5 Quick Tips to Find Email Address for Link Outreach

Emails are an important part of any marketing outreach strategy and this post shows you the most effective ways to find them!


In any marketing campaign, finding a lead is the most grueling part of the process. Although the sales process is multi-tiered, involving complex processes such as lead nurturing and up-selling, these are no match compared to finding a relevant qualified lead who will then convert to a paying customer.

To make the climb even steeper, there is no set procedure for this and it all comes down to creativity on your marketing team. Sales and marketing teams use complicated tools and strategies, some very effective and others very costly for lead generation.

If you have been involved in this process as a marketer you will realize that the email address is the primary point of contact with a potential lead. It is the easiest to find form of communication and luckily the most effective one too. Being able to find the email address of a target means you are one step closer to making your sale. If you can go a step further and find email address by name and company, you even stand a chance of making more sales since your emails and other outreach messages will be customized and more personalized and more effective.

What are the Challenges of Finding Email by Name and Company Name When Performing an Email Outreach Campaign??

The contact page is missing in the targeted website

When you want to find email by name and company of a prospect, sometimes it might prove difficult because some companies do not have contact pages. Sometimes this is intentional because they are running away from spam, which is mostly sent through the contact page.

The contact page displays a generic email address

Generic email addresses will not help you nail that important lead. These are rarely checked by anyone and if they are, then they land on the person who is not at a decision making level in the company making them ineffective.

Too many email addresses with similar-sounding job titles- this will put you in a dilemma whom to reach out.

Whatever the challenge is, finding the right email address is important to any successful link outreach. Here are 5 quick ways to find email by name and company for your outreach campaigns;

1. Make Use of Email Search Tools

<a href='email-search'>email search</a> tool

Email search tools are a powerful and revolutionary way that has been existence for long which help in finding email by name and company. These are mostly programs which scan a websites's pages and available files, sorting and searching for the contact information mostly presented in an excel sheet. These tools are highly powerful and include cutting-edge features, such as email finder, domain search, mail tracker, and email verifier. With these capabilities, you can quickly find the contact details of the person you want to reach out to in an organization.

While trying to find email by name and company to perform your marketing outreach campaigns, it is important to note that most of these tools come with both free and paid versions. The free versions don’t offer all the capabilities wherein with the paid version, you can enjoy all the fantastic features. You can always try out the free versions, and then based on the performance, opt for the paid ones.

One of the most notable email finding tool is Finder.io. This tool comes with the Google extension feature that you can install on your browser and get a much faster result while finding anyone’s email address.

2. Find Email By Name and Company Using Search Engines

find emails via search engine

You guessed right! Yes, some organizations have their contact info listed on their websites and you can find email by name and company using search engines. The common search engines, including Google, Bing, Yahoo are a powerful resource and a great place to find all sorts of information. This is because the search engines come with advanced search capabilities that help find email addresses for marketing outreach purposes. The advanced algorithm of search engines is highly capable of tracking the hard to find web pages and hidden contact details.

Notably, search engines index billions of websites, and when you run a search query, it quickly sifts through a huge database of websites at once and returns the web-page with the required contact details. One quick and savvy tip to note is that while searching for an email address, you may combine the target domain, name of the person, and specific keywords as search queries. This will help find the correct email address faster.

3. Leverage Social Media

email search social media

Social media nowadays is the go to place for almost everything - well, at least most things related to marketing.

Well, are you not getting success with search engines when trying to find email by name and company? Or you find the search engines a bit bulky and time consuming or even the whole criteria a bit technical? How about directly contacting your prospect through any social media channel and ask for their contact details?

You realize that due to the ubiquitous nature of social media it’s expected that the person who you want to contact has a social media profile either on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook. It goes with saying that if you drop them a message, you might get a response. It is always a wise thing to do a bit of research before sending them the message, or even maybe like what they post or leave a friendly comment. This goes a long way in nurturing your relationship and increases the chance of getting a response.

Social media is the ultimate equalizer. It gives a voice and a platform to anyone willing to engage - Amy Jo Martin, Founder and CEO of Digital Royalty

You will however notice that this process of finding email by name and company through social media might prove a bit slow, but the chance of getting success is high and you can end up building a solid and long-lasting relationship with your prospect.

4. Subscribe to their Newsletters

email search newsletter

Newsletters are the new way companies and executives are contacting their prospects - and its your chance to use them to find email by name and company!

You see, most companies use email newsletters on a regular basis to communicate out to their customers or blast out offers. As a marketer, you need to subscribe to these emails. This brings you an excellent opportunity to establish a relationship and find the email address for your marketing outreach efforts.

The fact is that in many cases these newsletters come with contact details of the respective stakeholder and you might get the email address of the person you want to reach out to. If not, just get more creative and reply to the newsletter/email, appreciate their posts, and ask for the required contact details.

This method also comes with an added advantage. By subscribing to the newsletter, you’re already sending a message to the webmaster that you would like to build a relationship, which is very important for marketing outreach.

5. Use LinkedIn and Twitter Advanced Search Features

email search LinkedIn & Twitter

One of the quickest ways to find email by name and company is to use the advanced search options of LinkedIn and Twitter. You can simply head over to LinkedIn advanced search and type the name of the company that your prospect works for. LinkedIn will return a list of relevant people who work in that company. If the company is big, the list will be extensive. Here you should include specific keywords or titles to narrow down the search.

In order to hide the email address from bots, many Twitter users include “dot” and “at” instead of “.” and “@”. You can bypass this by using the Twitter Advanced Search.

Head to that section and search your prospect’s tweets for “at” and “dot”. You may also include words, such as email, reach, or contact to filter the results further.

*Final Thoughts Finding Email Address by Name and Company *

As a marketer, all your efforts are geared towards making that very important sale. To make that sale or close that deal, you need to reach out to the right person in that company. This is the reason why it is important to find their correct email address, and follow up with the right messages telling them about your product or services.

We have seen that the process of finding email by name and company can be quite a challenging task since many companies tend to hide these details the public or websites. However, if you follow the tactics that we discussed above, you can easily get the correct email address of the person whom you want to reach out to very quickly. We recommend you to use all these ways wisely and you’ll definitely find it easy to establish relationships and build connections fast.

However, as a marketer you will find that most of these tactics are time intensive. If you want to make your process easier and more accurate, we recommend that you make use of a tried and tested tool. Finder.io is your answer.


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