owing to its flexibility and reliability in terms of checking and validating email addresses.

Summing It Up


Email verification is significant for identifying invalid or unknown email addresses so that they do not enter your mailing list. Best Email checkers are the way to ensure that you do not send an invalid email address to the intended recipient or end up getting blacklisted by the server. If you are looking for an efficient email checker or verifier for your business, is the best option for you. It allows you to inspect genuine leads and validate email addresses regularly.

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